A month after Park County Travel Council members expressed disappointment with one of their advertising companies for requesting more money despite the rough economy, the board declined to pay more for newsletters.

A representative of Sukle, a Colorado advertising company, said the company had budgeted for $11,500 for a series of newsletters called Codygrams, but a Sukle representative said that the company underestimated the cost and requested another $11,000. 

Board members questioned the request. Ted Blair said adjusting its budget for a poor estimate made by Sukle shouldn’t be the council’s problem, while Ruffin Prevost said that there was nothing about the newsletters that would necessitate that sum of money for the remaining three issues.

“They need to stick to their end of the deal,” Blair said. “If they are not professional enough to stick to the deal they made, we need to find a better advertising agency. They need to do what they said they were going to do for the price they said they would do it. Otherwise, we need to find an advertising agency that can estimate their charges accurately before they agree to it.”

The council decided to speak again with Sukle to get the three remaining newsletters but is not putting any more of the budget into it. Council members agreed if it came down to it, they would forgo the remaining newsletters, or do them themselves with the template they have from when their other advertising company, Verb, did them.

Other news:

• Prevost brought in a copy of the state Open Meetings Act to point out details in the act that state what constitutes an open meeting, and that with the council now using Zoom members have another outlet to reach out to the public and the press, which the board should encourage. Members also discussed the role of the press in the meeting, as Dave Bonner and Prevost are both in media but also members of the board. That led to an acknowledgement of the need for separation between the two duties to the public.

• Members approved a $1,000 sponsorship request by the Cody Country Snowmobile Association for the Fun Days WSSA Convention next year, March 5-7.

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