With COVID quarantine numbers continuing to be high early in the school year and 27 students testing positive Friday, the Cody School District implemented a plan that would not mandate masks, but encourage them.

It allows students deemed in close contact with a positive individual to remain in school with a mask, as long as they are asymptomatic, for the quarantine period.

“The best way to keep your student in school is by wearing a mask,” the district said in a text sent out Sunday to parents. “This will allow your student to remain in school if he/she is exposed and is asymptomatic. Please consider having your child voluntarily wear a mask during this period of increasing COVID cases and quarantines.”

At a special board meeting Tuesday night most trustees expressed support for the district administration to further examine the plan ahead and move closer to possible implementation. Friday, interim superintendent Tim Foley sent out a letter to parents informing them the plan would be adopted. As of Friday, 93 students were in quarantine.

“Our school nurses do an excellent job of contact tracing and reaching out to families when an exposure occurs and our teachers provide remote instruction to quarantined students, putting a greater demand on our teachers,” he wrote. “This approach is not sustainable. If our quarantine numbers continue to increase, the result may be full-time remote education.”

There was no need for the school board to take action to implement the plan.

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Christopher Pfister

Readers of the Enterprise need to be aware that the source Mr. Johnson cites has been banned from many social media platforms for spreading lies. We should not allow Mr. Johnson this platform to continue spreading lies.

LifeSiteNews (or simply LifeSite) is a Canadian Catholic far-right anti-abortion advocacy and news publication. LifeSiteNews has published misleading information and conspiracy theories, and in 2021, was banned from some social media platforms for spreading COVID-19 misinformation.

Mike Johnson

Thank you for endorsing my post! In today's world, a ban from social media is a badge of truthfulness.

Charles Johnson

Agreed. Mike Johnson's posts here are continually full of misinformation and unproven allegations. It seems that he doesn't even read the articles that he links to... most of them either come to the opposite conclusion, are misinterpreted, or are studies which are inapplicable to the question of whether masking reduces transmission of airborne viruses.

Mike Johnson

Here is the definitive list of mask studies, all individually linked on one site. 47 mask studies confirm masks are ineffective at stopping covid. 32 additional studies confirm masks cause HARM.

I have sent these studies and numerous other credible information from credentialed doctors, treating real patients, to the Cody school board. They have chosen to ignore the fact that masks physically and psychologically HARM everyone who wears them, especially developing children.

I see the tough spot they are in. I wish they were stronger to stand up to the pressure. I understand it is difficult for them to realize and believe the mainstream authorities they're supposed to trust have been wrong about every aspect of covid since the beginning.

Nothing they have mandated has worked. Masks, contact tracing, quarantines, social distancing, lockdowns. Covid cases are up 300% over last year nationwide, despite the claim that 60% of Americans have taken the experimental covid injections. It has now been proven the injections and every other mitigation attempt does not work. Yet, the guidance from "approved authorities" is to do more of it. Blame the critically-thinking people for "not doing their part."

What we have here by the school board is the illusion of action, rather than effective action.

There are REAL solutions available to cure and prevent covid without taking any experimental injections. I've shared those with the school board, local and state leaders and this newspaper too. Crickets.

The facts are out there. The science is out there. The people sharing these cures are credentialed, credible doctors who are getting actual, spectacular results with real patients.

I would ask the school board, the hospital, the county & state health officers, and the Enterprise why they are rejecting and censoring these proven solutions.

Fortunately, individuals can bypass these officials, do their own research, become their own experts and make their own decisions. The CDC, the FDA, mainstream media, local and state health officials and the federal government have been discredited by their absolute failure.

The failure was executed in advance, at the very top. Here is an enlightening, 20-minute documentary explaining how they hid one of the best covid cures. It also reveals why they did it and who "they" are. Watch here:

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