The West family took up residence at Monster Lake Ranch in September and soon after changed the name to West Lake.

It’s official. Kanye West is the new owner of the former Monster Lake Ranch.

Although the information is hardly news to most people in Cody, it is now official as two new deeds for the property were filed Oct. 28 with the Park County Clerk’s Office.

Deed documents reveal West made two separate purchases under his Psalm 2019 Limited Liability Company.

The principal office for this company is in Los Angeles, where West has a residence.

The associated address for this LLC is for 3202 Big Horn Ave., where West was recently confirmed to have purchased the Mountain Equipment property owned by Steve and Laurie Swan. That property was purchased on Oct. 17 under Psalm Cody Commercial LLC.

Psalm 2019 Limited Liability Company and Psalm Cody Commercial LLC share the same mailing address in southern California.

It appears West privately purchased the 4,524 acre property he is now referring to as West Lake, in two chunks. The first was signed off on Oct. 23 and granted by Cody Oar Lock Ranch LLC. Cody Oar Lock is associated with Colin Simpson of the Burg Simpson law office in Cody.

The second parcel was the result of a public auction. This piece was owned by Copper Butte Ranch LLC.

Dan Eddleman purchased the ranch in 2013 and made the property more public-facing with the introduction of a restaurant, lodging, cabin rentals and other amenities. Eddleman later put the property up for sale and family members bought at least part of the ranch at an auction in July. This 970-acre piece is the portion that was owned by Copper Butte Ranch LLC.

In September, the Park County Commissioners approved the transfer of the liquor license from Dan Eddleman’s Monster Lake LLC to Copper Butte Ranch LLC.

West has been spotted throughout Cody numerous times in recent months. His most public moment came when delivering a Sunday Service concert at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West in late September.

He recently released his “Jesus is King” album on Oct. 25 that is accompanied with an IMAX movie. The album, which he put the finishing touches on while in Cody, debuted at No.1 on the Billboard 200 chart.

Rumors have been flying around about West’s intentions and plans in Cody but none confirmed besides his recent property purchases. The purchase price for these acquisitions is not public information.

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I for one love Mr Wests views on politics and welcome him to the community..


uhhhhh I think they expect and count on it Kim Kardashian? yeah lol You don't have to feel bad for them


Is this really news worthy? Come on Enterprise . . . or is it the Enquirer?

Fox Blue River

Do we really need to be following these people around with cameras sticking our nose in their business?

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