Kanye West’s ranch is now for sale, symbolizing the likely final page in the hip-hop and fashion mogul’s saga in Cody.

On Monday morning, DBW Realty listed his West Ranch, formerly known as Monster Lake, for $11 million. The total property with additional leased federal land was listed for auction for $13.3 million in 2019 before West purchased it, but it is unknown how much he actually paid for it.

“​​The views of the sandstone cliffs and Absaroka mountains make it a premier Wyoming ranch investment,” the listing says.

In late September, West put up his seven commercial properties off Big Horn Avenue for sale for more than $3.2 million.

West is now selling all 3,885 acres of the land he owns south of Cody and the buildings and other features on it, including a lodge, equipment sheds, equine facility, corrals, and a go-kart track. The professional-style go-kart track did not exist prior to his purchase, and a few Star Wars-themed huts also still exist.

According to a video for the listing posted on the DBW Realty YouTube page on Friday, the property comes with six “build-ready home sites that offer electricity, natural gas, domestic water, septic and fiber optics” on each location, which is apparently another investment West made to the land, as these building sites were not mentioned in the prior listing before he bought it.

Even though West changed the name on the front gate to West Ranch, the property is being described as Monster Lake Ranch in the online property description and a promotional video associated with the listing.

The ranch was used for many commercial purposes prior to West’s ownership and still holds much of the same potential, with a commercial kitchen inside the 3,450-square-foot fully renovated lodge, several riding arenas and stalls, 1,500 acres of irrigated land for pasture and hay production, horseback riding and trophy trout fishing on the 180-acre Quick Lake all existing on the property.

“Whether you’re looking for a private fishery or an investment opportunity to outfit guided fly fishing trips, Monster Lake will exceed your expectations,” the narrator says in the video.

Not once is West mentioned in this video or the property description.

West made many plans for his property but followed through on few. In November 2019, he wanted to build a large, private meditation structure on the property. The morning of a county planning and zoning meeting discussing the work, West told staff he wanted to add private residential pods outside of the structure, causing a significant change to the zoning, much to the chagrin of P&Z staff.

In July 2020, West was approved to build a 52,000-square-foot, single-family residence on his property, which if built would have been the biggest home in Wyoming and 45th biggest in the country. Neither project was ever completed.

According to the video, there is an adjoining 4,500 acre BLM lease to the property.

Joy Hill, Park County planning and zoning director, said her staff has continuously met with his staff during the course of his ownership of the property, with plans often fluctuating.

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Ron Heiden

About a year ago I posted a comment about Kanye’s plans because I felt he would ruin that piece of land and then not be around to fulfill his promises. I was heartbroken when I heard what his intentions were. I used to work there when it was a ranch and I fell in love with the area due to the beautiful sandstone escarpments, lakes and wildlife. Turns out that Kanye did exactly what I expected he would do. I haven’t seen it but from articles I’ve read he turned it into an ugly eye sore with a hideous berm, go cart track, domed buildings and who know what else. I also thought he’d not be around for the long term either by being a good neighbor and citizen. I’m happy he’s leaving. It’s the very best thing for the ranch and Cody. You have to be careful for what you wish for because you might just get it. He doesn’t understand or appreciate the beauty and quiet of that place nor the wildlife all around it. He doesn’t understand the culture of Cody either and wanted to do his own thing regardless of being a good citizen and neighbor let alone a steward of the land. I certainly wouldn’t want him as my neighbor. Leave the area as a ranch and fishing area. Put cattle not Kanye on it.

Laura Brown

Don't let the door hit you in the...

Jim Guelde

Well…. At least Mr. West didn’t install million candlepower “security” lights on his property as so many of the newly arrived Park County residents do. We used to be able to enjoy dark skies around here… nowadays it’s becoming a high-intensity light show. I never realized that so many people are scared of the dark.

William Strong

Well, what's left to sell at the old Monster Lake Ranch? That dude pretty much tore the whole place up, making it into an eyesore. Rock quarries have more eye appeal vs. this place. Cutting down the gateway, putting up that hideous berm along the highway, those ugly dome structures, etc. What you can't see is the huge hole dug out of the ground over the hill Northward from the main ranch buildings. Kanye degraded and devalued that piece of property. Good riddance to this guy and thanks a lot for this Meeteetse highway de-beautification and of course can't forget the weed patches along Big Horn avenue in Cody. Good riddance and thanks for the leaving our part of Wyoming more trashed then when you got here

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