School personnel are moving into the new Cody Transportation Complex on Beacon Hill.

The bus barn is open for school staff after city planning and zoning board members Tuesday unanimously approved an amended site plan for the Cody School District that includes a revised landscape plan.

The meeting followed a discussion between city and school district staff last week at which the district was granted a temporary occupancy permit to allow them to fully move in.

“Staff thought it appropriate to have the discussion since the architecture isn’t quite the same as was originally proposed,” city planning director Todd Stowell said. “It’s appropriate to discuss ways the project can compensate for that reduction in architectural quality.”

Stowell said the district had been allowed to do some work and move some stuff in after the visit by the building inspector and thus was never completely barred from the building during the process.

The sale of the current bus barn is contingent on staff being able to vacate the building for the new complex on Beacon Hill.

One of the main changes in the revised plan is the school district agreed to move some of its vegetation – trees and shrubs – more to the north to break up the side of the building. Developer Kip Thiel, who purchased the land to the north of the bus complex property and is developing a subdivision, said he liked that idea as well.

Stowell said staff could work with the district to determine what types of vegetation are placed. School facilities director Terry Gardenhire said they had planned to confer with Northern Gardens as to what varieties to plant.

Stowell said staff would not ask the school district to alter the siding put on the building that was different than originally planned as making a change now would carry a high cost.

Multiple school district and school board representatives were present at the meeting, and none objected to the agreement.

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