Nina Webber was named GOP National Committeewoman Saturday.

A Cody resident is the new Republican Party National Committeewoman for Wyoming.

Nina Webber was elected Saturday by the State Central Committee after 75 State Central Committee members met in Buffalo.

As one of 68 National Committeewomen across the country, Webber will be tasked with representing Wyoming values at the national level. She said she’ll often travel to Washington, D.C., to promote Wyoming’s view. 

“I’m looking forward to it, so excited to be a part of the Republican Party at this level,” she said. “I’m thankful and honored, and I’ll work really hard, to represent Wyoming values at the national level the best that I can. It’s such an honor.”

She replaces former National Committeewoman Harriett Hageman, who withdrew from the position to run for U.S. Senate.

Webber said that, as a former county clerk, one of the issues she plans to focus on is election security.

“It’s educating and training election judges, volunteer poll watchers, to stop any issues,” she said. “Many people say to me, ‘I want a paper ballot.’ If anything happens, I can go back to those paper ballots. 

“Let’s put our trust back into people and not just machines.”

Webber said she’s also excited to represent on the national level the state she loves and feels she can share its values with others.

She said it’s a state where constituents actually get to see their state senators and representatives at the grocery store, and talk to them one-on-one.

“We live in a good state,” Webber said. “It’s truly a blessing every day, you can make a difference in your town, state, it’s absolutely amazing.”

She said she’s also committed to helping what she expects will be a red wave in the 2022 elections, and to make sure those Republicans elected are “true conservatives.”

“I would pledge to help the RNC work its way back to conservatism, that is how we are going to win in 2022,” she said. “I can feel that fire burning so hot across the state and around the country.” 

She will be joined by National Committeeman Cory Steinmetz, who lives in the southeast part of the state.

Webber said while the representatives from the more populated eastern side of the state often dominated state politics, she’s glad to provide her voice as a representative of the western side of the state when she attends state central committee meetings.

Key issues she said she plans to support in D.C. include:

• Pro life

• Pro oil, gas and mining

• Pro Second Amendment

• Safe elections

• American First

• Secure borders

• School choice

• No sanctuary cities

• Less federal overreach

• Fiscal responsibility

(4) comments

Che Smith

I didn’t know election security was a big issue in Wyoming. I do know opioid usage is. 🤔 I wonder why this isn’t on top list of priorities? Everything seems so Cliche without addressing the everyday issues in front of us and in our communities, why do we keep following these party lines? 🤷

Tamara Young

Way to go Nina! I know that you will do a great job for us. Congratulations!

Tom Conners


Scott Weber

Well done! It's always good to have a Wyoming native representing Wyoming values at not only the national level, but the state level.

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