Park County is facing another uptick in COVID-19 cases. 

In the last four days 16 residents have been confirmed positive for the virus and five more are probable, while the Cody Regional Health Long Term Care Center is in the process of testing and contact tracing after reporting a positive case of COVID-19.

LTCC Director Brian Huso said an employee tested positive during a routine monthly screening. Staff are conducting required testing and protocols to keep everyone as safe as possible.

“(The employee) did not have any signs or symptoms at the time and still does not have any signs and symptoms but is self-quarantining at home for the required time frame as mandated by (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services),” Huso said.

Friday afternoon The Irma also announced on Facebook its bar and dining service were temporarily being shut down due to “a positive Covid test situation with employees.” The post said staff are working with the state health department and contact tracers and hope to reopen as soon as possible.

Dr. Aaron Billin, Park County Public Health officer, did not specify the restaurant, but Monday mentioned an establishment as having chosen to temporarily shut down services.

“In a responsible move, a Cody restaurant has voluntarily closed due to nine employees recently testing positive for COVID-19,” Billin said. “Most of these were asymptomatic. The investigation was triggered by two symptomatic employees testing positive. 

“This occurred despite the business doing a good job complying with the State Public Health Orders.”

The uptick came as Cody’s testing of municipal sewer users for signs of the virus has increased substantially in the last few weeks to 2%, meaning roughly 500 people using the city sewers are shedding the virus. These people either have active cases or are recently recovered, Billin said. 

Park County’s rate of positive tests has also increased, and four people are hospitalized with the virus at Cody Regional.

“(This) suggests a significant increase in active COVID-19 cases in Park County within the next week,” Billin said. “Please be conscientious in following State Public Health Orders, social distancing, and wearing masks when appropriate.”

Active cases in Park County were up to 26 as of Monday morning, with 13 in Cody, eight in Powell, two in Wapiti and one each in Ralston, South Fork and Meeteetse.

There have been 221 people in the county who had probable or confirmed cases of the virus, with 198 recovered.

In Park County, 1.5% of people who have taken a test have come back positive, with 3,937 tests among county residents. 

While the hospital previously reported two different staff members with the virus, both having long since recovered, no cases have been announced at the Long Term Care Center until now.

Until the positive case, residents had been allowed to meet with family members in an outdoor area from a 6-foot distance. However, the facility has been closed to the public since March.

CRH works with the county public health department to track confirmed cases. It also works with internal call center to help provide follow-up communication with employees who may have been exposed.

The state public health department has special guidelines for long-term care centers that require them to shut doors to the public and undergo rigorous, daily testing protocols in the event of a positive case.

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For more perspective, Johns Hopkins reports that over 250,000 Americans are killed every year through medical mistakes. Does that make you think twice about going to the hospital? With over 300 million people doing ANYTHING, seemingly large numbers can be derived regarding nearly every subject.


This talk of virtually no chance of dying doesn't make too much sense. Your kids have virtually no chance of dying when you drive them around town, but I imagine that you still take the time to buckle them into a car seat. Even assuming the rosy fatality rates quoted here as "good news", I can do the following back of the envelope math... US population (328 million) x (% above 70 years of age) 10% x (potential Infection percentage) 25% x (survival rate %) 6% ~= 500,000 people over 70 dying of this disease. This is just a play calculation, but "virtually zero" multiplied by a large number can be meaningful, especially when you are talking about the grandmothers and fathers in our community. Stay safe for their sake.

Mike J

Perspective is lacking here. Cases are not deaths. It's been discovered that 90% of the "positive" test results are actually negative:

Test errors lower the chances of catching Covid in Park County to about 1 in 1,000.

Then, as Jim points out, the chances of dying from Covid AFTER YOU CATCH IT are virtually zero. If you use those CDC statistics to calculate odds, here are the chances of death by age group IF YOU ALREADY HAVE COVID:

1 out of 34,000 for ages 0 to 19;

1 out of 5,000 for ages 20 to 49;

1 out of 200 for ages 50 to 69

1 out of 20 for ages 70 and up.

Clearly, it's time to stop torturing students, employees and the public with mask requirements. People who feel vulnerable can of course continue wearing them, even though masks are essentially useless because the virus is 60 times smaller than the smallest N-95 mask openings. Masks are like trying to stop mosquitoes with a chain link fence.

This is more a political pandemic than a medical one. Reporting Covid cases is about as vital as reporting accidental injuries, colds and headaches.

Jim Jones

It seems the readers of The Enterprise do more investigative journalism than the reports. How about reporting some good Covid-19 news? Here, let me provide you the latest statistics from the vaunted Center for Disease Control: Infection Fatality Ratio (IF you get Covid-19, what are your chances SURVIVING) 0-19 years old = 99.997%, 20-49 years old = 99.98%, 50-69 years old = 99.5%, 70+ years old = 94.6%. Isn't about time you guys reported good news instead of shilling for the Democrats? As always, here's my gold plated source for all the hand wringers -

Old Chef

Why was the comment on this article that I posted this morning deleted?

Old Chef

Oh, it doesn't post until it's vetted?[unsure]


How can you be diagnosed with covid-19 without any signs or symptoms that is just totally 100% amazing


Read the second and third sentences of the article for your answer.

Old Chef

According to Google, the current popular source of truth, in 2018 Park county population was 29,324. Based on what I just read in this article we have 22 active cases. This calculates to an infection rate of .00075%. A persons odds of becoming ill from this disease are less than 1 in 1000. This isn't dying. This is contracting the disease. The CDC report dated 9/25 states that the death rates nationally for pneumonia, flu or covid were 6.6%. I calculate that this means that your odds of dying from pneumonia, flu or covid were .00495% last week. I'm starting to believe that our mitigation efforts are working and we need to loosen them.


I'm starting to believe that you are in the midst of a howling blizzard counting snowflakes to show it's just a squall , but seem to have forgotten why or how you are in a blizzard in the first place...

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