If the plans in the works come to fruition, the opening Cody Broncs home football game will feature not only a new and improved artificial turf but also a brand new video scoreboard.

That scoreboard should provide an opportunity for the community and Cody High School to collaborate on an endeavor that will benefit both for years to come.

“Our football scoreboard is on its last legs,” CHS Activities Director Tony Hult said. “It’s over 20 years old and this season started skipping quite a bit. Repairing it really isn’t cost-effective so we are in need of a new one.”

The new scoreboard, supplied by Daktronics of Brookings, S.D., will be light years ahead of the old one and, if everything works out, will become part of the curriculum at the high school.

“Daktronics asked if I had ever thought about a video scoreboard,” Hult said. “It was something I thought about for five seconds because I didn’t think we would have the money. They said we did have the money in this town and the advertising will be very valuable for the community.”

Hult and CHS will be reaching out soon to interested parties for sponsorships for ads and other creative videos that will run on the scoreboard during football games, soccer games, track meets and other events held at the field.

“A lot of people liked that graduation was on the football field last year,” Hult said. “It would be nice to do something special with the scoreboard for things like that.”

Three factors appear to be the biggest selling points for the video board, which will be just one of a handful in Wyoming.

The experience for fans and students will be greatly improved, the advertising will end up adding money to the activities budget, and the CHS curriculum provided by Daktronics will be a boon to the education of the students interested in the process, Hult said.

“We will put this curriculum in the classroom and our kids will manage the video board,” he added. “We are also thinking of starting an after-school program so the kids can learn all the parts of video production who might not get into the classroom.”

The curriculum will be available for students this spring so the students are ready for the fall football season.

While the board most likely wouldn’t be installed until the summer, the students will have the knowledge to get things running before the fall.

Smaller communities in the region have already found success with the video boards.

“Red Lodge already has one,” Hult said. “I went up there and met with their AD and it was a fantastic project.”

The cost of the board, roughly $140,000, would be paid for in around 4-5 years.

Four anchor sponsors would have their logos on the board permanently along with video ads starting at a minimum of $5,000 per year for five years.

Other video ad sponsorships include a $2,500 donation per year for five years.

Six premier sponsorships will be available, which run $1,000 per year for five years.

Advertisements will run at certain times during events, and it’s up to the community and the students to come up with any other creative concept they might have for video production with Daktronics helping out when needed.

“I know there is already interest in this in the community,” Hult said. “People value what we do here. We have great kids and a great staff and people in the community are eager to participate.”

The curriculum will be added to the broadcast journalism classes to start off, with scholarship opportunities available to students interested in moving on to a university and helping operate scoreboards at major stadiums.

“I think there is a lot of opportunity for the community and the kids involved to some really cool, important stuff,” Hult said. “Businesses are not only helping kids with activities, but helping kids learn a valuable skill. It’s amazing how many kids are interested in this stuff.”

After the board is paid for, Hult expects the extra advertising to generate $40,000-$50,0000 per year and go directly into the activities budget, which has been cut dramatically the last couple of years.

An online form will go live on the district’s website on Jan. 10. If a business is interested in being a sponsor they can put in a request or a bid at that time.

They will be looked at in order and be accepted for different levels of participation.

“We have those businesses who have always been supporters and those who really want to,” Hult said. “We want to make it fair for everybody.”

Anyone interested in learning more can contact Hult at the high school for more information before the bidding process begins.

“We have the okay from the school board to go get the sponsors,” Hult said. “We are lucky here that even with budget cuts we have been able to keep every sport in high school, so this will be a big help keeping that going. The possibilities with this board and the creative and educational benefits for the kids is really limitless.”

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Holli Hock

Am I in a twilight zone, or is this the same school district that had to let go it’s art classes and teacher? Now it buys a $140,000 scoreboard? Oh wait it will be subsidized by making the crowd watch Subway ads… yay good decisions everyone.

Manda Siebert

Holli, I completely agree. This sign will be used for what... 3 months, during home football games and that's justification?? fo

Getting rid of all of the elementary art teachers and having one art teacher at the high school who has over 100 plus students a day and no planning period, yet five social studies teachers who have extra time?! What happened to supporting our teachers and students?! This is so sad that we are picking a score board over people's lives! I bet you if the teachers were asked, this is not one of the things they would like to spend money on.

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