Mike Kelley fills up his truck at Good 2 Go on Yellowstone Avenue on Friday.

Gas prices have spiked in Cody, and while the rise follows a nationwide trend, local residents are paying more than most.

Both Maverik stores in Cody were charging $3.06 for base unleaded as of Monday morning, which according to Gas Buddy, an app that lets you check prices, was a good deal in town. However, that’s more expensive than nearby towns and far above the price of this time last year.

A year ago, as the country was reeling from the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, a lack of demand drove down gas prices – the Wyoming average was below $1.90 a year ago.

Oil prices have since rebounded and the state average is now nearly $2.90, just above the U.S. average.

In the Big Horn Basin, Cody gas stations are all above that average, while in Powell, Maverik is selling unleaded for $2.81 according to Gas Buddy, while the Ralston Exxon was at $2.78.

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Dewey Vanderhoff

A lifelong resident of Cody , I would stop short of calling gasoline prices ehre as being a conspiracy . But it certainly fumes of more than mere collusion. If you think that is absurd , consider this: back when Cody had its very own oilr efinery and it produced both leaded and that new fangled unleased gasoline , your gas pump was only three miles from the refinery. The entire petroleum production cycle from drill rig to well to refinery to gas station was closed loop and all within sight of one another. Yet gasoline prices for hometown Husky fuel buyers were still higher here in Cody than every town around us. This was in the 1950's and more true in the 1970's. Cody pumps have always added some kind of hidden surcharge for gasoline. Hard to explain why Cody drivers paid more for their gas than stations thatt rucked in fuel from refineries far away , or purchased their blended brand from Husky's racks.

My dad sold gas hog cars locally for over 20 years. Cadillacs even . I remember him saying time and time again that Cody gouged for gasoline , and probably always will.

Unfortunately , it's not just the price of gas at the pump that gets jacked up in Cody ...

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