Cody Regional Health’s COVID-19 drive-thru testing site is relocating Thursday and offering more tests and more hours due to a recent influx in COVID-19 testing demands. 

The new drive-thru COVID-19 testing site will relocate from Cody Regional Health’s main West Park Hospital campus to the Cody Stampede Rodeo grounds located at 519 W Yellowstone Ave. 

Drive-Thru testing will now be offered weekly on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, 8-11 a.m. This testing is first come, first serve, and ends when allotted tests are gone. 

Depending on what type of test supplies are available (and supply availability can change daily), test results may take up to seven days to receive. Tests cost $25 per person by check, debit or credit card. No cash. 

“We have seen an increased demand in the community with rising numbers of exposures and increasing positive cases,” said Keith Ungrund, CCO at Cody Regional Health.

“CRH recognizes the value and importance of having the ability to access drive-thru testing as we are seeing some community members with mild symptoms not sick enough for the Walk-in Clinic or Emergency Room.  Our staff recognizes the importance of this service and we would like to continue as long as feasible and based on available resources. We thank everyone for their patience as we do our best to navigate around this national pandemic,” said CEO Doug McMillan. 

Patients experiencing COVID-19 symptoms including shortness of breath, chest pain, palpitations or other more serious symptoms should go to the closest ER or call 9-1-1. 

For further questions about COVID-19 drive through testing call (307) 578-2000, visit or

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P Demoney

Xmonkey, it is quite clear you do not understand evolution. You did a nice job of trying to establish your authority with you biology degree and all. It also clear you don't understand cause of death and contributing factors. If I'm a diabetic and die in a car crash. Did the crash kill me or was it the diabetes?


The crash, PD, the crash. Pretty straightforward. If you're in an auto crash, and it turns out you had the flu, did the flu kill you or the crash? Well, nobody would say the flu, but they just "might" if it were covid-19. Don't worry, I understand evolution just fine, which is why I know it's not true, just like the numerous scientists who signed that document. But of course, if you can determine that I don't understand it just by reading a few lines in a comments section, so be it.

Mike J

As we all decide just how much concern and attention we place upon Covid, it's wise to get a second opinion from sources outside that of mainstream authorities. Much has been learned since this virus was launched upon the world.

6,000 leading scientists and doctors recently signed a petition to end lock-downs, social distancing and mandatory masks:

Why? They've discovered that lock-downs, social distancing and mandatory masks have destroyed at least seven times more years of human life than have been saved by avoiding Covid.

Whoops. The "cure" was 7 times worse than the virus. Some of those who mandated that bad advice are now working on a vaccine.

This is yet another reason to doubt authority and limit the power we allow others to hold over us. They can make bad decisions just like us. But theirs are far worse because theirs affect everyone by the power of force.

Do your own research. Become your own expert. Make your own choices. Authority is not God and you are often smarter than authority.


So Mr McMillan administrator of the wonderful Cody regional hospital who's running that place you're making it so confusing for us seniors to figure out where we're supposed to go for what when where how and why just publish it once say this is it this is what you do or go back to normal let us just go where we want to go don't dictate our life McMillan

Fox Blue River

Mike J. If you read more than just the conservative digestion of the article maybe the actual letter. It advocates for gaining herd immunity among younger, healthier people while still protecting vulnerable groups. Kind of hard to believe that would ever happen considering Trump is trying to sue to block the affordable healthcare act and possibly remove medical care for millions of Americans with pre-existing conditions during a pandemic. About #5000 of Trump's immoral actions.

Are we going to believe (some not all) scientists this time? What about global warming, evolution, vaccines, things that science has a unanimous consensus of? Conservative hypocrisy is so thick I can smell the stench from here.


Fox BR, we're gonna have to disagree once again. I have a background in science (degree in biology, have worked in fields of biology, metallurgy, astronomy, and am an advanced amateur astronomer). I just read a book from the early 1900's where a well-respected professional astronomer gave "scientific" proof that there was snow and vegetation on the Moon. Percival Lowell insisted there was a dying civilization of Martian people who had built canals on Mars. There was a time when scientists believed man could not go into space. "Science" has often been totally wrong, so consensus is meaningless (often driven by an agenda too - need money for "research"), and as one who believes the theory of evolution is a bunch of bunk, I would suggest that you look up "dissent from Darwin" and you will see a list of thousands of real scientists who believe that the claims of Darwinism cannot account for the complexity of life. There's no "consensus" there. You've just chosen to believe that. As for covid, there's hardly any consensus on anything. Wear a mask? Don't wear a mask. Encourage herd immunity? Don't encourage it. Also, none of us knows for sure just how many alleged covid deaths were ACTUALLY the result of covid. There's that agenda again...


Oh for heavens sake. You really think you’re smarter than the people that have studied and practiced medicine for literal years of their lives?? If you google this BS petition no credible news source or scientific journal is covering it. Stop spreading your weird conspiracy theories

Fox Blue River

Seven, oh yeah, the old conservative boomers think they are smarter than doctors and scientists. They have college flunk outs like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Glen beck giving them all their "truth."

Jim Jones

According to the CDC the survival rate for Covid-19 is very high. From a low of 94.6% for those 70 years of age and older to a high of 99.997% for those 0 to 19 years of age.

The CDC lists "Intentional and unintentional injury, poisoning and other adverse events" as "conditions contributing to deaths involving coronavirus disease." Read that again. So according to the CDC, the crash of Air Force One would be a condition contributing to the death involving coronavirus of President Trump. I'm going to take a wild guess that a Boeing 747 creating a smoking hole in the Earth word be slightly more than a contributing cause of death, but I don't have a medical degree so I what do I know?

If you're worried about your odds, chances are you don't have a firm grasp of statistics and you have no idea of the risks you incur in everyday life. According to the National Safety Council you have a 1 in 2,334 chance of dying from an accidental injury during the course of any given year. That's 0.0004. The CDC says your chances of dying a Covid-19 related death if you're 0 to 19 years old is 0.00003. (Yes, that's an extra zero.) An accidental death during the course of one year is 13.33 times more likely than a Covid-19 related death for a teen or younger. And mothers worried about Covid-19 actually let their kids out of the house? National Safety Council NSC Safety Facts page 41:

If the reporting in The Cody Enterprise is to be believed, I'd rather be locked in a closet with ten Covid-19 positive people than ducking flying pickup trucks as a construction worker on Sheridan Avenue.

Anybody who takes medical advice from CNN or MSNBC is a fool.

Fox Blue River

Jim Jones you were caught lying here and called out directly by Dr. Billin, first thing you should do is apologize to the people in this town before writing anymore ridiculous comments.

Jim Jones

Fox, I can't help you if you can't read. Click on the links and show me where I'm wrong. Do you thing the CDC is lying? Maybe you need a remedial math class.

Cody Person

Regardless of ones views on Covid. It is real and if someone were to get sick and go to Cody Regional Heath, I would be logical in a medial setting that the doctors practiced safety guidelines to insure the safety of their patience. This still is not the case at Cody Regional Health. One doctor in particular does not wear mask with visiting patients who are not well, young and old after repeated request. I find that totally bizarre.

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