BLM lifted its fire restrictions less than a week after the Shoshone National Forest did the same. (Courtesy photo)

The Bureau of Land Management lifted fire restrictions at midnight Tuesday on all public lands administered by the Cody, Lander and Worland field offices within Big Horn, Carbon, Fremont, Hot Springs, Natrona, Park, Sweetwater and Washakie counties.

The Shoshone National Forest also lifted fire restrictions last week.

“Due to cooler temperatures and increased moisture, fire danger has decreased across the district, allowing us to safely lift fire restrictions,” said Brent Meisinger, BLM Wind River/Bighorn Basin District fire management officer. “But please remember as you’re out recreating and hunting on public lands, continue to remain vigilant, completely extinguish your campfire before leaving it and keep wildfire prevention in mind.”

The following activities can resume on BLM-administered public lands:

• Building a campfire

• Smoking

• Operating a chainsaw

• Using an arc or gas welder, or operating an acetylene or other torch

The following restrictions are in effect year-round on all BLM-administered public lands:

• Discharging or using fireworks

• Discharging a firearm using incendiary or tracer ammunition

• Burning or igniting tires, wires, magnesium, or other hazardous or explosive material

• Operating an off-road vehicle unless it is equipped with a properly installed spark arrester

Meisinger thanked public land users for their cooperation and vigilance.

“Without your adherence to the fire restrictions, it’s likely there would have been more fires,” he said.

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