Relief Grant Recipients

A total of $11.4 million has been distributed to Cody businesses as a result of the CARES Act COVID-19 business relief program managed by the Wyoming Business Council.

Although these funds were intended for businesses to stay afloat and recoup losses to provide stabilization to the economy, some local businesses also used the funding to grow and expand.

The money was doled out in three different grants from June-September, known as Interruption, Relief, and Mitigation funds.

In order to prove a need for the grants, businesses had to submit tax documents and financial records and also go through a number of fraud checks to verify the legitimacy of their operations.

Josh Dorrell, CEO of the Wyoming Business Council, said although it is possible a number of businesses took advantage of the system and exaggerated their needs, this kind of fraud will be investigated by the FBI and Wyoming Divisions of Criminal Investigations if discovered.

“We want to do our best to make sure people aren’t fraudulent and put those processes in place,” Dorrell said. “I just look at it and say (to people who attempt fraud), ‘what a gamble, what a ridiculous gamble.’”

He said about 7% of the applications have been denied.

Different grants for different needs

Mitigation Funds, open from Aug. 4-Sept. 15, were for all businesses and nonprofits incurring employee and customer health and safety expenses that were a direct impact of COVID-19. These grants were eligible up to $500,000.

Relief Funds, open from Aug. 4-Sept. 15, were for small businesses and nonprofits that lost revenue due to public health orders and/or incurred COVID-19 related expenses. These grants were eligible up to $300,000.

Relief Funds recipients who created a Future Extraordinary Expenditure Plan in their application for COVID-19 related infrastructure updates are required to expend those funds and report on the use of these funds by Dec. 15.

Interruption Funds, open from June 8-July 2, were given for losses during the initial months of pandemic response to businesses that directly or indirectly lost revenue due to COVID-19 local or state government health orders. These grants were eligible up to $50,000.

In addition, the Legislature set aside $50 million of this funding for businesses explicitly closed as a result of state orders, funds dubbed the Supplemental Closure stipend. There were six of these grants delivered locally.

There were 166 Interruption, 60 Relief, and 28 Mitigation grants provided in Cody.

A new round of grants is opening on Monday with the premier of the Agriculture and Endurance Funds.

As part of the Agriculture Funds, $90 million is being made available for Wyoming ranchers and farmers who have lost revenue due to public health orders or incurred COVID-19 related expenses. The Endurance Funds include $24 million for ongoing pandemic response due to COVID-19 related losses and expenses.


Brian and Kent Holiday were the highest Cody grantees, receiving $700,000 each.

Kent Holiday runs finance-related firms while Brian Holiday’s businesses, Teachcast, LLC and Eleutian Technology, involve online language instruction for global business and education entities.

Brian Holiday said his businesses were on the verge of major layoffs when the pandemic first started.

Although Teachcast and Eleutian are based around virtual learning, many of the Southeast Asian students they work with did not have webcam access in their homes and thus did their video conferencing with the companies at their school. When the schools were closed, it cut out a huge part of their business.

“When the schools shut down all the kids went home and that was it, we weren’t teaching any lessons at all,” Brian Holiday said.

But since receiving more than $100,000 in Paycheck Protection Program funds in the spring, Brian Holiday was able to retain all of his 40-50 employees, collaborating with Zoom Video Communications to deliver an at-home model of their services to many students. Their rebound was so robust that they were even able to add 8-10 employees in the past month, most of which Brian Holiday said are Big Horn Basin residents.

“It’s actually a huge advantage because where our competitors are cutting jobs, we’re hiring and ramping up because (COVID-19 is) going to end,” Brian Holiday said.

He said the forced innovations allowed the company to develop a new platform of business that will pay dividends in the future, allowing them to manage teachers in addition to students.

“If we get lucky and catch it just right, which it appears we have been, we can actually be bigger than we would have been,” Brian Holiday said.

In 2010, the Wyoming Business Council authorized a $3 million grant for construction of Eleutian’s headquarters on 33rd Street.

Another big receiver was Michael’s Tacos, given $551,888 by the Business Council, the third-highest sum in Cody. The business did not respond to multiple requests for comment.

Fellow Mexican restaurant Zapata’s only received $50,000. Both restaurants received $50,000 from the Interruption Fund, but Michael’s Tacos also received funds from the two other grants.

Dorrell said many businesses were not aware of what they were eligible for in the first round of grants, which makes the Ag and Endurance grants as important as ever for most businesses.

“People don’t know when they go by a business, they don’t know what kind of business they generate,” Dorrell said. “Nobody knows what somebody’s books look like and they don’t know how hard they were hit in actuality.”

Jorge Cardenas, owner of Monte Christo Bar and Grill, HomeGate Real Estate and Jewels Digital Vending Advertising was just launching Monte Christo and HomeGate when the pandemic hit.

“I’m just a little guy trying to get up there,” he said.

Cardenas said he hired an accountant specifically for the purpose of applying for grant money. Cardenas was able to receive a large chunk of the $365,900 he was granted, the seventh largest amount in Cody, by using projected revenues.

“If these established (real estate) brokers are selling an average of 12 houses a month, and they’re making so much a year, I’m projecting that within a year of establishment I should be at least there,” Cardenas said. “That’s what I did for that.

“It comes down to how much you value yourself.”

Dorrell said using future projections were not eligible for most businesses, but new businesses could apply an average of their first few months in 2020 and use that figure to come up with the full 2019 picture to determine what they would have made in 2020 sans COVID-19. Cardenas was also granted revenue based off the digital screens he rents out to advertisers, which he places on top of the four vending machines he owns around town.

Dorrell also stressed the application process is not crystal-clear.

“Our take is be cautious, be conservative, and have a legitimate justification based on who is looking at these and who could be looking at these,” he said.

Our Place Cafe on the West Strip received $19,422 from the Interruption stipend as the business was closed for nearly two months. Co-owner Bree Wilkins said the business used those funds primarily for cleaning, repairs and paying employees.

“We were closed for so long and even when we did open back up we had to space out the tables,” she said.

Wilkins said they also used some of the funds to purchase a credit card reader. Prior to the pandemic, the business had been cash only.

Applications for both the Agriculture and Endurance grants are open until Nov. 18 and applicants can receive up to $250,000 for each grant. Webinars explaining these grants in more detail are available at

Dorrell said their department will continue to take applications even after these deadlines, in case more grant money is allocated from the federal government.

A total of 5,599 businesses and nonprofits have used the grants statewide.

“As you walk through the streets of your town, a lot of these folks have had a pretty hard year and some have not and we hope they don’t try to claim money that’s not really theirs,” Dorrell said. “It’s a challenge, but we want to make sure with all the businesses that are out there that they get a chance to survive and keep their communities strong.”

(48) comments

Jim Jones

Let's not forget who took credit for getting all this CARES cash into the hands of local businesses owners: Sandy Newsome. She made a real big deal about it all during her campaign. I doubt if she's prepared to take any responsibility whatsoever for the aftermath.


Living on the edge of bench, I can look down over the Big Horn avenue corridor. Right below me is 10,000 square foot palace. Many, many times during the working week day hours, the 2 parking lots (rear and back) either have 1 or 2 vehicles or most often, empty.

Then I read this story in the Enterprise and see that the 2 keepers of this palace received massive installments of money under the guise of 4 different registered business entities.

Guess you could label me some know nothing, small town rube but, things don't seem to add up here. So would someone, anyone, please explain this math to me?!


Eleutian should repay the teachers and managers that they suddenly let go, pay them the monies they lost when they posted notes on the doors of all of the offices "This business is now closed", with no warning. They moved one office in the middle of the night - I happened to be coming home from a trip and saw the moving van out front sneaking things out. Dirty deeds.


Simple math = $11,400,000 of CARES money was doled out to the community. Out of this, $1,400,000 went to these Holiday Brothers with their 4 entities: Wyo Capital LLC // Wyo Capital Advisors LLC // Teachcast LLC // Euleutian Technology. This Holiday outfit pocketed 12.3 PERCENT of the $11.4 MILLION. Simple math remember? Now, this begets the question = WHO is Wyo Capital LLC ? // WHO is Wyo Capital Advisors LLC ? // WHO is Teachcast LLC ? // WHO is Eulutian Technology? Why do the Holiday's need 4 different business entities? Many, many questions that only the Holiday duo can answer...which I believe Brian and Kent will get ample opportunity to do very soon.


So Odd, the Eleutian company has not been in business for many years. These two are unbelievable. Are there any teachers left? No, they fired everyone with no notice YEARS ago.

Need a Revision

Very seldom does a legitimate business need several corporations, limited partnerships and-or LLC's to operate. But, unsavory businesses often do create multiple entities to move money and hide assets. But, just when it's assumed how clever this shell game is, very often a thorough paper chase will uncover the truth. For example, the Dr. Evil guy in these parts who lost a defamation case against another local physician. He owed up big time and tried to hide his assets via 30 plus LLC's filed in both Wyoming and Montana. Didn't work out as all these entities got the fine tooth comb treatment and Dr. Evil spent some quality time at a federal Pen with Bubba.

Regarding Forward Cody and the supposed huge boost to our economy since it's inception. Hey Mr. Klessens, we've got another just can't lose business proposition for you. Remember your pre Forward Cody fiasco with that private prison up in Hardin, Montana? Actually, not a bad idea but, just small change in location. Build it here in Park County because, believe me, when this CARES Act fraud festers up, we're going to need the extra holding pens for all the heads that will roll.


When this top ten list is reviewed, it doesn't take a business czar to smell out 4 very suspicious benefactors of this CARES Act. Actually, you could lump in the Mexican Joint and the 3 "nobody ever heard of 'em" entities into one big ole' $917,000 lump sum. There are 1 or 2 more on this list that raise eyebrows, but these establishments are legit and operated by honorable people, so at this time will give them the benefit of the doubt.

For the 3 eye brow raising entities, please know this. I, as well as other concerned citizens in Cody have filed official complaints with the Wyoming Business Council - expect a call or visit soon. The WBC has assured me that any mishandled and/or illegal bogus recipients of these funds will be investigated, put to the stake and fully prosecuted by both the DCI and FBI. My advice to you suspicious entities - turn yourselves in NOW. Do you want 5 years in Rawlins , or 30?

What I've found disturbing is that I've phoned and emailed the mayor, business expert klessen and the chairman of the county commish. All entities that have funneled public funding to the illusionn. Crickets. The sophisticated gents, leaders in our community have seemingly forgotten how to use a phone or send an email. A message for them, this situation won't go away from them, either.

Bean Counter

Here are some facts to ponder> Mr. Jorge Cardenas received $365,900 for Jewel Digital Vending (a LLC filed with the state of Wyoming on Aug. 6, 2020), Monte Christo Bar & Grill (a LLC filed with the state of Wyoming on July 9th, 2020) and Homegate Realty (who?). Mr. Cardenas also is involved with Michael's Tacos, which received $551,888, which totals a very handsome payday of over $917,000. When did this pandemic hit the US? February/March. It's interesting to note that 2 of the mentioned businesses were registered with the Wyoming Secretary of State 5-6 months AFTER the corona virus hit the continental US.

In regards to the top dog "LLC Brothers"...well, these guys have a bunch of 'em (LLC.s) registered with the state of Wyoming. Hmm...$1,400,000 ain't too shabby

That airBnb, Mountain View Vacations, a cool $471k PLUS.

The rest of the top 10 looks pretty legit. It's no secret that the movie industry too about a 99% dive and the local lodging options got taken to the wood shed. Rest assured, Cody taxpayers, calls have been made to Cheyenne and all suspicious activity will be investigated and audited. For those who played the system and defrauded us taxpayers, expect a knock on your door. It won't be some lil' town Cody cop snooping through your garbage, it'll be the big boys> the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Those that thought they were pretty clever and gamed the game can surely google the massive fines and prison terms that await them.

N 44th

Forward Cody ala James Klessens, come out, come out wherever you are. It's no secret that you spend a lot of time gleaning online comments about Forward Cody and what you folks produce or don't produce around here. No reason to be silent in the shadows, it looks like this CARESgate has given you a reason to speak out - One Million, 400 Thousand reasons. I'm not trying to name names here but you know exactly who I'm talking about.


on the surface, it would appear that this situation pertains to possible fraudulent usage of the cares act. but, the crux of the matter is now what, what are the gatekeepers of our taxpayer money going to do about it? Yes, I'm talking about you mayor hall. i'm talking about you, ceo of the wyoming business council josh dorrell. i'm talking about you, amy quick, regional rep for the wbc. i'm talking about you, lee livingston and the county commissioners. this article only scratches the surface and i'm sure not all on this top ten list are guilty of anything, but when you have a taco shack and 3 shell businesses that collected a booty of over $900K, something is not quite right. these, and other businesses have made their move, what is your 'move,' local leaders? That's what this article is really going to be about


There were 2 other businesses that are owned by the same person that received a total of $700,000! I hope the commissioners and auditors truly do something about this!

barbed wire bliss

This local news story couldn't have come at a better time for Heidi Rasmussen and the YRA board. Her recent mistake to the tune of $8,000 will likely be swept under the carpet and soon forgotten. To Ms Rasmussen and the YRA board, congrats on your recent good fortune.

Bean Counter

Boy, ain't that the truth! You can just hear the big 'WHEW" coming from her pursed lips :)

barbed wire bliss

Well played, Mr Holiday. Well played indeed.

St Paul

One word that'll strike fear around here for some of these recipients and the vessels (Forward Cody/City of Cody/Park Co. Commissioners) that helped put thousands, of not millions of dollars in their pockets: AUDIT


The virus that China unleashed on the world, China's ruling party is who people should be angry at ! How many viruses have come out of China in the last twenty years ? Unless you have run a business before, and been through something as crushing as this virus has been on your business, maybe folks should hang on a bit before condemning business's for taking help to keep them afloat ! Be glad you still have a job, if not, I hope you can find one soon ! These business's all pay taxes, which help to keep our taxes lower, plus they pay all those fees in their personal lives, separate from their business taxes ! Imagine how much our taxes would be raised to cover the income loss of these business tax losses ?

I think people really should try talking to their employers, and ask them what it took, and how long it took, and how many hours they had to work to become successful ?

I am not familiar with all of these businesses so I will hold my judgement, until the feds., and state, do their due diligence, investigations !

I hope that our " Representatives " will get together with the rest of the world's leaders, and make China pay financially for what they unleashed on this country, and the rest of the world ! That is where your anger should really be focused, I think we should all be holding their feet to the fire ! The Washington politicians, have hurt this country, and it is high time we had term limits, and the lifetime retirement, and lifetime benefits need to done away with ! Four to eight years, and you are done, " by the people, for the people, " this was never supposed to be lifetime employment, with lifetime benefits !


The Holiday crew, migrants from Ten Sleep, are once again grinning ear to ear. A $1,400,000 Grin. For the past 12 or more years, these brothers have mastered the art of leveraging others (including taxpayers) to put up the money to fund their various created LLC's. They've had a lot of help from the City of Cody and Forward Cody. The public trust has been used to roll out the red carpet for these brothers many, many times. Now, you the reader, who's either a business owner or want to start one in Cody, ask yourself, what has the City Council, County Commissioners and Forward Cody done for you? Don't hate on the Holidays, they had more than willing partners, the people who sit on your money, including the Wyoming business Council. They're using the system but what did the system do for you?


well said. city council, county commissioners have long been using money derived from tax payers to play this Forward Cody game. The Holidays are just the beneficiaries of our government giving OUR money to these supposed can't lose ventures. It's been an unproductive little game for several years around here. The Holidays simply hold their hands out and our, and i use this term lightly, leadership pad their palms.


Meeteetse has a couple of ridiculous recipients as well

Bob mcgraw

What’s really amazing is an out of state business taking Wyoming money back to there state. More fraud.


Thank you, Dewey V. Somebody had to politicize it, right? It's all Trump's fault, too! I'm sure no Democrats could ever be accused of "do as I say, not as I do," now could they? I'm sure no Democrats could possibly have taken advantage of the covid funds, now could they? Certainly there are no Democrats on the recipients' list in Cody, right? Well, at least Dem supporters didn't riot and physically destroy and loot businesses in Cody. Yet. Just sayin'...


Try not to do my thinking for me, Mr. Monkey. You'd be thrashing about three belts above your intellectual weight. I have spent several hours across a few days looking at the entire state list, mostly Park County but also other regions. It was me who gave the Enterprise the info in the first place. And you ?


"It was me who gave the Enterprise the info in the first place." Correct English: "It was I..." but whatever. I have no idea what your response to my post has to do with the actual content of my post, but I'm sure you're proud that you gave the Enterprise the information. Now how about addressing what I actually said instead of making it an opportunity to impress yourself with your intellectual prowess? Thank you. Any dishonest Dems you're aware of who might have overreached on the guv'mint handouts? Are you going to be fair and fact check that too, and report it to the Enterprise?


Do this math on this one: the Mountain View Lodge got $471,942. This property is an online vacation rental that can be had for $398 a night. IF this place was rented every single day of the year, 365 days, it's income would be $145,270. Must be some fuzzy math computed by the Wyoming Business Council to award this small, singular 1,200 sq foot vacation rental to the tune of almost $472,000. This, and some of the other grant awards are simply INSANE. The hammer will be falling...


The full list of all Wyoming recipients and dollar amounts is a public record and easily accessible and searchable. Over $ 320 million in disbursements. You can search by City/Town , or Name, or.... whatever. Or download as a spreadsheet format file.

The link is at the Wyoming Transparency website , courtesy of the Wyoming Business Council hegemony :


Here's the wicked punch line to this joke. Most of the recipients are self-professed Republicans , right ? Republicans. The people who despise Socialism and hate government spending . Right ?

< mic drop >

Read the entire list of recipients. Read it and weep. ( enter Cody in the filter box ). The Republicans fed very very well at the public trough. Statewide it was Republican businesses and individiuals that overly received the largesse. Wasn't just Cody.

At least the list of recipients over in Powell is much more modest and the money went to the truly needy there in these pandemic times.

I will say there were a great many good people and small businesses in Cody that righly benefited by this pandemic business interruption funding and deserved it in good measure ( also the paycheck protection , which is another creature altogether ) . But w-a-a-a-a-y too much of who and what appears on this pandemic business interruption payout ledger is nothing short of GREED , to an extremity. WHich only serves to remind about the Wyoming Republicans and indeed Republicans everywhere... hear what they say but pay attention to what they do. The Hypocrisy.


But wait! There's more!

The blockchain financial market did great in 2020, BTC a 92% return! So it seems ironic the company "Blockchain Financial Partners, LLC" needed some socialism to continue operations. The LLC getting up to date a week before receiving their taxpayer funded gift certainly was a simple oversite, seems to be a common theme...


Sometimes a little leg up from the government (taxpayers) can fend off disaster for small businesses.

Some might call that socialism.

Curious to see 75% of the local GOP Leadership bellying up to the trough of “free stuff” while simultaneously preaching a bootstrap sermon.

Some might call that hypocrisy.

North Blackburn

Some of these grant payments probably are legit. Let's compare - Mr. Garlow, a long time established businessman, has a very visible, true brick and mortar business model. He got $313,392. Then you have Jorge Cardenas, with Monte Christo Bar & Grill - Jewel Vending - Homegate Realty. Ever heard of him or these businesses? Me neither. Jorge cashes a check for $365,900. Then you have those Holiday people, again. Didn't Euelutian lose a whole bunch of money a few years ago? The Holidays pocket $1,400,000 and are still sitting in a largely empty Taj Mahal that our "business guru's" at Forward Cody built for them with taxpayer money. Some things add up, many things don't. Cody Enterprise, thanks so much for running this story, it well may be your biggest scoop in many, many years. And all you tax payers out there, do what I did, email the CEO of the Wyoming Business Council - and simply ask "why and how"?

Gunrunner Auctions

Virginia, tell me it ain't true... Every time I went into the taco joint there was ONE waitress who never got the orders. We walked out three times and went to other restaurants. One busser. One cook. YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME! The place is smaller than my living room.... What's the FBI's number again? Didn't the foreign language business get MILLIONS from Forward Cody prior to this? Keep investigating Enterprise. This is one of the most in-depth and complex stories I've seen this paper work on and I applaud their efforts. Keep going. This story is NOT over yet!

The few

Shocking that our tax money like this.


It states “ In 2010, the Wyoming Business Council authorized a $3 million grant for construction of Eleutian’s headquarters on 33rd Street.”. Let us not all forget that Eleutian’s headquarters is owned by Forward Cody, our taxpayers benefactor, James Klessens. Everyone should look up on the tax assessors charts exactly how many millions of dollars us tax payers have given Forward Cody for property that he owns and businesses will have to rent back from Forward Cody, Talk about scamming us taxpayers with him sounding like he is bringing businesses in. He is getting businesses to come to Cody, We taxpayers give them a grant for bringing businesses to come into Cody. They either procure a building or build one at tax payers dollars and then the businesses go defunct and who gets a free building....Forward Cody, aka, James Klessens.

North Blackburn

Morst, there's no free buildings on all of the Forward Cody owned properties, the taxpayer is on the hook. Would love to see on audit on this outfit and a ROI (return on investment) comparing the taxpayers "investment" vs. actual economic benefits of "all" those "successful" Forward Cody aided businesses


Shouldn't the title of the article be, "When Wyoming Doesn't Mind Government Interference"?


Apparently the Fed's are taking CARES Act fraudulent activity very seriously and have investigated (and prosecuted) scammers across the country. Not pointing fingers at anybody listed in this article, as I hope nobody around here tried to scam the American taxpayers. BUT, for those who did, take note of the following:

CARES Act Fraud Enforcement

Misrepresentations when applying for CARES Act funds may subject businesses and individuals to severe civil and criminal liability.

Among other possible charges, misrepresentations on loan applications may subject potential wrongdoers to prosecution under 18 U.S.C. § 1341 (mail fraud), 18 U.S.C. § 1343 (wire fraud), and 18 U.S.C. § 1344 (bank fraud). Each of these crimes is punishable by up to $1,000,000 in fines and/or up to 30 years imprisonment.

Bitter Creek

After reading this article, I immediately called the Wyoming Business Council to inquire about this. They assured me that full audits and investigations will proceed soon and anyone found scamming this program will pay dearly. Those guilty of fraud will not only face State charges, they will also face Federal charges. So, the best we can do is hope that if there was fraud, it will be exposed and punishments handed out. For those who may be curious, our State prison is in Rawlins, Wyoming and the nearest Federal correction facility is in Englewood, Colorado.

Clay Tauke

Jorge Cardenas, proprietor of a tiny, upstart restaurant at the airport, a start up real estate company and 4 small digital advertising screens spread throughout town, was able to rake in almost $366,000!? Not to shabby for a self proclaimed “I’m just a little guy trying to get up there,” Well done, Mr. Cardenas


Copy this link to see the rest of the businesses that received funding. Keep in mind quite a few business names are owned by one owner which means they got tons of money that prob shouldn’t have gotten!!

AC DeeCee

an Air BnB/VRBO 1,200 square foot "Lodge" rental owned by Mountain View Vacations pulled in almost $472,000? Are you serious? Not only do some of these recipients need to explain themselves but also the Wyoming DCI and the Federal Bureau of Investigation need to immediately take a closer look. Some of the legit businesses probably look right, such as Mr. Garlow's operation, but a $500k + taco shack? And, they're baaaaack ...... $1.4 Million to the Holiday clan ? What is going on?


Here is a link to the rest of the businesses who received funding. Keep in mind several

businesses that received money have the same owner....


- take a second look at Jeffrey Alan Wagoner. Enquire of the Gillette News Record when you do, from about 2-3 years ago


Michaels' Tacos: $551,888. Did I read that correctly? Is that a typo? While at the same time a similar dining establishment, Zapata's, received $50,000. This just blows me away. Enterprise, get ready. This breaking story is going to result in a record amount of comments!


Vanessa Sandoval is married to Jorge Cardenas. Raked in nearly 1 million together.

C. Neil

Uh, oh my! I calculated that the 11 businesses on the chart totaled $4,773,253. Let me repeat, $4.77+ MILLION. Some of the entities seemed to pop out more than others - the "Monte Christo Bar & Grill"...isn't that the newest restaurant to make a go at the Airport? They got $365,000+. The Euleutian Boys (the Holidays), no strangers to grants and exclusive Govt. deals - $1,400,000. Yes, that's ONE MILLION, FOUR HUNDRED THOUSAND $$$. Uh, I don't even know where to begin with this information. A whole lotta people have a whole lotta 'splainin' to do and yes, the FBI should take a closer look at some of these "deals"


And correct me if I’m wrong, but Michael’s Tacos and Monte Cristo are owned by the same family!!! So basically they received right under a million dollars! Yep lots of explanations are going to be needed!! When people in this town (especially people who still aren’t working) catch wind of this, not many people are going to be eating at Michaels or Monte Cristo!


- the full list of Cody recipients is 6 pages long and has 279 recipients. What the Enterprise narrowly chose to publish is only the top ten, ranked in descending order from amount recieved, which was capped at $ 300,000 max per receiver.


"Another big receiver was Michael’s Tacos, given $551,888 by the Business Council, the third-highest sum in Cody."

Wow... although I like to any business prosper, that's a helluva lot of taxpayer money going to make up lost money for tacos. I fully admit that I may be wrong, but I just don't see that place that place as a half-million dollars per year business.

Scott M

Well, looks like Mr. Canderas has a stake in Michael's Tacos: Let's do some math here. Michael's Tacos gets $551,888. Mr. Canderas other ventures, Monte Christo/Homegate/Jewel Digital pockets $365,900 . For a small Mexican eatery and 3 businesses that have just been created netted a cool $917,788

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