Cindy Johnson with her dog Moses

Cindy Johnson Bennett wants voters in her district to have a choice.

“I decided to run in June after researching my voting options in House District 50,” she said. “Now more than ever, we need to put voters over party and partisanship.”

To earn a spot on the November ballot, Bennett gathered more than 100 signatures, which she submitted to the Secretary of State and was accepted as a General Ballot candidate Aug. 3.

“Wyoming is facing difficult, economic hurdles,” she said. “I’ll be looking at government efficiencies, ways to enhance revenue and diversity our economic base.”

Bennett, 63, grew up in Cody and graduated from Cody High School in 1976. Her father, Dr. Lew Johnson, opened his practice in Cody and Meeteetse in 1970. Her mother, Linda Johnson, managed and was the field representative for Sen. Al Simpson’s Cody office, and also lobbied successfully to offer kindergarten in the public schools. 

Her siblings are Jenny, an artist, Bo, M.D., and Russell, an entrepreneur, all Cody residents. Her stepsiblings include the May family of Meeteetse, Sam, Becky and Mickey.

A photographer and artist, Bennett works out of her studio in the Sage Creek area. She holds a bachelor’s in English literature and a bachelor’s and master’s in fine art. After moving back to Cody in 2010, she’s taught English as a second language and also served a case manager for the people with special needs throughout the Big Horn Basin. 

As a volunteer, she has given hours to the Cody Medical Foundation and Friends of a Legacy and started a nonprofit that helps people in need keep their pets at home in emergencies.

“I stand for rural values, fiscal conservatism and the Wyoming honesty that appreciates our traditional live-and-let-live way of life,” Bennett said. “The Wyoming I know and love respects individual rights and cares deeply about our wildlife and landscape.

“I’ve worked with teams of people to solve problems and will bring that experience to my Legislative approach.”

She said being an independent gives her flexibility to vote in people’s interest rather than adhering to a party platform.

“It’s impossible to respect the voters’ interests if a legislator has to partisanship vote 80% of the time on issues that may not be of value to constituents,” she said. “I see District 50 as beautiful as its voters are ruggedly individual.”

Bennett said with the budget issues the state is facing, legislators will have to come together for consensus. 

“That requires independent thinking to bridge opposition and work towards the future,” she said. “I have a long history of working in a joint effort to accomplish shared goals, both professionally and as a volunteer. 

“While I was gathering petition signatures to get on the general ballot, I was fortunate to talk with many people around District 50 who took the time to give me insight into their concerns and hopes. I will carry those conversations and more with me to Cheyenne.”

For more information, see, on Facebook CindyJohnsonBennett, on Instagram cindy_johnson_bennett_dist._50, and on Twitter CindyforFifty.

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This may be the only time I've ever agreed with Jim Jones.

Jim Jones

It seems it's just impossible for The Enterprise to run non-biased reporting. Here's what the Powell Tribune included in their article on Bennett: "Up until June, Bennett was registered as a Democrat — and she could have remained a Democrat while running as an independent — but she decided to switch her voter registration to unaffiliated." It seems Cindy Johnson Bennett was a life long Democrat until her miraculous conversion to Independent in June 2020. The headline is wrong as is Zac's omission of material fact. Cindy Johnson Bennett decided to run as an Independent simply because she had no chance as a Democrat.

Bennett is further proof liberal Democrats cannot win elections unless they hide their true identities and platforms from the voters. Too bad hack reporters and editors help them at every turn.

Cindy Johnson Bennett

Dear Jim,

Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately, your assessment of my candidacy contains some incorrect facts. It's common knowledge that if I'd wanted to run as a Republican or Democrat, I would've. Republicans and Democrats deserve an independent voice not hamstrung by either party - exactly why I choose to run unaffiliated. As an Independent, I will be fiscally conservative, preserve our rural quality of life, and provide transparency in public land decisions while preserving Second Amendment rights. Perhaps that's the miracle, independent, Wyoming, critical thinking that puts voters first, not a party. To better understand my platform, for you and others, please visit my website Have a good day. "The beauty of Wyoming is only matched by the rugged individualism of its people."

Jim Jones

Dear Ms. Bennett,

There is no such thing as incorrect facts. You were a registered Democrat until just days ago. I can only presume you were a Democrat because you held Democrat principals and values until days ago. Those would be the values of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, et al.

I visited your website and managed to get around 404 Error Page Not Found and read every word on it. You have no platform, just a few generic platitudes: you support Wyoming businesses. You'll be looking into government inefficiencies. Evidently, you also have some concern about intelligent stewardship of Wyoming's public lands. I'm not sure what that concern is, but you must be as you repeated yourself.

There is not one word on your website on the Second Amendment. As far as I know you have not answered the Wyoming Gun Owners Candidate Questionnaire. Do you carry a firearm daily? Do you even own one?

Excuse me for choosing not to believe the instantaneous conversion of a life-long Democrat just before election day.

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