A California man was sentenced to 30 days in jail after he was found guilty of driving on the wrong side of the road and failing to report property damage of more than $1,000, among other charges. He pleaded guilty to driving his employer’s black Ford F-150 off the North Fork Highway and leaving it abandoned after striking a delineator post, getting it stuck on some small boulders.

Sean Ryan, 31, is now in custody at the Park County Detention Center after being sentenced on Sept. 2. He is a Chino, Calif., resident but had been working locally this summer at Shoshone Lodge.

Wyoming Highway Patrol Trooper R.D. Scovel found the truck unlocked on Aug. 31 with an open can of beer inside. Scovel also found vomit on the driver-side floor. 

After investigating the scene, Scovel made his way to the lodge that afternoon where he interviewed Ryan in his room. When Scovel arrived at the room he found Ryan sleeping with a nearly empty bottle of vodka nearby.

“Sean was quite disoriented when he awoke,” Scovel wrote in the affidavit.

Ryan admitted to driving the truck off the road, possibly from falling asleep, and said he drank about 75% of the bottle of vodka once returning to the lodge but before taking his nap. He said he believed the vomit was his as he had been sick for a few days leading up to the incident.

It was later discovered Ryan had a suspended driver’s license from driving under the influence of alcohol and insurance violations. He also has an outstanding disturbing the peace charge in Idaho for which he has failed to appear in court. 

Ryan must also pay a $720 fine and serve six months unsupervised probation.

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