Scott Court

Scott Court wants the chance to help lead the institution where he started his college career.

Court, who is finishing his first two-year term as representative for state House District 24, is running for a spot as the Cody representative on the Northwest College Board of Trustees.

He said he threw his hat in the ring for the board seat for two main reasons.

“First, I could remain local and closer to home,” he said. “Secondly, I attended Northwest College for two full years after graduating from Cody High School.”

He said his two years in Powell was the foundation for his further education. He went on to earn a bachelor of arts degree in secondary education (major in social studies and minor in basketball coaching) and a masters degree in public administration from the University of Wyoming.

“I want to play a role in the continued success of Northwest College and become more involved in the local aspects of the college,” he said.

The decision to not run for reelection in the state house, and subsequently file for the college board, was a personal one.

“I had planned to run again for House District 24,” he said. “However, as my mother’s health began to deteriorate, I didn’t feel that going to Cheyenne for two months or on out of town trips was the right thing to do.”

Court said his time down in Cheyenne was well spent.

“Serving the people for two years in the 64th Wyoming State Legislature was an honor and a great experience,” he said. “I took my voting very seriously and always considered how my vote would affect the local constituents and the State of Wyoming.”

Court said it was a pleasure to serve the residents of the district and he made sure to put in the time and effort needed throughout the term.

He maintained perfect attendance for the general session, budget session and committee meetings.

He was presented with a Certificate of Conservative achievement for his 2017 score of 86 percent from the American Conservative Union Foundation.

During the 2018 budget session, Court co-sponsored House Bill 0168 (Stand Your Ground-2). The bill established when no duty to retreat exists, that the use of reasonable defensive force does not subject a person to criminal prosecution and provides immunity from civil liability for reasonable use of defensive force.

Court also voted to increase the tourism budget in the general fund by $2 million.

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