Gathering limits tighten next week for the first time since the summer with Gov. Mark Gordon’s new public health orders slated to go into effect Tuesday.

The changes, in effect through Dec. 15, overrule a planned loosening in the amount of spectators allowed at winter sporting events. 

Indoor events are limited to no more than 25% of venue capacity with a maximum of 100 people. Outdoor events are limited in size to no more than 50% of venue capacity with a maximum of 250 people

“All exceptions to the gathering limits in Order 2 approved previously by the State Health Officer are revoked,” said Dr. Aaron Billin, Park County Public Health Officer. “In Park County, this includes the exception allowing larger numbers of spectators at indoor school sporting events in Cody and Powell.”

In addition to those changes, group exercise classes are limited to 25 people and gatherings of more than 25 people in a confined space are prohibited. 

Faith-based gatherings are exempt. Church services, funeral homes, parades and other specified businesses are some of the other exemptions to the gathering limits listed in the new orders.

“These measures are intended to assist our healthcare system in meeting unprecedented demands for services, assure that in-classroom education can continue, and importantly keep Wyoming’s people working and her businesses open,” Gordon said. “We have reached out extensively to our business community across the state and will continue to do so. We heard a clear message from them that they want to work cooperatively to ensure our economy, workforce and general public are healthy.”

There have been 1,026 cases of COVID-19 in Park County since the pandemic began, according to Wyoming Department of Health, with 699 of those having recovered.


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Double Diamond X Ranch

So-called ‘health officials’ are often the most unhealthy individuals in the community. These people have absolutely no right to even so much as comment on your personal health choices or how you may conduct your business. The DDX family recognizes fully the scope of this fraudulent health ‘crisis’ and will not comply with any ‘mandate’, past, present, or future.

Matt Dzialak, PhD and owner

Jenine Dzialak, DVM and owner

barbed wire bliss

Kindly provide us with the evidence to back up your assertion that "health officials are often the most unhealthy individuals in the community". You people at DDX Ranch are fast becoming the newest laughing stock in the community.


Do we even have widespread Contact Tracing in Park County , or not ? If so, to what extent and what time frame when a case is started ?

I ask because there should be an elephant in the room but I don't see one... WHERE are county residents being exposed to the virus...schools, bars, restaurants, retail stores, supermarkets , gyms ... where are people picking up the virus ?

Because I want to know ahead of time to stay a lot further than 6 feet away from those places. Mor elike clear across town ,a ctually . Frankly I don';t care what HIPPA regulations say about identity and medical circumstance privacy...we're talking Public Health here. The ' public' portiion of that should inform the residents where the virus is being transmitted. Surely we can do this and still protect the virtue of that handmaiden HIPPA ...


Stay home and order from amazon then. Be part of the solution. Donate to Bezos's retirement fund instead of the local community.

You say you don't care about HIPPA and whatnot, how about we make a list of everyone overweight or with diabetes, since they're at more risk of covid than a more healthy person too? Then we can know not to let them in our stores, or to stay away from those people also.

Let's just shun everyone! This is going to be great!


If all lives matter, why should reporters and medical professionals have to quantify stats about the people who have lost their lives to this disease? Are you saying that in fact, some lives don't actually matter, or matter less than others (presumably your own?) Because it sure sounds like it.

It's getting very tiresome to have the same voices constantly pedalling misinformation about the Covid crisis, and playing down the seriousness of falling sick with it. It isn't just about the loss of life, it's about the terrible pain and debilitation it wreaks upon so many people, and it's the financial crisis of medical bills, loss of work, and the unbearable cruelty of loved ones being unable to visit.

If you want some real stats, hows about this - we have already lost 10 x more people to Covid than we usually lose in a year of flu deaths. And by the way, before you start saying people are dying from other problems, not Covid, more people die of pnuemonia caused by flu than from the flu itself. Look it up (like, actually a medical site, not one of the political nonsense sites) and you will see thats the truth.

At some point, people are going to have to take a little more responsibility for looking after themsleves and the community around them. A mask really isn't a big ask.

Grey fox

So why did they delete my comment about churches not being restricted but basketball and other indoor sports are?

Grey fox

So we can not go to a basketball game but churches are allowed to do what they want? Most of these rules make no sense.

Ken Montgomery

In light of the mask mandate from Dr. Billins his comment about our healthcare systems, as well as these most recent edicts from the governor, let's have some facts.

This is all official data just updated. Bottom line is Park County is in very good shape!!! (like much of the rest of the state).

Today in ALL of Park County, there are only 7 people in the hospital due to or with Covid. That is lower than yesterday, than last week, the week before, or in October.

Further, every ventilator in the County is available. Every single one.

Almost every ICU bed is available.

Not only are we in Park County not in crisis mode that would necessitate a mask mandate, we are doing well.

It would be nice if Dr. Billins explained his actions in light of these facts.


Things can go from "almost every ICU bed available" to "we are on divert" pretty quickly. Often less than a day here in Cody. Dr. Billin is likely taking into account the fact that larger regional hospitals, where our hospitals typically send critical patients, are over capacity. Billings Clinic has been operating at over 100% capacity for some weeks now and has had to add additional beds and staffing.

Strokes, heart attacks, influenza... these things don't just stop because of a new strain of COVID. Hospitals struggle this time of year anyway. The fact that we are in good shape now is good news, yes, but that doesn't mean we should let up. It means that we need to remain vigilant and keep working hard to make sure everyone is able to get the care they need.


Cases, cases, cases. That's all you media ever report. How about focus on hospitalizations, ages and deaths...the real stats that matter. Dig a little deeper, Enterprise and you can be light years better than the national and regional news, ok?


Codyleo - agree. A case = a positive test. Period. Hospitalizations, ages, deaths, ER visits are much better metrics.


We need to maintain what we're doing but we also need to look at the whole picture there are several parents that are sending their kids to school preschool and kindergarten that don't feel good but they don't want to have to take the time off work so in retrospect those parents are sending their kids sick to school and infecting other people including teachers now I don't know what our government or local government or whoever's in charge but we need to look at the big picture not just the money making picture

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