After a spike of 228 active cases on Monday, the county’s count has dropped to 194 active and probable cases of the coronavirus as of Tuesday afternoon, according to the Wyoming Department of Health. These are some of the highest rates for the virus identified since the height of the pandemic last winter.

Park County Public Health Officer Dr. Aaron Billin was recently released from a three-day hospitalization after getting COVID-19 himself two weeks ago.

“Boy, if that was COVID-light I’m glad I was vaccinated,” he said, “because if I wasn’t it probably would have been a lot worse.”

Billin said it has been difficult to track how many vaccinated people like himself have been infected and hospitalized because vaccination data is kept in a separate database, and the state is reluctant to release information due to patient confidentiality.

Billin said a “very predictable pattern has emerged” when it comes to monitoring the virus spread. He said there is a domino effect that occurs, first with a spike in the wastewater testing, followed by the number of active cases and then hospitalizations.

While the City of Cody decided to renew its wastewater testing contract, the City of Powell elected not to renew testing back in June.

“At that time cases were way down and it looked like we were really seeing a turn,” said Powell City Administrator Zack Thorington.

Thorington said although the city was not directly paying for the price of $200 per test, it was paying indirect costs through the staff time dedicated to performing the testing. He said the city would consider renewing this contract at the start of 2022.

“We’d love to have more data, but we’re using the data from Cody,” Billin said.

Billin also mentioned at Tuesday’s Park County Commissioner meeting the impact Cody Regional Hospital has been feeling lately and related the story of a patient he attempted to send from Powell Valley Healthcare to St. Vincent’s Hospital in Billings who was rejected and had to be sent to Idaho Falls, Idaho.

“I’ve never heard them utter those words in 20 years,” he said.

He said the wave of patients has been felt by everyone working at these facilities, even down to the housekeepers.

The uptick in cases and hospitalizations has also led to more deaths. There have been 42 officially reported deaths in the county due to the virus since the start of the pandemic. The county had been sitting at around 150 active cases for a couple weeks before Monday’s spike.

“This is the repeated spike due to the delta variant,” Billin said.

He said he and other county health officers believe the newer variant is causing those infected to become a little sicker for a little bit longer than some of the earlier strains of the virus.

Park County Public Health is hosting vaccination clinics at the county courthouse every Wednesday, typically receiving about 80 sign-ups but only around 50 actual participants, Park County Public Health Nurse Bill Crampton said.

“People still aren’t taking it very seriously,” he said.

His staff has also taken “billions” of phone calls regarding President Joe Biden’s administration’s desire to begin offering third, booster shots to the general public as early as this week. The Food and Drug Administration has not backed third shots at this point for the general public and the only people it is recommended for at this time are those receiving cancer treatments and those severely immunocompromised.

Crampton said there are doctors and companies issuing the third dose throughout the country without receiving the guidance to do so.

“There are indications that could be malpractice,” he said.

He said he anticipates giving out this third dose at some point in the near future. The first vaccines were administered locally in January and February, only around eight months ago.

“I personally think it’s a little early,” Crampton said. “Most vaccines are administered yearly. I’m not sure eight months is going to make that big of a difference.”

He said Public Health is planning on administering the flu vaccine and COVID-19 together at the same clinic so people can get both vaccines in one trip. Crampton said this will be critical as multiple shots must be received within the same 24-hour period, or there would be a 4-week waiting period.

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Mike Johnson

Army Flight Surgeon's medically-detailed affidavit:

Experimental covid vaccines include poison, create multiple untold injuries, provide far more risk than other non-injection treatments, are less effective than natural immunity and should be immediately halted in the US military.

(Edited by staff.)

Charles Johnson

The rules of this forum state "Don't knowingly lie about anyone or anything." At what point does continually posting easily discredited information qualify? Why does the Enterprise allow itself to be a sounding board for information that hurts our community?

Justin Smith

Mike Johnson isn’t a doctor, he has been spreading misinformation about COVID on here unchecked. Shame on you Cody Enterprise.

Viv McCord

Charles, you seem like a decent guy, but exactly how much medical experience do you have? Obits do not say who was vaxxed or unvaxxed per medical privacy laws, but I agree I would love to know those numbers. Mike is not telling anyone to inject bleach , let's not be melodramatic, let's just have a discussion.

Mike Johnson

Thanks Viv.

The early treatment & prevention protocols are so highly censored by Big Media, Big Medicine & Big Government that 3,100 doctors & scientists have just accused them of crimes against humanity for hiding & denigrating the safe & effective treatments.

Charles Johnson

I am not a medical doctor. Unlike Mike Johnson, who claims to be "his own expert", I am smart enough to know that becoming a real expert takes years of professional study. Your personal physician who spent years in medical school=EXPERT, Park County Public Heath Director Dr. Billin=EXPERT, literally thousands of scientists at medical schools and the CDC=EXPERTS,... Mike Johnson sitting at his computer for hours a day trolling the internet for articles that fit his world view= NOT AN EXPERT.

Mike has taken no hippocratic oath "to first do no harm". He doesn't have malpractice insurance should you die from taking his advice. He's a random guy on the internet forwarding easily discredited medical advice. He can spout that he's forwarding information from "real doctors", but he's incapable of posting any evidennce from a peer reviewed scientific journal. Instead he just links articles from quack doctors around the world. The sad fact is that in our community may invest hope in these strategies and die as a result. Really, the Enterprise needs to just turn off the comments on these articles if they are acting as a sounding board for bad medical advice.

As for vaccinated vs unvaccinated deaths, you can find the attached study by tens of accredited researchers at the CDC. Of 600,000 positive COVID cases, ~560,000 were unvaccinated with ~6000 unvaccinated deaths. 40,000 cases were in vaccinated individuals with 600 vaccinated deaths. Long story short, getting the vaccine isn't a silver bullet. You still have a chance of getting the virus, spreading it to others and dying. BUT, your chances are 10 times better than they would have been had you not received the vaccine. Hopefully the Cody Enterprise will report these statistics for Wyoming. While a smaller sample size for Wyoming, I'll bet the numbers hold up. Even reporting the numbers for Park County, while not revealing patient information would be helpful. Hopefully seeing the information for the number of unvaccinated people dying in our community that will drive home the point for people to get vaccinated.

Viv McCord

Well Mike is not practicing medicine nor dispensing medical advice, he is merely linking to articles that he finds relevant, not a crime and not worthy of censure, so he does not need malpractice insurance. I might point out that your experts, the pharmaceutical companies that manufacture our frankenshots, do not have any liability for any bad reactions at all. Plus if you die for any reason I doubt you will be able to sue anyone, kinda hard if you're dead.

Charles Johnson

Here's a link to the article I mentioned:

Charles Johnson

When people like Mike Johnson, who admit having no medical experience, are allowed to spout loads of scientifically verififiable falsehoods in under the guise of so called "research" it is killing people in our community. Cody Enterprise - Read your own obituaries. Unvaccinated residents of our community are dieing. Maybe report the number of vaccinated deaths in Wyoming vs unvaccinated deaths to drive home this point? In a state with one of the poorest vaccination rates and highest infection rates, this misinformation is part of the problem. He might as well be telling people to inject bleach. If you don't want to police the discussion, then just turn off comments on Covid articles,

Mike Johnson

I don’t want anyone to be sick. I especially don’t want anyone to die.

That’s why I work so relentlessly and passionately, sharing early covid treatment and prevention information that is censored by Big Media, Big Medical and Big Government.

The treatments I share are from credible, credentialed doctors getting real results. They too, were frustrated with the lack of early treatment guidance so researched, developed and tested their own protocols until they got spectacular results.

Nine months ago, local, state & national health officials were telling us the experimental covid injections would prevent us from catching covid, spreading covid and dying from covid. It would save us and save grandma. Take the shot and our lives will return to normal.

Now their narrative has changed. They’re catching covid themselves – AFTER TAKING THE VACCINES – getting so sick they need to be hospitalized, yet still proclaiming, “Good thing I was vaccinated. It might have been far worse!”

I can’t imagine a more devastating indictment against the injection narrative than the local health officer taking the shots but still catching covid so bad he needed three days in the hospital. I'm glad he's out. I sincerely hope he's back to normal.

We must admit the experiment covid vaccines have been a failure. None of the promised benefits were gained but many ugly side effects were. Including death from the injections themselves. 700,000 injuries and 15,000 deaths in America have been reported on the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Reaction Reporting System (VAERS). They are not safe and they are not effective. Despite being required by morality and law, people taking the experimental injections were never fully informed of the many possible perils:

Now, credible credentialed nurses are saying that the “Delta Variant” is actually injuries caused by the experimental covid shots. They say the shots themselves are what is making people sick. This injection sickness is hidden by calling it the “Delta Variant.” The nurses are seeing a linkage. The more shots, the more “Delta Variant” cases. Despite what you read or hear on TV, nurses say most covid cases in their hospitals are VACCINATED people.

Early treatment protocols, using vitamins and an FDA-approved pill are stopping 95%+ of all covid cases BEFORE hospitalization is required. These treatments can be used as prevention too, reducing your odds of hospitalization more. These protocols DO NOT include any experimental injections.

As a living example, the largest state in India, population 240 million, just declared they are covid free thanks to wide distribution of Ivermectin.

Our hospital and local and state health officials DO NOT share these early treatment and prevention protocols. They give no guidance on how to strengthen immune systems. They put your entire life on the line with one protocol: take the experimental injections. Even though the injections do not prevent catching covid, do not prevent transmitting covid or do not prevent dying from covid.

Notice the difference. If covid symptoms appear, the hospital tells you to quarantine at home and wait for the symptoms to dissipate or worsen. This is the absolute worst advice because waiting gives covid the time to replicate and overwhelm your immune system. Once you need hospitalization, your survival chances have greatly plummeted.

The early treatment protocols tell you to immediately take a course of pills when the symptoms first appear (or before!). This prevents the virus from replicating and stops it in its tracks. For 95%+, covid is cured, Natural Immunity is gained (20 times stronger than injection immunity) and hospitalization is not required.

I’m not a doctor. But I am a critical thinker. The mainstream narrative was illogical and was not working. So I got a “second opinion.” After extensive research from credentialed, credible, getting-real-results doctors, I’ve decided to listen to them and proactively take control of my own health. Of course, you can make your own decisions. (As long as you ignore Biden’s unlawful injection mandate).

Here are the early treatment and prevention protocols that Big Media, Big Medical and Big Government are hiding from you:

The safest and most effective way to treat covid is with early, at-home treatment protocols. These protocols use Hydroxychloroquine or Ivermectin to get zinc into cells. Zinc stops the replication of the virus before it gets out of control. Vitamins D and C are also part of this protocol to boost immune systems. 50+ credentialed doctors wrote this protocol. Find it here:

If you can’t get your doctor to write a prescription for Hydroxychloroquine or Ivermectin, Quercetin (no prescription needed, sold over-the-counter) works half as well to get the zinc inside. Zinc and vitamins D & C are also sold over the counter at any health food or grocery store. See the highly-credentialed doctor’s home treatment video here. As a bonus he shares his perspective of what is really happening with this covid calamity, based on his activities on the covid front lines.

Note: Dr Zelenko now sells a mixture of Quercetin, zinc and vitamins D & C in one tablet that does not require a prescription.

Do your own research. Study MANY sources. Become your own expert. Make your own decisions. Be careful who you trust. Make sure they are getting RESULTS. By their fruits ye shall know them.

Charles Johnson

It's sad that you actually take the time to write this down....

Mitch Asay

Who's reporting, and who's responding, that should solve your debate

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