A face mask mandate has been put in place for Park County in response to the increased spread of the COVID-19 virus.

The order requires wearing a face mask under most circumstances, inside all retail or commercial businesses, governmental buildings, medical facilities and taxis.

The order began Wednesday and will run through Dec. 4. Park County Public Health Officer Dr. Aaron Billin presented his decision to the county commissioners during a virtual meeting Tuesday morning, and every member present gave verbal approval to the move. The state approved the order Tuesday, which is considered a variance because it is stricter than the current statewide order.


Billin admitted there won’t be any enforcement of the mandate at this time and finds that to be a different undertaking. Although supporting the order, commissioners Lee Livingston and Lloyd Thiel doubted its effectiveness.

“Having a mask mandate is one thing, enforcing is another,” Billin said. “Nobody is looking for people to come into a business and haul you away because you’re not wearing a mask.

“I know that’s a sticky wicket and is not going to be solved anytime soon.”

Cherie Fisher, owner of the Village Shoppe, said every resident should be wearing masks, but believes self-enforcement is the only way to really achieve this.

“I really believe everybody has to protect each other,” she said. “A mask order won’t stop stupid.”

Park County Attorney Bryan Skoric said he thinks “most people will comply whether they agree with it or not” but will consider prosecuting any charges brought to him by law enforcement. 

“Each case is reviewed on its own merits taking into account multiple factors, including strength of the case, seriousness of the offense and current agency resources,” he said.

He said he finds it “unlikely” his department will receive any. 

Cody Police Chief Chuck Baker said his officers will focus on “ongoing education efforts … to seek voluntary compliance.”

“Park County Law Enforcement staff, Deputies and Police Officers will set the positive example and implicitly adhere to the Public Health Order,” Baker said in an email. “Park County Law Enforcement will continue to respond and investigate calls for service from business owners who report disputes or disturbances related to the face mask requirement, law enforcement will only take the appropriate enforcement action if necessary.”

Businesses must post signage alerting customers to the order.

The Cody and Powell chambers of commerce are giving out free signage for businesses to display as a way to remind customers of the order.

Specific details

Those dining inside restaurants would be allowed to remove their face masks when reaching their table, but still must wear a face covering when entering and exiting the building or moving around within the establishment.

Those with a medical condition or disability that would be exacerbated by wearing a mask are excluded from the order.

Minors are excluded from the order as well, but children 3 years or older are encouraged to wear a mask.

Those who are not in contact with customers or are working in a room that customers do not enter do not need to wear masks if by themselves.

People in situations where wearing a mask would interfere with their ability to perform or receive services such as a job or while receiving medical care, personal identification, all activities for the hearing-impaired, are also excluded from the order. 

Few outdoor scenarios apply in the order besides those waiting in line outside a business establishment. 

There was one difference in the order approved by the state in comparison to the stricter request that was submitted by the county. That order was supposed to last until Jan. 4.


Billin said the order is coming in response to Gov. Mark Gordon’s press conference last week, where he seemed to indicate a statewide mask mandate could be put in place if case numbers and spread of the virus do not improve this week. 

Billin said the governor is clearly in support of masks as well as local control in regards to a mask mandate.

“I believe that’s what he was asking us to do,” Billin said.

Many people have criticized mask wearing throughout the pandemic.

“As a lifelong researcher, I’ve learned that masks not only don’t stop COVID, but through hypoxia and rebreathing our own bacteria cause nasty health problems,” resident Mike Johnson said. “So any mask mandate from government, employers, schools or businesses only harms the people they’re trying to help.”

Billin admitted, in hindsight, the county went too far with its lockdowns last spring. He said part of the reason for the new order would be to avoid similar lockdowns to businesses and schools in the near future. 

During Tuesday’s commissioner meeting, Park County Nursing Manager Bill Crampton said he and Billin had received complaints they had been going over the heads of the commissioners in making their decisions.

“I don’t believe in doing stuff willy nilly,” Crampton said. “That one kind of bothered me. I don’t believe it’s true.”

The drafted order was shared with the commissioners, mayors and other community members before being submitted to the state. Since he is not an elected official, Billin technically does not need to take this step before enacting orders, but is doing so as a gesture of cooperation.

“I may not have liked it, but we knew,” Livingston said.

Also during the meeting, Thiel apologized for email comments he made to Billin on Friday evening after first seeing the drafted order. He said wording criticizing Park County residents for not doing their part in wearing masks drew his ire. There was no message to this effect in the submitted draft or approved variance.

“I really don’t have issues with what you’re trying to do,” Thiel said. “This whole COVID (-19) thing has everybody so stressed out.” 


Last week, Commissioner Chairman Joe Tilden announced he contracted COVID-19. The commissioners are currently in quarantine, which is why the meeting was held virtually. Tilden did not participate in Tuesday’s meeting.

As of Tuesday there were eight hospitalizations in Park County. The county’s presence of the virus dropped on Monday to 107 active cases, a 25% decrease since Saturday. City of Cody wastewater testing showed a 0.3% decrease to a 6.5% presence of viral shedding in the community while Powell stayed at 2.4%. Those receiving tests are testing positive at a 12.9% rate.

There have been 1,092 Park County cases since the pandemic began. Around 30 cases were removed from this total recently due to duplicate cases being entered into the system. 

Twelve of Wyoming’s 23 counties have submitted a request for a face mask mandate, with Albany, Teton, and Laramie already approved for such. 

Nationwide, 36 states have a face mask mandate.

The Wyoming High School Activities Association recently announced it is requiring mask wearing at all of its winter sports and activities, including spectators, participants and coaches. Those involved in strenuous activity during these events do not need to wear a mask.

People performing general exercise in a gym do not need to wear a face mask as well.

The new requests come after 21 county health officers, including Billin, sent a letter to Gordon on Thursday calling for a statewide mask mandate.

Statewide, there were 744 more active cases on Tuesday than the day before, and also 11 new deaths. Reproduction rate for the virus has worsened to 1.17.

Although recovery from the virus typically occurs within 14 days, Billin said some immunocompromised patients may take up to 20 days to recover. The Centers for Disease Control recommends that those who test positive continue to wear masks even after recovery because there are documented instances where people have caught the virus twice. 

Wyoming now has the country’s fourth highest number for new cases per 100,000 people in the last seven days and improved to the seventh highest deaths per capita per day. On Saturday, 17 Wyoming deaths due to the COVID-19 virus were reported. There have been four official Park County deaths to the coronavirus so far, and Billin said there are two additional deaths that occurred at Powell Valley Healthcare that have not yet been officially announced because their death certificates are not yet finalized.

He said a few infected individuals were recently transferred to Powell Valley from Cody Regional, and similar trends have occurred between St. Vincent Healthcare in Billings and North Big Horn Hospital Clinic in Lovell.

“If these are the things we’re being forced to do, we know this is getting serious,” Billin said.

Mask order regulations

• Masks must be worn inside all governmental buildings

• Masks must be worn inside all businesses by customers

• Masks do not need to be worn by employees working in rooms customers do not enter and no other non-household members are also inside of

• Masks must be worn in all contacts by employees when interacting with customers

• People do not have to wear masks while in outdoor spaces

• All minors older than 3-years old are recommended to wear masks but are not required to

• Masks do not need to be worn by people who have medical concerns from wearing masks

• Masks do not need to be worn by people giving or receiving medical care a mask would conflict with

• Masks do not need to be worn while exercising in gyms

• People do not need to wear masks while sitting at a restaurant table, but do need to for all other activities in that business

• People should continue to maintain six-foot social distancing from non-family members and avoid social gatherings

• People should stay home when sick whether or not they have taken a COVID-19 test

• People should frequently wash their hands


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Denmark recently completed a clinical trial using 6,000 volunteers who spent more than 3 hours per day in public. Title of trial: Reduction in COVID-19 Infection Using Surgical Facial Masks Outside the Healthcare System. The Trial began on 4/2/2020. One half recieved masks. One half did not. At the end of the study 6/2/2020 approximately 2% infection rate was experienced by both mask-wearers and non-wearers alike. Conclusion by investigators (Scientists) reporting on the trial: The masks did not fail to protect the wearers. The problem was that not enough other people around the test subjects were wearing masks. So, the lesson is, don't believe the data, believe the Scientists' unsupported opinion. Is our Health Dept. all graduates of the Denmark School of Delusional Studies?

Jim Jones

You know our county health officer and Nurse Bill take this Covid-19 thing seriously when, as of 6:57 PM on November 20th there is no mask mandate order on the Park County website Public Health pages. There's a link, but it resolves to a 404 Error. I commented yesterday and this morning. How can the public be expected to believe our health officials when nobody bothers to give us access to "official" health orders? You'd think a life and death situation would warrant making sure the link to a very important health order was working.... Evidently, not.


"Please refer to the official order by Dr. Billin on the park county public health website: www.parkcounty.us"

On the page, the link resolves to : http://www.parkcounty.us/www.parkcounty.us

This is obviously a circular reference.

PJ Roemich

"Money for nothin' and the Chicks for free" FOLKS, there is opportunity to be had andmoney to be made with this Covid-19. Just today, at 2:00 pm, 11/20/2020, I drove by the Euleutian Building off Big Horn Ave. Exactly 1 car in the parking lot. Yet, the proprietors of this place took in $1,4000,000 via the CARES Act. So.....you folks that want to whine about having to wear masks, etc., there's money, BIG money to be had during this crisis. Wear a mask, file a big CARES claim and you too can be humming "Money for nothing and the Chicks for free"........

Jim Jones

Didn't they sell Euletian to the Chinese?


Here is some results of a study on how much effect wearing a mask helps to protect from being effected by covid-19. Posted in New York times. About 4,860 participants completed the study. The researchers had hoped that masks would cut the infection rate by half among wearers. Instead, 42 people in the mask group, or 1.8 percent, got infected, compared with 53 in the unmasked group, or 2.1 percent. The difference was not statistically significant.

“Our study gives an indication of how much you gain from wearing a mask,” said Dr. Henning Bundgaard, lead author of the study and a cardiologist at the University of Copenhagen. “Not a lot.”

Dr. Mette Kalager, a researcher at Telemark Hospital in Norway and the Harvard School of Public Health, was persuaded. The study showed that “although there might be a symbolic effect,” she wrote in an email, “the effect of wearing a mask does not substantially reduce risk” for wearers.


Sully53 - this is the headline and lede from the article you referenced. :

A New Study Questions Whether Masks Protect Wearers. You Need to Wear Them Anyway.

Masks prevent people from transmitting the coronavirus to others, scientists now agree. But a new trial failed to document protection from the virus among the wearers.

I think your mask argument is incomplete, i.e. masks DO prevent the TRANSMISSION of the virus. Also, the study was incomplete in some respects.

This was ONE study, only.

Jim Jones

As of 9:23PM November 19th, the link to "the official order by Dr. Billin" on Park County's website is a 404 Error. http://www.parkcounty.us/CoronaVirus.html Is it secret?


Short answer is to petition Trump before he/she leaves office to get China to pay for all of our troubles....you no, like he made Mexico pay for his wall. Please call and send mail to POTUS endlessly.


If it wasn't for majority of my family living here I would definitely be moving to Canada. I've had it with American politics and the crybaby s%$# that comes with it. People used to be friendly to one another here but i guess that time has come and gone. [angry][censored]


So your whole point is that you’re not moving just crying


My in-laws live in Manitoba. They have stronger restrictions right now than we have here. Maybe you could just stay here and show people how to be friendlier? It's a two-sided thing, eh? (They use "eh" a lot in Canada, so just helping you prepare.)


Instead of arguing this here is a simple solution. Do not patronize businesses that are going along with this. If enough business owners stood up to the commie-isioners what can they do?Absolutely nothing. If businesses require it don’t be rude about just don’t shop there hit their revenue and see how quick they de use it’s not worth it. It’s pretty simple really there will still be plenty of places that won’t enforce it and that’s where I will shop. If the business does enforce it then I will take my business elsewhere.

Fox Blue River

Don't patronize businesses that are following the law???

Cool man, don't ever go to a doctors office, dentist, pharmacy or grocery store again. I support your decision to stay as far away from me as possible.


Interesting that so many attribute mask wearing to creeping “socialism”, government takeover, suppression of freedom. I didn’t see ONE post by an epidemiologist, a medical researcher, statistician...just people who KNOW their rights are being violated, with little scraps they got on the internet. I don’t presume to know, but I acknowledge there are many who spent their lives studying this stuff. Whether I agree with them or not, I will go with it. I seriously doubt that Park County government (70+% of electorate voted for Trump?) or WY government (overwhelmingly Republican) is out to get us. Our knowledge base is evolving, for sure, and maybe, in the end, they are all proved wrong. But for now, this is what REPUTABLE, EDUCATED epidemiologists are saying. Wear a mask. Social distance. Wash your hands.

Bob In Park County

WYChris- The problem is that not all medical points of view are being allowed to voice their opinions. The political class and their allies (media and tech company’s) are suppressing any view that counters their narrative. That is where socialism is creeping in. Government is suppressing views they don’t want heard. Also, many of the local health officials are political people, not doctors.

Trump is an outsider, neither Republican nor Democrat. He invaded their world and neither side is happy. The only ones who benefited from his presidency were the American people. That doesn’t sit well with either the Democratic or Republican parties. Both sides undercut him and have worked together to remove him from office.


Bob, please tell me how trump has "benefitted the American people". In the case of Covid19 he knew how dangerous the virus was in February yet he continued to promote the fake news that the virus was not any more dangerous than the average flu. That has led to the deaths of thousands. People listened to him instead of the medical experts. Instead of acting to protect us he purposely put us in danger.


"He invaded their world." I love that statement, Bob. Sums it all up in a few words, and that's exactly why I voted for him. He's not a politician, and he knocked them and most of the news media clear out of their comfort zones and exposed their lies, hatred and hypocrisy. And just because he has a bit of a gruff personality (hmm, ain't nobody postin' here that's like that, now is there) some people didn't like him, but many of those people were too foolish to look at the good he did, rather CHOOSING to see no good in ANYTHING he did.


Bob in Park County-the most contrarian view to the current medical advice is by President Trump...and you assert he is not being heard? Scott Atlas is not being heard? Your statement is simply, obviously & provably not true. The political class & their allies...are suppressing views??? There are so many freakish conspiracy theories being spewed all over Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Parler, Q...they are not being heard??? You live on a different planet. I’m “conspiracy theoried “ out of my mind with all the stuff out there....believe me, I’m hearing it, as is everyone. If you want to have the fantasy that *your* version of the TRUTH is being suppressed, .....come back to Planet Earth.

Jim Jones

"I didn’t see ONE post by an epidemiologist, a medical researcher, statistician...just people who KNOW their rights are being violated, with little scraps they got on the internet. I don’t presume to know, but I acknowledge there are many who spent their lives studying this stuff."

The two people who pushed for the mask mandate DID NOT spend their lives studying this stuff. One is an emergency room MD and the other some kind of nurse. As for "reputable, educated epidemiologists" are concerned, their stories have been in constant flux since the beginning of the year.

Karma C

People begin to realize that COVID is not a death sentence, masks do nothing except cause us to touch our faces more, and make the wearer feel more virtuous than others.

The news about the vaccine comes out, but now people are not so sure about taking it. That's a big loss of revenue. A lot of money has been invested in producing these vaccines, but people are not lining up to take it.

How do we make sure people get the vaccine? Tell them that millions are dying every day, and the only way they can ever stop wearing a mask and/or conduct business or celebrate holidays is if they take the vaccine. Otherwise, they are risking the lives of everyone they claim to love.

Suddenly people are a lot more compliant. Fear is very powerful, and somebody does profit. It's just not the small businesses.

Masks have been proven useless...except to the politicians and large corporations who will benefit from our fear and compliance.

Side note: I'm so tired of people saying, "If masks are useless, why do surgeons wear them???" They are wearing it in a sterile environment, with rules about washing and disinfecting. They are not putting them on when they get out of the car, walking to their table in the restaurant, taking them off and putting them in their pockets, and then putting them back on to walk out the door. And then taking them back out of their pockets when they walk into the grocery store, all while repeatedly touching them. Gosh, look at how sanitary and safe we are!! We care about people! Look how loving and virtuous I am. I saved lives today!


Karma, where in the world do you get your "facts" about masks being "useless" during this pandemic? That is absolutely the opposite thing that medical experts tell us. Why are masks "useless" because it is a political issue not a medical issue? I'm afraid it's because of this ignorance that we are where we are now in this pandemic.


Karma C- when someone coughs/sneezes/spews spittle in your face, you’d be happy to have a mask on, Covid or no Covid. Not as good as being in a different room, but better than nothing. Hmmmm...what politicians are benefiting from our fear & compliance? Name them. Name how they are benefitting. Yes, there were SOME politicians, when privately & secretly informed of the impending pandemic & its widespread implications, used that insider information to make millions. A *few* corporations are doing extremely well (hello! Amazon, Zoom, Google), but it could be just sheer luck, (good luck for them, bad luck for everyone else) not fear-mongering. You COULD just ignore the current medical advice, and see how it goes...could be fine...or not. (My 20 something nephew, excellent health, a typical, partying, young man is finding out how horrific this is...he is just recovering from a terrible case of Covid. You don’t want to get it, I can assure you).


It can't hurt to wear a mask. Maybe it is not 100% effective but it can't hurt certainly. I'm surprised by the resistance to simply trying this and seeing if it possibly could make a difference. WY as a state is now doing very poorly (https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2020/09/01/816707182/map-tracking-the-spread-of-the-coronavirus-in-the-u-s) - do we have anything to lose by trying a mask mandate. The alternative I suppose is to let everyone be exposed and contract the virus, those who make it make it and those that don't do not. However what does it hurt to try to take measures that may be helpful?


I noticed there were 34 comments and now there’s 27! I guess true AMERICANS are being censored in good ole Cody now!

Anyway, when are we going to start bringing back the Star of David and the Scarlet letter?! We all know there’s plenty of adulterers in this town. I feel like masks are the sign of sheep!


Good science is self correcting. Also applies to journalism . Recheck your assertion...there are presently 86 comments , including this one. More to come, no doubt. Nobody being censored that I can tell , unless they are using naughty words.


I think that we should all wait to see what side Gunkrunner weighs in on. Thankfully we have heard from preacher Jim Jones, but he doesn't have the best reputation.

Jim Jones

Still waiting for you to make a cogent argument....


'Scuse me if this has already been mentioned, but now we have another issue with masks : skin problems. I hadn't heard about this till today, but look up "dermatology problems masks" in Google for more information and articles. This is the first quote that came up:

"More than one-third of frontline health care workers reported adverse skin reactions after wearing N95 masks daily for several months, according to a story referenced in the May 2020 issue of the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology. The highest incidence of conditions included acne, facial itch and rash." And that's only the frontline workers, not the population in general. Of course, that means more doctor visits, more expense... Meanwhile your caring lawmaking friends in high places are attending parties and rallies unmasked, no doubt laughing at the proletariat.


with Mandates comes Enforcement. with Enforcement comes Arrests. with Arrests come revenue for the city. don't fool yourself, those cody cops aren't here to serve you, they're part of the revenue scam to remove money from your pocket. the also enjoy cuffing you - it's a power play. here we are in 2020 and the blue code is in force. don't try to tell me that it's only a few bad cops as the good ones apparently look the other way. it's organized thuggery so please, WATCH OUT


I am amazed a piece of cloth has generated more comments than any article I've ever seen on the Enterprise.

A new study has shown that 1 in 10 people who contract COVID have long term problems, some severe. And yes masks do work along with distancing. The statistics in Europe prove this regarding their 2nd wave which has slowed dramatically since their mask mandate amongst other protections.

Jim Jones

It's not about a piece of cloth, it's about our rights being trampled. It's about the idiocy of putting regulations on the entire population for a disease with a 99.5%+ survival rate and testing with plenty of false positives. There is no reason sickly elderly people and liberal hand wringers can follow whatever protocols they want or need instead of forcing mandates on the entire population.


Next time a cop stops you for speeding or running a stop sign, give him your spiel about your rights being trampled. Because why should you have to follow those regulations

Jim Jones

Actually, CDC stats show Covid-19 related deaths above the age of 70 include an average of 2.6 comorbidities.

Double Diamond X Ranch

Stand up Wyoming. Get off your knees. Recognize the technocratic and Marxist agendas at play here. Avail yourself of the massive amount of information on this issue - start reading Rockefeller Foundation documents such as Operation Lockstep; look into Event 201; read Tragedy and Hope and the Anglo-American Establishment by famed professor C. Quigley. Read G.E. Griffin’s famous book titled The Creature from Jekyll Island...to list a few.

Recognize the Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum when he says “in 10 years you’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy”. Look into the push for digital currency, negative interest rates, and social credit.

Research the new Danish study on face masks. Research what the inventor of the PCR test said about whether it’s a diagnostic test for viruses.

Recognize that ‘health officials’ and ‘governors’ and ‘commisioners’ are not your authority. Do not acquiesce. Simply nullify tyranny by walking away.

In 2016 technocrat Bill Ivey, in a leaked email associated with the Podesta chicanery, wrote “we’ve all been quite content to...conspire to produce a compliant and unaware citizenry...”.

The DDX family is aware. The individuals comprising this family will not comply.

Sic Semper Tyrannis

Good to see that there is at least someone paying attention to the bigger picture!


Take mental notes of all these elected officials so that in the next election we DONT VOTE FOR THEM!!! They all sound like Rinos and it’s time for new blood in office! I say we draw a line in the sand and see which side has a better outcome. I stand on the American side, where I keep my guns, liberty and FREEDOM and I bet the opposite side doesn’t fare too well!


Next up, the New World Order where you take the mark of the beast or you can’t buy or sell! Wake up sheep!!!!


Congratulations Wyoming! You have the highest state positivity percentage in the U.S. Many of these comments have led to just that.


Just a random question..... but why is the Public Health official not an elected/voted upon position??? Obviously only qualified doctors can apply for it, but why doesn't the public get to vote who is chosen for that position????

Jim Jones

Define qualified.

Joe Battin

How “Clinton” like.... define “is”.


Great question, let's see if we can get an answer ?


Do you know who these talking heads are listening to, besides the experts who have dedicated their lives to studying diseases?

Our frontline workers. You, know, the ones who you claim to appreciate so much? The people you go to in your most desperate times of need.

This was never about not getting COVID. We know that we are all going to have to get it eventually. But what we could have done is lessen the strain on our small hospitals and our front line workers, and instead we all decided that this isn't real, some big bad entity came up with this, and now the people who are going to suffer are your neighbors and your families and your friends.

I can't convince you that the science is real. But don't pretend like it's patriotic for you to refuse to make small sacrifices to keep the weakest among us from becoming ill. You would trust a nurse or an EMT or a doctor to help you if you were having a heart attack, but you don't believe us when we are telling you that we cannot keep up with this.


Cowards. Most of them won't show themselves on camera. I thought I left Denver?

Joe Battin

Please feel free to return if it is an imposition living in Cody. Don’t forget to take some newly arrived Californians with you.

Have a wonderful day!


Watch it, folks. You've got a government "county" attorney that's known to stick it to people. maybe this gentleman should take a step up and become a private enterprise attorney, instead of the current lowly position funded by taxpayers, many that have had it stuck to them by this guy. To wear a mask or not? Personal choice but don't let rank amateurs that have been elected to make that decision for you.

Sic Semper Tyrannis

I do not attribute any ill-will to Dr. Billin or to the commissioners. That said, this decision amounts to mindless "following the crowd" of other leaders in other locales (who unfortunately likely have ulterior motives). There is no solid science to support a mask mandate on healthy people or the community at large. Just today, a scientific journal published an article that found:

“In this community-based, randomized controlled trial conducted in a setting where mask wearing was uncommon and was not among other recommended public health measures related to COVID-19, a recommendation to wear a surgical mask when outside the home among others did not reduce, at conventional levels of statistical significance, incident SARS-CoV-2 infection compared with no mask recommendation.”


This is consistent with decades of literature on other viruses. And it is consistent with common sense and basic physics when comparing the particle size of a virus to the gaps in any cloth/surgical mask. In short, imposing a mask mandate on everyone in the community makes no sense even before considering possible physical/psychological effects of mask wearing (especially for children), the inherent infringement on liberty and our constitutional rights, and the dangerous precedent it sets on a slippery slope to absolute tyranny (i.e., a mask mandate can be ordered, then why not lockdowns? if lockdowns, then why not mandatory vaccination? etc. etc.).

If someone wants to wear a mask, or a business wants its customers to wear masks, that is of course their prerogative. And we will all be better off if people who are sick and coughing wear masks to help control respiratory droplets. But this sort of mindless, unprecedented governmental infringement on liberty should not be tolerated.


This is simply a case of the county commissioners saying "look, we're doing something about the virus!!". It's total malarkey, wearing a mask will not stop the spread of the virus, only a vaccine or herd immunity will accomplish that feat.

Japan, and Tokyo in particular, are said to have very high rates of mask compliance, yet COVID-19 cases are hitting an all time high there (https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/other/japan-cases-hit-record-as-tokyo-plans-to-raise-virus-alert/ar-BB1b6MOV?OCID=ansmsnnews11) and these graphs show that the "mask culture" that the county commissioners are trying to promote is a complete waste of time (https://thefederalist.com/2020/10/29/these-12-graphs-show-mask-mandates-do-nothing-to-stop-covid/).

I hope that everyone will remember this nonsense come election time. Winston Churchill famously said that in a democracy, you get the government that you deserve. I hope everyone is enjoying this nonsense brought about by our elected officials.

Bob In Park County

Why do we listen to these talking heads. They refuse to place these Covid numbers in “context”. They don’t discuss the false positive issues, the positives that have no symptoms and the unfortunate fact that most who die were already within a few months of death. They flip flop on masks. The evidence reflects they don’t work (80% of people who test positive say they wore them). They can’t count votes so why would we trust them with this issue? Any doctor that does not agree with the political class directives is shut out by the internet Gods and shunned by the fake media that controls the air waves and print.

Biggest issue, why are we allowing our children’s health to be negatively effected by these people? Kids without significant medical issues are not going to die from this, it is just a normal flu to them. Yet we restrict their breathing and scare them with tails of Covid that are false. We have lost our way and there is a political movement afoot to strip us of our rights and enslave us with socialism. Evil appears to be winning, God help us all.

Joseph Gargery

Maybe the conspiracy itself is the actual conspiracy. Convince conservatives that this is all a hoax and masks aren't necessary, thereby exposing conservatives to the virus and killing them off.

Jim Jones

So far, your theory has worked far better in New York nursing homes.

Joseph Gargery

That's what they want you think. Get you to buy into the hook. Then there are none so easily manipulated as the true believers.


Darwin Awards pending in Park County , judging from the commentary...


Thank you Dr. Billin, and thank you Park Co. Commissioners. Be well and stay safe.

Jim Jones

According to The Enterprise, all of our county commissioners verbally approved the mask order. Thanks for their mug shots. We'll remember when it come time to vote.


Here's a little additional something to think about. Hand washing is probably more important than wearing a mask. So, why aren't politicians "mandating" hand washing? Why aren't they installing cameras in your home bathrooms to be sure you're keepin' those hands clean? Because a mask is a visible sign to everybody that our politicians are taking good care of us. To Julie below: Sending your kids to school can be as dangerous as not wearing a mask with the kind of indoctrination kids get nowadays, but to equate that to politicians telling us we have to wear a mask because 1) it makes them feel good about their authority, and 2) it makes people feel like they're "doing something" about this virus, is quite a different thing. If the authorities told you you could only use the restroom once a day, would you follow orders? I'm not saying wearing masks in public is totally useless (close to it, though), but this is becoming an issue of politics and abuse of authority. There's a lot more behind this than just "saving lives," which it obviously is NOT doing.


The virus is mostly airborne not surface-borne. Although always good to wash hands in case you though your mouth, nose, eyes.


Back to Infectious Diseases 101 for a refresher course. If we're only concerned about it being airborne, then we need not wash hands, sanitize shopping carts, sanitize handles on doors in the supermarket, be concerned about touching our faces and noses (and mishandling those masks!), and on and on. It is a virus. It can be transmitted from surfaces as well as through the air.

Mike J

“Will you be compliant or not?

“Because if you will wear the face mask, then you will take the vaccine. If you will wear the face mask, you will believe the election results. If you will wear the face mask, you will accept the lockdown. If you will wear the face mask, you will let your mother die alone. If you will wear the face mask, you will let your son be buried with no funeral. If you will wear the face mask, when historians one day call it necessary and normal, you will agree. If you will wear the face mask, then 2020 will be tolerable to you, and you will learn to adapt to the worst in humanity, rather than to demand the best.

“When you wear the face mask, you tell the world that you are someone who will not identify his boundaries, communicate his boundaries, or defend his boundaries. You are instead someone with flexible boundaries, waiting for the right confidence man to walk all over you.”

- Allen Stevo, “Face Masks in One Lesson”


That's the stupidest rant I think I've ever come across.


So it begins. Even here the long arm of the globalist "great reset" reaches...

Clown world is real, and it's even in rural Wyoming.


I have a great idea. Holidays are here, Gordon why not tell us our limit on who we can have for dinner....hey let's just skip Christmas too. But I'll go to gym and breath real hard on everyone. Gov. Cuomo/Newsome wanna be. King Gordon haaa


Unconstitutional. Sure you have that right??

Jim Jones

Ask the governor of Michigan.


Typical, worthless politicians. Mask requirements should solely be left up to private businesses. If you don’t want unmasked business, post it that way. Local, state, and federal governments don’t have the authority to dictate our actions. We don’t vote for more laws, rules and regulations. We vote for leadership. Find your spine Livingston, you pandering coward.


It has been up to the businesses, but far too many people won't honor the request. Have you been to Walmart or Albertsons? Both have asked people to wear masks, yet far too often people don't. And they'd be the first snowflake to cry if someone told them to make up or leave.


If everyone actually wore a mask it might work. They are trying to keep our city alive! What’s more important, our pride or our businesses? It’s a mask that only makes us feel uncomfortable for a few minutes or a few hours a day or maybe saves your life or someone else’s. No one likes this but, I keep thinking about all the kids that go to school all day and never complain because they are told by their parents and teachers that it’s what they have to do to go to school so they do it because we tell them to. Now, we are being told we have to do something, what’s the difference? Because we are adults? One way street!

Jim Jones

There was no vote scheduled on the Commission Agenda so let's clarify we're talking about our own County Health Officer's order. Which, evidently, requires State approval.


I implore the people of Park County to refuse to accept this mandate. This is just the beginning. Your capitulation on this matter is a dangerous road to follow. This mask mandate is scheduled to end January 4th, but like other mask mandates across the world, it will not end. These elected and non-elected officials will continue to create new goal posts and place them just out of reach if we would only follow their directives. 15 day shutdown for hospitals to prepare. Flatten the curve. 2.2 million projected deaths in the US alone. I'm old enough to remember this. Now here we are, nine months later. They said they needed time and money to outfit hospitals. They've had nine months and a billion dollars. You would think they could do a lot more than complain about not enough people wearing masks. Who's been to Billings in the last 4 months? I was just there, at Costco and restaurants, and I can tell you everyone is wearing a mask. Still, Montana has an uptick in cases and they tell you people not wearing masks is the problem. They tell you our hospitals are near capacity. Which capacity? Overall or just covid dedicated ICU? What's our contingency plan? Hospitals, like airlines, are businesses that function successfully at or near capacity. Are people dying in the streets? Colorado is now moving many counties to lockdown again and how long have they been mandating masks? Since the summer. Has anyone been out and about in Cody? Go to almost any popular store in town and most people are wearing them. Our health officer doesn't follow Montana covid cases or at least doesn't refer to them with respect to our situation here in Cody. If you were going to make mandates for a population wouldn't you want to consider similar scenarios where those restrictions are in place and how they are actually working? Wouldn't say, Montana, a state 30 miles from us that's had a mask mandate for months, be a nice set of data to explore the usefulness of a county wide mask mandate? Nope, shut up. Wear your mask. Jackson Hole? Uptick in cases. They've had a mask mandate since summer. This is a virus that doesn't care about your mask. Many of us know friends and neighbors here who vigilantly wore their mask only to end up with Covid. Let's not forget the 99% survival rate IF you even contract the virus. I'm not saying masks don't work, that you shouldn't wear one. I'm saying, in the real world (not in a controlled laboratory setting), the level of efficacy and compliance required for them to 'slow the spread' isn't going to happen. People are constantly touching them to readjust, wearing dirty masks or just not wearing them correctly. Now the new advice is to wear them at home. I can actually agree with this. Most transmissions happen at home or in private settings where people are close and nobody is wearing a mask. The only problem is people don't like to wear one in the first place and only do so in public to be seen as protecting their community or simply not be labeled as selfish. I believe the term is virtue signaling. Nowhere, not once has any health official, our own specifically, suggested people take steps like exercising, taking essential vitamins, eating healthier, getting more sunlight, or drinking and smoking less to minimize your risk of any virus let alone this one. Just shut up and wear your mask. Wear a mask, don't wear a mask. But do not believe this will end at any point if we give in now. Give an inch and they will take a mile. 

A Reasonable Park County Resident

"I'm not saying masks don't work, that you shouldn't wear one."

In your first grand sentence of your diatribe you literally told the people of Park County to reject the mandate thus telling them to not wear a mask. [unsure]


You might be a park county resident but you are clearly not FROM park county! Please, do us all a favor and go back to wherever you came from and stop polluting Wyoming with your idiocies!! Shoo go on now!!

barbed wire bliss

TL/DR (Too Long / Didn't Read) [beam]

Jim Jones

Reading is so hard it hurts my brain - Biden voter.


So you create a “mandate” with no weight of the law. What really is the point? What an exercise in futility. Is the Park County Commissioners under the influence of CA and NM now?

Jim Jones

The Commissioners voted on NOTHING. No vote was on their agenda.

10:15 a.m.Park County Public Health Officer, Dr. Aaron Billin and Park County Health Nursing Manager, Bill CramptonRE: Update on COVID-19


I agree 100% with Mike. You have to look no farther than Montana to see that the mask mandates don't work. Montana has 4521 cases par 100K people. Wyoming has 4014 per 100K people and Montana has had a mask mandate for 6 months. You are required to wear a mask while pumping gas at a gas station. Also the "experts" say 70% of people that had the virus claim to be mask wearers. I am 67 years old. There has been several viruses in the last 67 years but I don't ever recall lockdowns or mask mandates? Why is that? It's because it is political BS. Is anyone suspicious that the current spikes in covid-19 cases are in the normal flu season? I imagine a lot, maybe most cases are the regulars flu. Everyone needs to remember: The same people that are selling the virus are the same people that are selling the vaccine. There is 26,000 people in Park County. We have 4 deaths recorded. I sure don't think that should be considered a major health crisis.

Jim Jones

According to the CDC, 157 Wyomingites died of suicide in 2017: https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/pressroom/states/wyoming/wyoming.htm I don't recall our county health officer or nurse petitioning the supervisors or the governor for any action. That's two more deaths than our current 155 dead from Covid-19 RELATED causes. Some diseases have more political currency than others.


And yet ANOTHER reason not to leave the ranch and go into town. Any bets as to when the first mask-on-nonmask assault occurs?


Can blame a person if some sheep gets in someone’s face about not wearing a mask and gets KTFO.

Jim Jones

No worries. Mask-wearing sheep are so afraid of killer Covid they will never approach a normal person.


same goes for some 'ol fudd who feels that they need to comment on someone wearing one...


We locked the country down in the Spring. It did not stop. We had a mask mandate in August. It did not stop. What science are you using to justify a third mandate and impacting our economy and personal welfare?

Fox Blue River

We never had a mask mandate or a lockdown here in Park county, not saying it works or not but it is dishonest to say we ever had one.

Mike J

Thankfully, this doesn't affect anyone in this county who refuses to wear the Holy Rag. Mask-wearing has become superstition.

Everyone qualifies for the state of Wyoming medical exemption. Specifically, as written in the state health orders:

"The following are exempted from the requirement to wear a face covering:

"2. Individuals with a medical condition, mental health condition, or disability that prevents wearing a face covering, including an individual with a medical condition for whom wearing a face covering could cause harm or dangerously obstruct breathing."

This applies to EVERYONE. Extended mask wearing causes bacterial pneumonia and hypoxia which causes headaches, fainting, reduced cognition and brain and organ damage. Most of this damage is difficult to notice because loss of oxygen and cognition is subtle.

Once again, the mask facts:

1. The WHO, the CDC and Dr Fauci are all on record as saying masks don't stop covid. They changed their tune once the issue was politicized.

2. N-95 mask holes are 60 times larger than the tiny virus.

3. Cloth mask holes are hundreds of times larger than the tiny virus.

4. 70% of people who catch covid say they regularly wear a mask.

5. 90% of the covid tests are false positives. We don't have a covid pandemic, we have an inaccurate test pandemic.

Masks are useless. Leaders are ordering the wearing of the Holy Rag because other numbskulls up the food chain of authority say it works. Our leaders have done zero independent research or they'd know better.

They'll be no wearing of the Holy Rag in this household. We've taken the time and effort to educate ourselves far more than these misguided and leaders.

The medical exemptions exist for a reason. Wearing a mask CAUSES health problems, it doesn't prevent them.

Do your own health research and gain your own freedom. Get extra credit for researching the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights. The government only exists with our consent. These "leaders" work for us!

(Edited by staff.)

Jim Jones

Careful, you're going to incur the wrath of a handful of hand wringing liberals.

Jim Jones

Mike, did you your post was censored (removed) last night? Either the Editor

is either schizophrenic or there's ONE sane person at The Enterprise fighting everyone else.

Mike J

I don't know why my comment was pulled overnight Jim. After deeper reflection, I did ask them to remove the word "cowardly" from my comment. Maybe that had something to do with it, although that word is still there.

A Reasonable Park County Resident

I appreciate your stance Mike J. Proof once again that Darwin will continue to weed out the stupid and eliminate them from the gene pool. Do you ignore traffic signals because you didn't see it in the Bill of Rights or in the Declaration of Independence? Let's be Reasonable here. The election is OVER. This isn't political. This is coming from people WAY smarter than any of us. You might say the are "Experts in the field of Infectious Diseases". These are Park County Residents just like all of us. Most were elected by us Park County Residents. Just wear a mask. It's not that hard. If you don't, and I see you out in public, I will be happy to mock you and call you out.

Mike J

"Reasonable" this is where you lost me: "This is coming from people WAY smarter than any of us."

I refuse to delegate the most important contents of my brain to others.

A cursory exploration of human nature reveals that "smart" does not occur in a vacuum. It's surrounded with bias, error, omission, personality defects, hidden motives, corruption and/or evil. It is never just you and the science.

There is always a fallible, corruptible human being imperfectly communicating that science to you.

If the messenger is defective, the science they're selling can be defective.

Sovereign, self-aware, critically thinking humans proactively study many scientific claims from many experts and then make their own decisions.


Reasonable, just say All Lives Matter, it's not that hard...just wait for the courts to determine who won the prez election, it's not that hard...just give up your guns (if you have any), it's not that hard...just move to Bozeman, it's not that hard.

Jim Jones

Let me get this straight. Are you claiming our emergency room doctor / county coroner and our county nurse are "experts in the field of infectious diseases?" If so, I have no trouble believing they're both smarter than you but that's a very, very, low bar.

Jim Jones

You're not going to mock or call anybody in public, Reasonable. If you don't know why, find somebody smarter than you and ask.


You do realize that Darwin admitted the tooth was from a pig right! Seems he wasn’t that smart!!! That must be the side that’s going to be weeded out huh!! lol smh keep watch your CNN news


I will also be happy to call you out “Reasonable Park County Resident” for wearing a mask and being a sheep! Lol

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