Five students in the Cody School District have tested positive for COVID-19, while eight more students have been quarantined by Park County Public Health Department as of Thursday morning for being close contacts.

All of the positive students are high school level and are receiving remote instruction from their teachers, superintendent Peg Monteith said. One Cody Middle School student is in quarantine related to the cases at CHS.

The Powell School District reported Wednesday afternoon three students and one non-instructional staff member at Powell High School had tested positive for the virus and are in isolation. In addition to that, eight more students and one staff member have been quarantined.

The student positives have pushed the number of active cases in Park County to 20 as of Friday, with eight of those in Cody and 10 in Powell. 

There have been 190 cases in Park County – an additional 20 residents of other counties have been diagnosed in Cody or Powell – with 169 having recovered. 

“These cases have nearly all come from exposures outside of school,” said Dr. Aaron Billin, Park County Public Health officer. “The school districts and Park County Public Health have good plans in place. However, these plans alone will not keep the schools open. 

“These kids want to go to school and the athletes want to play a full season. It is only the communities that can help this happen.”

Billin provided a list of ways the community can help, especially to wear a mask when not able to socially distance and otherwise maintain good hygiene.

The Cody School District in a Wednesday Facebook post advised that following a positive test, contact tracers would reach out to families and public health and will order either isolation or quarantine.

The school district will not make that decision, or advise students to stay home. School nurses will send students home if they come to school with symptoms.

When a positive test result is reported to public health, a public health official will contact the student or the parents to complete an investigation and gather the following information:

1. School, grade, classroom and activities for student.

2. Symptoms and symptom onset date.

3. Underlying health conditions.

4. Close contacts (within 6 feet and no mask for 15 minutes or more).

5. Date of last contact with the person with COVID-19.

6. Any other relevant information to public health.

(6) comments

Harald Hardrada

We all get eaten?? Oh calm down. We will likely get the virus, we cough and go to the bathroom for a few days, all while in the comfort of our homes. This is not a death sentence, drama queens.


@Harald.......You said, "This is not a death sentence, drama queens." For some, it actually IS a death sentence, mister misinformed.

Jim Jones

The woman moved to Montana, contracted coronavirus there and died there. That's Park County, Wyoming's first Covid-19 related death. Amazing.


I'm so glad that our city officials and our school officials are relying on sewage for coronavirus how ironic


update how long is it going to take before our school realizes that we should probably shut it down and do virtual learning before we infect the whole town of Cody Wyoming and we end up having deaths with students


That’s absolutely right! This virus is going to come back, how bad it will be no one really knows. Having the students go back to school so soon is like ringing the dinner bell for the wolves. In the end, we all get eaten.

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