Now that Kanye West has moved the headquarters for his billion dollar shoe and clothing company to Cody, it appears he is making significant moves toward hiring a new staff to help run the operation here.

Over the last week, 12 Cody-based Yeezy jobs were publicly posted online, on the employment-related search engine Indeed and Adidas website. Yeezy is run as a collaboration with the German sportswear company.

When West recently announced that he is planning on bringing all Yeezy manufacturing to the United States, many speculated whether this means he will bring production and a mass quantity of jobs to Cody.

It appears for now that question remains unanswered due to the nature of the positions.

Eleven of the openings pertain to the creation of prototypes and designs for the company. Those positions are skill-specific and specifically tailored to shoe design, all requiring past experience working with footwear, apparel or general product design.

One office manager position is being offered that requires a more universal skill-set related. This job involves training new employees on company procedures, booking travel accommodations for employees, general administrative duties, building management and other responsibilities. The six month contract job only requires an associate’s degree in a related field.

All of the jobs are full time.

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So why not hire the locals, I am sure he could find twelve folks here in Cody that could do these jobs !


In case you didn't know. Kanya is bringing his own workers from another state. So no jobs for Cody.


Guessing you missed the point ! You do know they posted job openings on "Indeed" job boards ? Plenty of folks here in Cody desire employment other than part time fast food, restaurant work, or retail ! If you read the previous article by Leo Wolfson, He plans to " employ homeless, and ex-convicts ", his own words. He was going to house them on his property, until he decided he did not want to abide by the building codes, so he demolished the structures ! We will have to wait to see, what actually happens ? Heck, may just all fall apart, after the transplanted folks spend a winter or two in the sub zero, and teens we enjoy for the winter months !


Have you seen the mess at and adjacent to the Kanye property on Big Horn Avenue? Cardboard and trash containers overloaded and boxes, plastic wrapping and other assorted junk is blowing around, getting caught on the fences. Look at the adjacent property (across the street from Sherwin Williams), trash blown in from the Kanye property laying around.

And the community is so welcoming and city officials who have received complaints about the littering are willing to overlook this mess?

BH Staffer

Yep, noticed that too. I imagine with Kanye getting the red carpet treatment our authorities must be willing to look the other way. With the winds, garbage is fluttering around that property and either getting stuck in the fence or landing on neighboring properties.

If Kanye wanted to find a place where he's a certified star and immune to local ordinances, he's in the right spot. Meanwhile, the rest of us have to abide by the laws and regulations. C'mon City of Cody, you've pushed everyone else on Big Horn Avenue to clean up their act, don't let some "stardom" keep you from doing your job!


[smile]one dozen jobs[yawn]

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