Phillip Dobbins

A local man is facing 240 years in prison for six counts of delivery of controlled substances.

Since Phillip Dobbins, 43, was previously convicted twice for a prior offense under the Wyoming Controlled Substances Act, he can receive up to double the length of punishment for each charge.

Dobbins is accused of selling meth, hydrocodone and oxycodone to a confidential informant and an undercover agent on five different occasions in January and February in Cody, Powell and Shoshoni.

These alleged sales were in addition to the 12.5 ounces of meth, just more than 0.75 pounds, found inside a Ziploc container inside a panel of a vehicle being driven by Dobbins and Natosha Martin, 37, in late March. Their 2002 Cadillac DeVille was towed and searched. The meth was found in a gallon-sized baggie wrapped in a small blanket in the driver’s side floorboard of the vehicle.

This arrest is being treated as a separate case for Dobbins.

The meth was believed to have brought across state lines from Colorado. Numerous receipts were found in the couples’ car from marijuana dispensaries.

According to the affidavit, Dobbins was seen possessing a 4-ounce bag of meth and sold 3.7 grams of the substance during one particular undercover sale.

His bond was set at $100,000 cash only during an initial hearing on Monday morning.

“Anyone can understand how somebody who would not want to serve 240 years is a flight risk,” said County Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Jack Hatfield in arguing for Dobbins’ bond, which Judge Bruce Waters granted.

Dobbins will be back in court 4 p.m. Monday for a preliminary hearing.

(2) comments

Monty Montague

Strange.....he doesn't look like the type of guy who would do something like that.[smile]

Justin Smith

Well, thank God it was just meth and not those hated California values. (sarcasm)

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