Rep. Rachel Rodriguez-Williams, R-Cody, listens during discussion at the 67th Legislature in the House Chambers January 12, 2023 in Cheyenne.

After weeks of discussion, legislative maneuvering and significant edits, the “Life is a Human Right Act” became one of the final bills to pass both the House and Senate in the waning hours of the Wyoming Legislature’s 2023 general session.

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Dewey Vanderhoff

As of this writing ---Wednesday March 8 AM - Go vernor Gordon has still not signed HB-152 Life is a Human Right bill into law. The bill passed both houses easily and is sitting on his desk. It's not on today's list of bills to be signed by Guv Gordo.

I sincerely hope he does NOT sign that abominable bill. He would be certifying wholly un- constitutional legislation in doing so. Wisdom says he should veto it. Republican habituation suggests Gordon will leave it unsigned to become law without his name on it. He probably used a 10-foot insulated bamboo pole to shove it over into the corner of his office, out of sight out of mind. HB-152 is pathologic politicks.

My report card for local Legislators : Sandy Newsome and David Northrup get a passing grade. Rachel Rodriguez and Dan Laursen get D- and F bad grades . Tim French gets an Incomplete/ Failed the course because he was the most ineffective legislator in Cheyenne this year. French has been Park County's Senator for three years now and has yet to introduce any legislation with his name on it. It's like he's not even there . ( but that could perversely be a silver lining... given French's record and demeanor, any legislation he gins up would likely be totally awful stuff )

Rachel's addiction to All Things Anti-Abortion keeps her from accomplishing much of anything else. She's a three legged nag 1-trick pony lawmaker who not only does her real constituents a huge disservice . She honestly believes because she won the popular vote hereabouts that all those people must somehow agree with her hardcore social conservative dogma and were not just voting straight ticket down the red side of the ballot. They ... do ...not. The same could be said of Laursen and French owing to their cultish allegiance to the Wyoming Freedom Caucus ' tyrannical legislative sausagemaking . Neither of those two have exhibited any original thinking since we sent them to Cheyenne. Other people do their thinking for them . Very sinister people...

But hey! it's a Citizen Legislature. You get who you vote for. So frankly , it's on you. I sure as sunrise did not vote for them...

Joe Whittaker

You may have heard that today the Wyoming legislature passed two extreme bills banning abortion. One of those bills, a near-total ban, is likely to go into effect tomorrow (or in the next few days). You should know that right now, you can legally get abortion pills (200 mg of mifepristone + 8 pills of 200 mcg misoprostol) *in advance*, to have in case you need them in the future. The pills expire in about two years and will have an expiration date listed on the packaging.

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