Firefighters evaluate the damage after putting out a fire Friday evening at a house on Lane 20.

Quick actions by neighbors and the fast response of Cody volunteer firefighters kept a house fire Friday off Lane 20 from completely destroying the structure.

Just after 5:30 p.m., a call came in to dispatch saying a house was on fire northeast of Cody. Fire Marshal Sam Wilde said five engines and 21 firefighters were dispatched.

Phil Wallace, a friend of the man who is now back in his house thanks to the quick efforts, said neighbors and people passing by reacted quickly when noticing the fire.

“From what I have gathered a Chance Price and Parker Luthy were on their way home from a job site and made phone calls to 911,” Wallace said. “A Matt and Shannon Visocky were feeding their horses in the neighborhood when they saw the fire and they responded by gathering up the hoses at the house and knocked out the flames the best they could until Cody Fire got there.”

Wallace said his friend intended to personally thank those who helped save his home. The man, whom Wallace did not name, is already back inside his home thanks to the actions of the community.

“No inside damage,” Wallace said. “Some broken windows, siding and soffett repairs are needed. Very minimal considering what could have taken place had the good people not jumped in and helped.”

Wilde said the fire started when a friend staying at the house put out a cigarette in a planter on the deck filled with potting soil. Strong winds ahead of the Friday night storm helped the smoldering fire grow and catch the siding on the house.

“If it’s truly dirt it won’t burn, but potting soil is flammable,” Wilde said, adding that it’s a common mistake people make.

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