Tim Lasseter

Tim Lasseter

Tim Lasseter may be relatively new to the Cody area, but that hasn’t stopped him from trying to get involved in the place he’s felt most at home. 

He is running for one of four open spots on the Cody School Board after a run in 2018 saw him fall just 280 votes shy of winning a seat on the board. 

Lasseter said he wants to make sure the students continue to have those positive experiences in the district and make Cody schools even better. He talked of helping the Cody district rise through the rankings.

“I think we have a great core group of teachers,” Lasseter said. “I think we have some good administration, and I think we should always strive to be the best. Second, third, or fourth place is not good enough ... I think we should be the best, because in my opinion, we are.”

Lasseter sees his background in both management and conflict resolution working at a warehouse for a multi-billion dollar company are strengths of his candidacy. 

“That aspect gives me a knowledge that a lot of people don’t have when it comes to dealing with employee issues and how to be mutually beneficial for the employee and the employer,” he said. 

Lasseter criticized the current board for its handling of the superintendent switch and the new bus barn design, saying that paying two superintendents “troubled” him and that the bus barn design was inadequate, citing the lack of pull-thru bays for the buses and having an outdoor wash bay for vehicles in Wyoming. 

“If they were going to build a building, they should have been ready to spend the money to build it correctly,” he said. “If not, they should have waited until they had it. I’m a big proponent of ‘You don’t spend money you don’t have.’”

Lasseter’s wife has worked for the distric and is leaving at the end of the month. 

Lasseter is a supporter of higher education beyond what the district provides, and wants to see more done with Career and Technical Education programs, as well as knowledge and outreach efforts for what is available at Northwest College. 

“The ultimate goal is to send our kids out into the world equipped as best they can be,” he said. “Whether they go to college, whether they go to a trade, whether they work on a ranch, whatever they decide to do, we need to give them the best advantage that we can. And I think we should never stop striving to give them the best.”

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Just another "outsider" who thinks he knows more than the locals. "Multi-Billion Corp." experience? So...you worked at Walmart. This is Mr. Lasseter's second go-round attempt to enlighten the cowpokes around here. I'm guessing that the end result will be much like the first time


So, my friend told me to re-read the article, and see what I missed ? Low n behold, his wife is leaving the school district at the end of the month ! So if he is so smart, and can fix our dysfunctional school system, why is she leaving ?

Seems to me she would want stay, because he is going to fix everything, and make our schools better for our grandkids, and kids !

I guess he does not understand what the guidance counselors do, you know, talk about college, trade school, military options. Hey, the military is the best hands on educational experience you can get ! All any body thinks is grunt, rifleman, but some of the best, most knowledgeable people I ever worked with, were military trained, from mechanics, to nurses, doctors, computer techs, they do it hands on, not just somebody standing at a lectern, telling you what they read in a book or something someone told them ! OOHRAAH !

Quite frankly Mr. Lasseter does not really seem to have any knowledge as to how a school system is run !

Mr. Lasseter is a definite no for our school system !


Did you ask him personally or are you just spouting nonsense? We both know you didn't. I did so let me enlighten you. After 20 years of public service Mr. Lasseters's wife decided to change vocations. Last I checked this was still America and she is free to work wherever she chooses. Your rambling without facts is frankly appalling. The Lasseters didn't move from any city and have been involved in the community since their arrival. Enlighten us on why Mrs Lasseter is leaving if you have any first hand knowledge. Mr. Lasseter is actually planning to do far more than just work with counselors. Did you know that Cody already has some trade classes? Of course you don't. From the article he is seeking to expand those class options for the benefit of those children who choose a career instead of college. Mr Lasseter is a strong supporter of our military and veterans and to imply otherwise is an outright falsehood. Sounds to me as you have an axe to grind. I do know Mr Lasseter personally and he is a staunch conservative and stands up for those values. It seems to me you are the one with no real knowledge.


Lasseter wants students to continue to have those positive experiences in the district, and make schools better ! How ? No specifics ! Help Cody schools rise through the ranking ! How ? No specifics ! "I think we have a great core group of teachers" "I think we have some good administration, and I think we should always strive to be the best. Second, third, or fourth, is not good enough, I think we should be the best, because in my opinion we are", So which is it, are we the best, second, third or fourth ?

No specifics again! Sounds like a politician running for congressional office!

Conflict resolution only works, when folks in conflict are willing to negotiate, and sometimes you just have to cut people loose! As in the situation with the former Superintendent! When you look at all the personnel who are no longer with the district, from teachers to admin. to support staff, so many responded to his termination, there was obviously something amiss, that due to legal issues we will probably never know!

As far as paying out a contract, as a manager for a multi billion dollar company, you should know, that, is an everyday occurrence, in the private sector, as well as in the government sector, payouts, sometimes even bonuses are paid! It's part of the contract! Some times it saves the costs of litigation!

So, as to the bus barn he says it was inadequate, he says " they didn't build it correctly" with pull-through bays. well extra materials, extra cost, single entry bays are used all over this country, and they work just fine ! If you can not drive into, and back out of a bay, or back in, and pull out forward, without damaging said vehicle or building, then you should not be driving our kids, and grandkids around town, let alone driving them on field trips!

I wonder if he gave any thought to, how water freezes when it gets down below thirty two here in the winter, let alone below zero? An outdoor wash rack ?Building an indoor wash bay was the right thing to do, especially since it can be used year round! I know when I went to wash my trucks, the wind always came up blowing thirty miles an hour, soap dried before I could point the hose. "Thank you Yankee Jim"! Pull in, door goes down, crud comes off!

"If they were going to build a building, they should have been ready to spend the money to build it correctly" 'if not they should have waited till they had it! "I'm a big proponent of you don't spend money you don't have"! Yet he would spend money to add things that were unnecessary! This new facility was years

in the making!

So apparently, according to Mr. Lasseter, no one at the state department of education, our county commissioners, nor our school board, none of the architects, none of the contractors, nobody involved, knew what was needed for our bus barn! He just told everyone in all those entities, that he knows more, and is smarter, than all the folks in all departments!

Wow that takes some gall!

I wonder how many bus barns, has Mr. Lasseter, has designed, and built?

Mr. Lasseter, you owe an apology to all the folks, I mentioned, and probably a few I left out!

I wonder why so many people who move here, always think they know more, have a better grasp of what we need, and how we need to do things, that we never do it right? Seems like everybody who moves from the city, thinks we need to change to their way of thinking, and doing things, always wanting us to change! They try to bring what they hated about were they lived, here! When you move, leave it there, that's why you moved in the first place, to get away from all the crud!

Oh, and since were talking about elections here, how about folks think about what practical knowledge someone brings to the table, especially when it comes to educating our kids, and grandkids! Some child development, or early education degree, something that proves you have some knowledge about what it takes to teach, to be a principal, to be on a school board, you should have some education background, not just some ideas how you can make it better!

Just my two cents worth !


What a load of nonsense. You obviously have no real idea who Tim Lasseter is and your obvious lack of knowledge shows. If you had actually read the article you would see he was opposed to the outside wash bay. Have you ever worked designing an industrial building? Obviously not or you would have some clue as to why pull through bays are preferred. Are you aware the Cody Planning and Zoning cost the school over $200,000 to make the building prettier? Mr Lasseter spoke out against that as well. I suppose you blindly follow what the elected bureaucrats tell you. I will gladly vote for a man that actually represents the voters instead. He also didn't move here from the city and is a proven conservative. You obviously aren't. Your sad attempt to discredit a man actually trying to benefit the community is ridiculous. Just my two cents worth.

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