With just two cases announced this week through Tuesday night, recoveries are starting to outpace new cases of COVID-19 in Park County, which has the fifth highest number of active cases in the state.

The county has added four confirmed cases and one probable case since July 8.

Also Monday, Gov. Mark Gordon extended the state public health orders through the end of the month.

The county’s number of active cases is at 44 (probable and confirmed), with two hospitalized, Park County Public Health Officer Dr. Aaron Billin said Tuesday night. One of those is in Billings.

While the notice of a 92-year-old Meeteetse woman who died Sunday mentioned she had COVID-19, it was not added to the count of deaths related to the virus.

“Whether Wyoming resident deaths are added to the state’s coronavirus-related death total is based on official death certificate information,” the state health department said in a recent release. “Death certificates reflect whether COVID-19 caused or contributed to the person’s death according to medical opinion. If the disease neither caused nor contributed to the person’s death, that person’s death is not reflected in Wyoming’s count of coronavirus-related deaths even if the person is known to be positive for the virus.”

Park County has had 80 confirmed cases and nine probable cases since March, the most in the Big Horn Basin. Washakie County has 38, three hospitalized, as well as five deaths. Big Horn County has 26 cases.

There have been 22 deaths related to COVID-19 in the state. The latest announced Tuesday was an elderly Sweetwater County man with conditions that put him at higher risk, the Wyoming Department of Health announced.

A recovery is defined as occurring when a patient goes for three days without a fever and sees improvement in respiratory problems.

Testing is recommended for all close contacts of confirmed or probable COVID-19 patients.

Drive-thru testing is available at both Cody Regional Health and Powell Valley Healthcare.

Public health orders 

Wyoming’s current public health orders will be extended through July 31 as the state continues to see increasing numbers of COVID-19 cases, Gordon announced.

Over the past 14 days, Wyoming has averaged 27 lab-confirmed cases of COVID-19 per day, with 342 new cases confirmed since July 1. From June 15-30, there were 328 lab-confirmed cases reported. On July 13, the number of COVID-19 hospitalizations reported by Wyoming hospitals was 17, the most hospitalizations reported since April 22. 

While the total number of tests completed has continued to grow in Wyoming, the percentage of tests that come back positive for COVID-19 has remained steady with a cumulative total average of 2.9%.

“I’m disappointed again that we continue to see case numbers rise,” Gordon said. “Wyoming residents only need to look at what Texas, Florida and Arizona are experiencing to see how much damage being careless, not wearing a mask, and failing to social distance can cause to our state’s economy, our citizens’ health and our healthcare system. I am encouraged to see many of our businesses taking this responsibility seriously and both requiring staff and urging customers to wear face coverings.”

The Wyoming Department of Health and the governor continue to strongly recommend the use of face coverings in public settings where it is not possible or reasonable to stay physically apart. On Wyoming’s COVID-19 dashboard the number of new cases continues to be rated “Concerning.”

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To FBR: Yeah, those dummy ol' conservatives! They need to be more like libs and get their "facts" from... umm... well... the news media. You're no more qualified to comment on this than anyone else, so no need to call anyone "idiot" for their opinion. Freedom of speech is what this country was built on, tho' them ol' "non-conservatives" would like to see that change to where "their" opinion is the only one that counts.

Fox Blue River

I was replying to the person who said nobody died from Covid 19, which isn't true and downplaying the pandemic is why Europe and Asia are reopening while the USA is falling apart. You people lie about absolutely everything now and you are too messed up to see it, would you like a list just off the top- of my head? Because I cant remember all the lies spouted every single day.

Here are the ones I can think of right now:

I don't know Stormy Daniels, We will build a wall Mexico will pay for it, the tax cuts will help the middle class not the rich, I am going to replace Obamacare with something better, I am going to reduce the deficit, Covid is 15 cases and will be zero soon, covid is a hoax by the Democrats, global warming is a hoax by the Chinese, My favorite bible verse is two Corinthians, People in Canada and England have to wait months for medical care. We have oversight for the money we are giving corporations, courts don't have the authority to block whatever but they can block Obamacare. Iraq has weapons of mass destruction. The people on both sides (actual Nazis) are very fine people. Eddie Gallagher is a hero. Captain Crozier is a traitor. I have bone spurs and couldn't go to Vietnam.

But it's the media that's lying right? Give me a break.


FBR, sounds like you NEED a break. Relax. Have a cup of coffee. Think about how exciting it would be if you could just live in a nice, Dem-liberal-controlled city instead of around all the crummy conservatives you disdain so much.


Anyone who reads this article will understand what is wrong with the media, a total of nonsense after reading you have not a clue of how many cases we have had on a daily basis. The public needs to know how many active today and how many new cases today, then we are smart enough to see the trend ourselves. A seventh grader in journalism could do better, hello!!!

Fox Blue River

Stable after the 4th? Give it two or three weeks, but I really hope it doesn't increase.

Comment deleted.
Fox Blue River

Not sure what the point of that reply was idiot. First off 23 people in Wyoming have died from Covid-19, not to mention some of the 1700 so far reported cases that some of whom will have permanent lung damage. You know whenever conservative people like yourself come on the internet and tell people to do a "homework assignment" you absolutely always have the facts wrong. Did you get your info from college dropout Sean Hannity or from OAN?

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