Fireworks are a go for July 4, but the Cody Chamber is hoping to get more community support to pay for them.

“We are still raising funds, but we are moving forward with the July 4 fireworks,” chamber director Tina Hoebelheinrich said.

The chamber is under contract for the 2020 show as it had to pay a 50% down payment in January, meaning the intention is for people in the community to provide the remainder of the funding. If not, the chamber covers the difference. The total cost is $60,000.

“In the past, we have been able to raise the balance of the current year show and the down payment for the next year’s show which is due in January,” she said. “This year, we are still raising funds to pay the balance on this year’s show.”

The show will once again be done by Pyrotech Professionals owner Chris Good.

While there is no central spot to watch the fireworks set off across the Shoshone River, Hoebelheinrich said the chamber is advising people to social distance wherever they choose to watch.

She also hopes they support the show’s continuation.

“Chambers of Commerce have been left out of all relief packages to date,” she said. “We have had to furlough an employee here at the Chamber and we simply do not have the resources to pay for fireworks without local support.

“We are tremendously grateful for the support of the Park County Parks and Recreation Board who approved $7,000 and the Shoshone Recreation District who allocated $5,000 for the show this year.”

That support covers almost 30% of the cost. She said the real challenge is filling the remaining 70%.

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It is pretty pathetic, that they want us to chip in to pay for this, when our taxes were not stopped during this covid-19 shutdown, where people were furloughed or let go, the city says they are hurting, do they think everybody is flush with cash ? If ya can't afford it do not do it or here's an idea, why not ask the Gates or West for the cash instead of always coming to the working stiff ? See in another article you want to give 181 employee's a one time bonus, " it will put groceries on the table ", then you ask said employee's to fund fireworks show ? Thought process people !


Money always first then thought process

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