Norm Sedig

Norm Sedig has seen a thing or two in 35 years of working for the Cody School District. A teacher for 29 years at all levels and a coach for 35, Sedig, now retired, wants to bring more “dignity” to the Cody School Board.

“First and foremost, voters need to understand that I am not a one-issue, ax-to-grind candidate,” Sedig said. “I want an active role in our community and our schools, [to] learn more about the school district, how it operates, be involved in the decision-making.”

Sedig wants to help guide the district through an upcoming budget shortfall, reduce achievement gaps and try to help students get more of a voice on the board.

To help address the looming budget cuts, Sedig had a handful of suggestions focused on reimagining school administration while maintaining a high quality of education for the students.

“I’ve always felt we could consolidate administrators,” Sedig said. “I think one superintendent could run Powell, Meeteetse, and Cody … I think it would work. We might put a little more money on gas, going from Powell to Meeteetse to Cody.”

Sedig also suggested folding the responsibilities of the activities director in with an assistant principal or the assistant superintendent, noting that the move could save the district $100,000 per year, but “only as a last resort.”

Another cost-saving measure he suggested was to move the district to a four-day school week, add an extra hour to the school day and schedule all the activities for Fridays and Saturdays.

“Big Horn schools have been doing this for 20-some years and have great success,” he said in an email.

Sedig is an advocate for change on the board, but wouldn’t say why.

“I hope to be an all-around candidate,” Sedig said. “I have a willingness to support local students, the competence to make the right decisions, a strong ability to listen and a commitment to improving the quality of education in Cody.”

If elected, Sedig wants to work as a team with the board and the superintendent.

“I know it’s a hard position, a tough position,” Sedig said. “I want to work with other members as team, and the superintendent, which has to happen. We owe that to the community and the kids.”

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Gunrunner Auctions

As a former board member who served with Bell and Keegan, I can assure you this "real mountain man" is spot on. I endured these two liberals for four years - both acted against and voted against the CKA Policy which was a model for Wyoming schools and other states (often copied) and was the ultimate in protection for our precious children. It's time Bell and Keegan found something else to do for the good of all. Bell and Keegan and the other board members (some who thankfully decided NOT to run again) fired the greatest school superintendent in the state of Wyoming and in the nation - Ray Schulte. Now is the time for them to get their "payback". Of course what they did to Norm was also a witch hunt and anti-intellectual.... So firing Ray cost Park 6 nearly $400,000, but then liberal don't care.... Then they tried to build a $3.5 million bus palace when they did NOT have the money, so they had to rape the reserve account that is going to be needed during the lack of funds from the state for the next two years. Unconscionable.... But then liberals do spend money like "sailors on leave (drunk)". Pitiful really. Yes, let's put in Lasseter, Sedig, Schutzman and Brown. This past board has been shooting holes in their boat and wondering why it's sinking. Teacher raises in a time like this? Unreal.... I could go on and on....

Fox Blue River

Tom Keegan is one of the nicest, hardest working and best educated people in this town. I don't know Bell,

You on the other hand don't need to be anywhere near a school.


What happened to Coach Sedig should never have happened. The trustees ignored the voices of over 600 community members. Two of those, Bell and Keegan, are up for reelection on Nov 3rd. Actions have consequences, so do elections.The first step is electing people other than the incumbents. They were part of a board that not only railroaded one of the most loved coaches Cody has ever had, they choked on decisions in the recent past costing our community hundreds of thousands of dollars. That's taxpayers money. They've spent money like drunken sailors on shore leave knowing the state has been facing a potential shortfall for several years. Employee moral is horrible and finding replacements for those that leave is all but impossible. The only way to stop this runaway train is to elect new trustees with back bones. Sedig, Brown Lasseter, and Schutzman are the clear choices if you want a change instead of just more of the same.


Got to give you credit Norm going to work for the exact same people that fired you good luck

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