Park County’s lone person who had tested positive has recovered from COVID-19, according to Public Health officer Dr. Aaron Billin in his Tuesday night update.

As of that point, 133 tests have been collected in Park County with 117 negative tests and 15 pending, while the Cody health care worker remains the sole positive case.

After she had tested positive, Cody Regional Health staff monitored others who had been in contact with her.

“All other follow up regarding this case has been completed and there are no concerns,” hospital spokesperson Annalea Avery said.

That does not mean the county is free from the virus, and Wednesday morning the Wyoming Department of Health released more guidance on keeping any spread to a minimum.

“Most reported cases of COVID-19 in Wyoming so far can describe a likely source of infection, such as contact with a known case,” said Dr. Alexia Harrist, state health officer and state epidemiologist with Wyoming Department of Health. “But there are others with an unknown source of infection and there are likely more illnesses than we have been able to track. 

“We believe there is local community spread in Wyoming.”

Symptoms of COVID-19 include fever, cough and shortness of breath, which are also symptoms of other respiratory illnesses such as influenza.

“If you’re sick, we need you to stay home except to get medical help if your symptoms include trouble breathing, steady chest pain or pressure, or bluish lips or face,” Harrist said. “We suggest calling ahead to a medical professional for help to decide whether you need more evaluation or calling 911 for an obvious medical emergency.”

On Tuesday afternoon Teton County implemented its “Stay at Home” order, while Gov. Mark Gordon resisted issuing a statewide order, saying the three statewide orders already in place are sufficient to “flatten the curve” of coronavirus infections. 

Those orders close schools and businesses where more than 10 people are like to gather, close businesses that provide personal services, such as hair salons and tattoo parlors, and prohibit gatherings of more than 10 people.

Gordon said during a news conference Monday that if he issues a statewide order, it will be very restrictive and contain very few exceptions.

“If we’re going to issue a ‘shelter in place’ or ‘stay at home’ order, it is not going to have multiple exemptions,” he said. “It will be a true ‘shelter in place’ order.”

Wyoming’s coronavirus case count stood at 137 on Wednesday evening as 17 new cases were detected.

As of Wednesday evening, Laramie County had the highest number of cases in the state with 35. Teton County had 26; Fremont County had 25 cases; Natrona County had 15; Sheridan County had 10; Johnson County had seven; Campbell five; Albany, Sweetwater and Carbon had three; and Converse had two. Goshen, Park, Sublette and Washakie counties all reported one case. 

In other developments:

• Better grade: Wyoming’s grade for self-isolating success has gone up in recent days to a “D-.” Unacast, a company that uses cell phone signals to track the movement of people, reported Wyoming residents have reduced their travel by 25% since late February and have cut back on “non-essential visits” by 55% to 60%.

The state about a week ago had received an “F” because travel by its residents actually increased slightly from late February. The state’s travel still merits an “F” in the company’s rankings, but its reduction in non-essential visits earns it a “D.” 

• Tracking the untested: A volunteer group is collecting information on Wyoming residents who believe they have coronavirus symptoms but have been unable to be tested. UntestedWyoming is asking individuals to use its website,, to report their symptoms, experiences and, if desired, contact information for delivery to Wyoming’s COVID-19 Task Force and Gordon.

Nick Schwaderer, a programmer and former Montana legislator, created the website for Wyoming about a week after launching a similar site for Montana.

Health officials have said they are prioritizing who to test for the illness because of the nationwide shortage of test kits. 

First priority is being given to hospitalized patients and health care providers and staff.

• Re-evaluation requested: State Rep. Scott Clem, R-Gillette, is asking Gordon to reconsider his orders closing businesses and limiting gatherings to no more than 10 people. In a letter to Gordon, Clem said he can see no “end-game” to the business closures forced by the coronavirus and resulting job losses and economic impacts.

Clem suggested Gordon develop plans to send people back to work and school while focusing state resources on reinforcing the state medical community’s ability to deal with coronavirus. He also suggested Gordon call a special legislative session to deal with the issue.



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Johnny high

Do the math: grab your calculator, divided 1 (confirmed case) by the 28,500+/- Park Co. population. Your calculators decimal point wont eve come close enough to the ride side of screen. Thanks so much you are "powers that be" you single handily destroyed the economy of Park County. Yet, your types sure are getting paychecks stuffed into your mail box every week. I've never seen a situation where the "few" destroyed it all for the "rest of us"

James Leghorn

Clem from Campbell County makes little sense when he wants the schools to re-open, home schooling is a better option for all learning at this time. His other point to get people back to work has more merit, but right now the Federal Government says it has stepped up to provide unemployment benefits for those who have been laid off. I believe that this pandemic is going to be with us for a while, with no vaccine anticipated for at least one year to eighteen months. Sheltering in place and flattening the curve in the meantime is a good strategy for the short term ( the next 12 to 18 months).

barbed wire bliss

Note to self: Leave cell phone at home the next time I leave the house.


The virus death number are inflated by the liberal state agencies. In Colorado, The state health dept. states Larimer County has 93 confirmed cases and 4 deaths. The Larimer County health dept. says there is only one death in the county. The other 3 people that died may have had symptoms but had never been tested.


Sully, I'd say the situation in Colorado is another condemnation of the lack of testing in the country. We can't know what's going on without the ability to test and let's face it, the president has shown a complete lack of leadership by not listening to medical specialists and scientists and expediting testing and the distribution of medical where it's most needed.


I just looked at the Larimer County site and they show 127 confirmed cases and 5 deaths. Why don't all of us quit being conservative vs. liberal - or democrat vs republican - or whatever seems to make people want to be against each other and just try to meet on some common ground?

Fox Blue River

Everything involving scientific fact seems to be some kind of "liberal conspiracy" to you people.


Justine, thanks for the great news, but apparently you missed the fact that FBR's comment was made a week ago, not today. And it's still not true. Whether it will be in the future remains to be seen, but as all of us, I hope not.

Folks, this is not an "American" disease. It's not a Republican or Democrat disease. So let's just stop the silliness and do OUR part to help bring about an abatement.


Hey Codyites...someday you're going to wake up and realized you were all HOAXED. This "virus" will be the folly of the century. You've lost your job, might lose your house all because of irrational behavior from the "leaders" you've put in charge. Do the math - do the math - do the math...more people get kicked in the head by a mule and die in wyoming vs death by coronavirus. The hoaxers have RUINED your life. Think about it...


PMax, maybe you should have waited before posting this opinion. Let's see what happens. These things can take time to trickle in to smaller communities and rural areas. Covid-19 appears to be especially virulent and deadly and many are carriers without showing symptoms. The only hoax here is from the people who've called this a hoax. There aren't as many as there were a few weeks ago when trump was doing the same. But it's good to see someone like you stick to your guns.


Just curious why our officials are not telling our community the truth about the Corona 19 breakout at our ever cover up anything hospital and we have more than one case here in Cody we the public should be better informed just curious?


Where is your proof that there are more cases ? Do you really think Drs. are not reporting to the Wyoming department of health ?


Proof is all around you open your eyes and shut your mouth


They won't let me post the truth


Your the muck first time I have ever posted anything check your facts before you comment out your you know what til tommorow!


Maybe, if you knew how to do research, Here, I will help you there are 130 confirmed cases in Wyoming, with no deaths. you say it's all around you, how many people do you know that are sick ? As of 4:08 P.M. 4/1/2020 there are 926,095 cases world wide, 46,252 deaths world wide. U.S. 209,071 confirmed cases, with 4633 unfortunate deaths.

You say they won't let you print the truth, well probably because it's not, see they know how to do research ! Scroll down to the bottom and you can find some more facts !


The long standing single infected person in Park Co, for which I am very thankful, none the less causes me to go back and refresh whatever web page I am getting the information from. Has the Enterprise considered making contact...on at lease a daily basis...with West Park Hospital for updates on whether symptomatic folks are showing up for testing...the volume of testing, etc?


I am also asking the same thing. We would appreciate more transparency on confirmed cases and their trace paths up to diagnosis. This would be good to share with the community. All details.


Fox B R: Can you substantiate your claim with some actual figures? According to what I've read, there have been less than 1000 covid-19 deaths in the US so far, and somewhere between 25-30,000 flu deaths.


No he can't because he is a muckraker ! Probably a George Soros troll ! He spouted the same false claim just a few days ago on another article !

Fox Blue River

Not only is your name calling ridiculous, the numbers as of right now support absolutely everything I said, it doubles every three days and has been doing that for a month. Even Donald Trump admitted what I aid yesterday in his press conference.


XMonkey, you can relax because today Trump said he'd consider success is to keep deaths between 100,000 and 240,000 instead of more than 1 million. So I guess the conversation about the flu being worse has now been put to bed.

Fox Blue River

The number of people dying from this in the US is now surpassing the FLU after only a few weeks of outbreak. Can we get gunrunnernonsense or some of the other conservative Republicans on here to remind us of how this is a "Democrat hoax," or not that big of deal? They seem awfully quiet.


They are certainly not out here trying to provoke somebody

Fox Blue River

No just every other day calling Native Americans racial slurs and saying things like "Japanese people wanted to be put in camps and have their property confiscated." And saying things at the VFW like "I was in a real war" with their two good legs.


To reply to your request for a conservative to respond here I am.

I read in article from NBC news, 77% of the confirmed cases are in counties won by Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election. While the counties won by Trump have 19% of the cases. Also, Clinton won 490 counties. Trump won 2600. In counties won by Clinton 81% have at least 1 case while of counties won by Trump 50% have at least 1 case. I understand the Clinton counties have more people. Here is the answer to that. For counties won by Clinton, 64% are doing too little to protect life compared to 24% of the counties won by Trump.

Fox Blue River

That's because Clinton won everywhere there is population. You have to be pretty dang thick not to understand a virus will infect more people in a densely populated city.


What you have stated is an absolute lie ! Fact: Unfortunately there are, 163,807 confirmed cases in the United States, and 3008 unfortunate deaths. 785,709 known confirmed cases worldwide, 37,686 known confirmed deaths as of midnight 3/31/2929 ! Unfortunately, you can not know absolute numbers until probably a couple of years down the road. Flu estimates for 2019-2020 season, as of march 21st, between 38,000,000 - 54,000,000. Estimated death toll as of same date. 24,000-64,000, I had it in October, and again in 1st. of January. C.D.C. has not compiled complete totals as flu season is not over yet ! No one has said it was a " democrat hoax ", was proved to be edited, and rewritten statement. The video is out there. Though democrats, and the media have accused people of it ! Here is an interesting fact, Obama, continually tried to cut C.D.C. funding, and did so, by hundreds of millions of dollars ! It is in the yearly budget requests. It has increased under the current administration ! By the way H1N1 struck in 2009 - 2010, which I unfortunately participated in, unwillingly I might add, there were over 500,000,000 people infected worldwide, there were 50,000,000 deaths world wide, with 60,800,00 cases, in the U.S. with 12469 deaths in the U.S. ! Alas, the Times, and Bloomberg news have both reported the shortage of N95 masks came after the 2009 H1N1 epidemic, that the Obama administration, was advised by a federal task to replace the 100,000,000 million masks, that were depleted, they chose not to !

Fox Blue River

Don't call me a liar and come on here and lie, Donald Trump absolutely called it a "democrat hoax." 900 people are dying a day now in the US from Coronavirus, when I wrote this it was 400, 400x365 is 146,000 which means more are dying daily now than on average with the flu. Your own conservative President even admitted the death toll this year is going to be 250,000.

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