The UTV crashed into a canal in Powell.

On Oct. 3, an off-duty Park County Sheriff’s deputy rescued a juvenile from nearly drowning, according to a Sheriff’s Office news release.

The juvenile had crashed a UTV into a canal near Road 11 and Lane 10 in Powell. Only the youth’s mouth and nose were above water and the rider was still strapped in by a seat belt.

The deputy had stopped when he saw a passerby signaling for help.

He quickly jumped into the canal, went under the UTV to release the seat belt, and got the juvenile to shore. This juvenile and another minor involved were cold but uninjured. The deputy was treated on the scene by EMS for gasoline in his eyes that had spilled out from the UTV.

It was determined the vehicle had been speeding and tipped when making a right-hand turn, entering the canal and hitting the bottom. The vehicle then rolled a half rotation over its front, causing it to rest on its top side with the entire cab portion submerged.

The Park County Sheriff’s Office commended the deputy for going above and beyond in their duties.

“This Deputy’s decision to react quickly and save the juvenile from possibly drowning showed outstanding courage and decisiveness.” said Undersheriff Andy Varian in the press release. “Although he was off-duty, his decision to move into action exemplifies the standards of the Sheriff’s Office and the duty to protect citizens in Park County.”

The Sheriff’s Office reported the deputy’s actions are currently under review for possible commendation by the department.

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