While Park County has added 11 cases of COVID-19 since Thursday, the number of recoveries has dropped the county's active cases to just 19.

Park County Public Health Officer Dr. Aaron Billin said Monday morning there were 161 total cases (12 probable) in the county, with 142 recovered.

Cody has 14 of the active cases. Billin said some of the changes in community numbers are a result of the contact tracers finding addresses when they were previously unknown and assigning them to the correct community.

The positive signs are mirrored in the dip in new cases at the state level after a long rise in cases. However, deaths generally lag behind an uptick and Thursday a Fremont County man who has COVID-19 died, the 28th death in Wyoming.

The wastewater in Cody is being tested at the Wyoming Department of Health Laboratory twice of weekly and shows persistent low levels of SARS-CoV-2 that is trending up slightly, Billin said. This shows that it is 75% certain that 0.5%-1.7% and 95% certain that 0.5%-2.7% of those on Cody sewer are shedding the virus.

The county remains better than the state as a whole as far as its rate of tests that come back positive, at 2.9% for Park County and 3.2% for Wyoming.


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So 11 new cases,19 active and most in Cody so one has to draw the conclusion that Cody is the hot spot, would be simple if the bureaucrats would just state that as a fact. Quit trying to hide the facts in a chart your pc action is what has got us to where we are at today.


YOUR CHART IS USELESS ARTICLE says many more active??????????

Grey fox

You cannot fix stupid. Virus is running wild and people continue to hold large get togethers! Wedding receptions and political events etc. Most poeple will laugh about it until it kills someone in their family.


Fauci now calls for goggles and I trust the good Doctor.

We should shelter in Place.

We need to stop going outside

suspend all package handling and delivery

stop mail delivery, it spreads infection!

suspend all elections, all work, all community functions

suspend school

no contact outside your immediate family. ever.

It is the only way we will avoid catching a cold.


Yep, pretty ridiculous!


Has a city been able to pinpoint where that virus is coming from in the sewer it

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