Kanye West has provided some clues as to what he would like to do at his West Lake Ranch in the April edition of Wall Street Journal Magazine, including a skate park and “urine garden” as part of the hip-hop artist’s vision for his new home.

West, who made the cover of the magazine, mentions a few different plans for his more than 4,000-acre property formerly known as Monster Lake Ranch he bought in September.

According to the article, his plans also include seven dome-shaped rooms that trap energy and water. He will be collaborating with top designers, architects and light artists on the project at his California studio. It is not clear at this time if these rooms would be built as standalone structures or as part of a pre-existing building.

Joy Hill, planning and zoning director for Park County, said neither West nor his associates have submitted applications for his West Lake property in recent months.

These rooms may have a connection to the “Star Wars” inspired dome-shaped homes he built on his Calabasas property in summer 2019. He said those structures were built to give homeless people and recently released prison inmates a place to live. In November he mentioned one of the reasons he moved to Wyoming was because of the “way lax” building codes.

“In Wyoming, West saw the potential to establish a headquarters for Yeezy and to pursue his projects in a less restrictive environment than California – a place to eventually employ former prisoners in apparel factories,” the WSJ article reads.

The “urine garden” is an aquaponic operation that converts human waste to feed plants, a process known as anthroponics. Anthroponics has been studied since the early 1990s and it is estimated one adult could produce 3 kilograms of lettuce from the amount of urine they excrete daily, but contamination issues could exist.

Referring to the sketch plans, the article also makes note of a blueprint of his plans that also included a skate park, and a shower-like structure referred to as a “hydrogen pulse detonation pump.” More mundane items like a vegetable garden, orchards, a pond, and a bio pool were also on the sketch plan.

A bio pool is a swimming pool identical to what is found in nature, using no chemicals, and only vegetative roots and mechanical devices for filtration.

The last time West came before the county for a construction project was in late 2019. In that instance he was seeking approval for a large meditation structure, but his plans were hindered when it was discovered the project fell within a core sage grouse population area.

In August 2019 Gov. Mark Gordon issued a sage grouse executive order which stipulates projects within a designated sage grouse core population area must be assessed for compliance with Wyoming Game and Fish before issuing a permit for work.

Hill said her department has received no word on the project since then. She said the Park County commissioners have directed Planning and Zoning to make no changes in their procedures because of the order .

“The Order is very blurred about local authority on private lands with core (sage grouse) areas,” Hill said in an email.

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Oh great, another way to bring disease to Wyoming. Thank you.

Chad Maile

Ex prisoners brought in to drop a load on his garden. What a genius. Wish I thought of that one.


Yeezy Urination Garden has a nice ring to it. Don't irrigate, urinate.


a urination garden? WUT?

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