Park County Public Health is asking that residents continue to take the coronavirus seriously and get vaccinated, even as case numbers wane and the tourist season gets fully underway.

Public Health recently said in a release that staff has heard concerns about running out of vaccines and says this is not true. The agency said it has around 5,200 doses in stock with the ability to order more, but warned the doses currently in stock are approaching the end of their shelf lives. The 75 doses of Johnson & Johnson vaccine expire on June 25, and some of the more than 5,000 doses of Pfizer vaccine will expire at the end of July.

The county has seen some “breakthroughs” of the virus in fully vaccinated people, though in a release, Public Health said this was not uncommon.

“There is always a percentage of people whose immune systems don’t respond to vaccines,” the agency wrote. “It is difficult for people to understand that. We have vaccines. They are safe and after careful thought and discussion with your provider, you should take the opportunity to get the vaccine now.”

There is no cost to get a coronavirus vaccine. Public Health ceased large-scale clinics as they became financially and departmentally unsound, but there are still vaccine appointment slots available with Public Health on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Schedule an appointment at

Other local groups are also offering the vaccine, including Billings Clinic, Medical Center Pharmacy, Walgreens, Walmart, Albertsons, and Heritage Health in Powell. Contact those groups to schedule a vaccination time.

Public Health is also warning those who want to travel and get vaccinated to allow for as many as six weeks to elapse before the trip.

“In order to be fully vaccinated, there must be an appropriate gap between doses of vaccine (21 or 28 days) and you are not considered fully vaccinated until two weeks have passed after your second dose,” the agency wrote.

Vaccine cards, if they have been lost or damaged, can be replaced by visiting the Public Health office at 1002 Sheridan Ave. in the courthouse.

There are currently 31 active COVID cases in Park County, according to a Facebook post from Public Health Officer Dr. Aaron Billin.

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Kim Christensen

It's not surprising that the vaccines may expire, since there is only one day a month (the 28th) available in Cody on the sign-up calendar. June 28th is a Monday and August 28th is a Saturday, and this article says appointments are available on Wednesday and Thursdays. Something is out of whack here. Trying to get through to the health department on the phone is impossible. None of the local pharmacies have the Pfizer vaccine, which is the only one good for children under 18. This is very frustrating and hard to understand worrying about vaccines expiring when no one can make an appointment to get one.

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