Frank Denbow

As Frank Denbow was tackled to the ground by a swarm of Park County Sheriff’s Office deputies at the detention center, Circuit Court Judge Bruce Waters, watching via video from the courtroom, hardly batted an eye. The takedown was merely a conclusion to the escalating combative behavior Denbow had shown during the Tuesday hearing.

“Get off of me,” he screamed.

Denbow, a Cody man, is facing a felony charge for allegedly kicking a police officer in his chest and spraying him with a carbonated energy drink. Interference with a peace officer to cause bodily injury carries up to 10 years in prison and $10,000 in fines.

He was arrested by officers Saturday after they confronted him for a string of events he was connected to from the previous night and that day.

During his initial circuit court hearing, Denbow, 35, became progressively more disruptive, berating Judge Bruce Waters and deputy prosecuting attorney Larry Eichele, at one point ordering him to, “speak up.”

“You’re not prepared son,” Denbow told Eichele when he paused at one moment to look at his paperwork.

It is not clear why deputies tackled Denbow to the ground during his hearing. According to the Sheriff’s Office, “That report is not yet complete and there is no information available at this time.”


As police approached Denbow on the street after numerous incidents Saturday, Denbow allegedly raised his digital camera toward officer Patrick Geraghty in a manner in which it appeared he was taking photos or video of the confrontation.

“Denbow then attempted to wave down a miscellaneous vehicle passing, attempting to get a ride from the driver. The vehicle’s driver sped off out of the area,” Geraghty wrote.

After Denbow admitted to speaking to someone who accused him of trespassing earlier in the day, he started to shake up his energy drink with his right hand.

“You know what’s about to happen,” Denbow said, according to Geraghty.

As Denbow allegedly attempted to spray Geraghty, he changed positions and opened the beverage, spraying the officer in his eyes, mouth and uniform.

“The amount of liquid that was sprayed into my eyes temporarily blinded me,” Geraghty said.

After securing Denbow by his wrist, he said the suspect broke free as he was being escorted to the police vehicle, “due to the amount of slippery liquid on his person,” Geraghty wrote.

Geraghty said Denbow then jumped up and kicked the officer in his chest. In the ensuing struggle Denbow broke his body camera chest mount with another kick.

A busy 14 hours

Prior to making contact with Denbow, Cody Police responded to the Silver Dollar Bar early Saturday morning on reports of a Jeep performing “multiple” U-turns on Sheridan Avenue with no headlights activated. The vehicle was gone upon their arrival but when reappeared shortly after, performing no infractions.

About one hour later, police received a report the Jeep had driven on the Silver Dollar patio. Denbow was found standing on top of the Jeep that was then legally parked on Sheridan. When police arrived he was cited for reckless endangering and careless driving.

At some point later in the evening, Denbow left his Jeep parked under the fire lane awning in front of the Holiday Inn. The vehicle was towed by Eagle Recovery.

Around 7:20 a.m. Saturday, police responded to the 17th Street Good2Go gas station for reports of a disturbance. A store clerk explained he had attempted to make a purchase but did not have enough funds to pay for the whole transaction. Another customer volunteered to pay for the rest of his purchase but according to the police blotter, “one customer paid for some items as male did not have any money, male then went back and picked up more items to checkout and he does not have the money nor will he leave, he is causing a scene.”

From this incident, Denbow was given a no trespassing order from the store.

About two hours later, police received another report stemming from the Cody Rec Center.

Denbow was accused of entering closed areas, walking into the leisure pools with all his clothes on, and banging on the windows outside the facility.

Rec Center director Michael Fink decided he did not want to press charges and the police investigation concluded. Denbow denied in court performing any wrongdoing at the facility.

At about 2:15 p.m., police received a report a man matching Denbow’s description had broken into the secure impound area at Eagle Recovery and removed items from his Jeep. When a worker told him he needed to leave and he would call the police, Denbow allegedly swore at him multiple times. Denbow left the area before police arrived.

Denbow was located shortly after on the corner of Pioneer Avenue and 21st Street, where the alleged physical altercation occurred.

Day in court

Denbow was assessed a $10,000 cash-only bond on Tuesday. A self-described computer scientist and entrepreneur, Denbow said he makes about $40,000 a year. According to DigitalSummit, a national organization that hosts conferences for digital marketers, Denbow, who is listed as a speaker for the organization, founded a platform for producing top-quality custom apparel for companies and influencers. He was even quoted in a New York Times story in February on a piece related to that industry.

Denbow also questioned the meaning of the term “peace officer” and said “black people don’t have wealth.”

He claimed multiple times during the hearing he would not be able to pay his bond until he was returned access to his vehicle. He said he had a more than $100,000 check coming in the mail.

Although he said a few times he may represent himself in the case, he also mentioned having two different attorneys, despite only having “a couple hundred dollars” in his bank account.

He also questioned Waters about what is defined as a bar, and what is considered “generally serving” alcohol. Under his bond conditions, he is not allowed to frequent these establishments.

“You must be a dummy,” Denbow said.

Denbow said he would be hosting a housewarming party later in the day that, “everyone in Cody can come to including you,” he said to Waters and Eichele.

The defendant is also facing misdemeanor charges for property destruction under $1,000, reckless endangering, and careless driving.

In a separate case, Denbow is facing a criminal trespassing charge for events that allegedly occurred at I Got Your Back Massage.

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So, he committed several offenses in two days ? So, before every body on either side of this argument goes nuts, lets see if the enterprise does a follow up, is this repeated behavior of the same type ? I have said it before, and will say it again, when you commit crime you must be held accountable, if mental instability is a reason, then treat them while they are serving their sentence. You do not let someone like this behind the wheel of an automobile, to easy for a bad outcome ! Oh, and Eagle Recovery, they might want to consider a few dogs, just let'em roam !

Nick Reynolds

Yeah, this is simply unacceptable for our community. This is Cody, not the armpit city of Wyoming, Cheyenne. This is Cody, not the liberal dwelling of Laramie. This is Cody, conservative and constitutional, and this kind of riff-raff must not be tolerated here. We have a wonderful community of law-abiding citizens who value and cherish our still way of the west ways. This kind of conduct is a blemish on the area and cannot be allowed to continue as our reputation will suffer as the result. If you don't like law and order then stay out of Cody.

Cow dog

At least we heard the whole story. I wonder how many first responders are injured daily from not being able to do their job because they have to tiptoe around in the very gray area of “political correctness”. Keep up the good work CPD, the vast majority of this community stands behind you.


What on earth does "political correctness" have to do with first responding?


And the invasion of out of staters have started. This will be one of many future incidents when the NYC, SF, and LA types start showing up to escape their cities. Cody is a great place lets not let it turn into Boulder, CO

Nick Reynolds

No way our town turns into something like Boulder, Colorado. Too many folks here who are totally invested in keeping Cody the way it has always been. The way it will always be. I'll do my part, and I'm sure you'll do yours.

Scott Lunde

Facebook please!

Harald Hardrada

Very difficult to find the good in this person even if I squeeze my eyes closed and try really really really hard. Nope not happening.


I actually witnessed one of his trespassing acts. He is a loose cannon and needs to be gone. He has harassed many establishments in Cody and is bad news! He and his recording device need to go Bye Bye!!!


Obviously some kind of mental health issue going on there. He needs help.

barbed wire bliss

Finding it hard to get behind the whole BLM movement when I read about incidents like this. Shameful.

Fox Blue River

Because there was a black man arrested in the paper? How many white people have been in this paper arrested over this last year for far worse crimes like murder and child rape?

You see a black man with obvious mental problems and your response is to link it that way? You are a racist.


I agree somewhat with your sentiment there, but on the other hand, if you look at the "percentage" of black Cody residents being arrested for crimes compared to the percentage of "other folks", well, just another perspective... Not everybody who laments this fact is a racist (and just like hate, racism is often a two-way street). Personally I'd be happy to see it change for the better.

Johnny Tremain

Really? a Cody man? DigitalSummit? a platform for apparel? I think we need more info


He must be with Kanye West tribe something just doesn't add up with that article come on Enterprise you can do a little better I want to know where our Police department was this guy committed several crimes in the span of what two days and the cops let him go on several occasions her Cody Police department's kind of a joke

PD Choi

Ha, know that officer and wouldn't believe one word of his testimony. C'mon CPD is it the best you can do?

Vinnie Diaz

At least give him a few months not ten years

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