Phillip Dobbins

A Cody man caught with 12.5 ounces of meth during a traffic stop in March is now on the run with a warrant out for his arrest.

Phillip Dobbins had been staying at The Life House drug treatment center in Sheridan but made a request to move to an RV at the Ponderosa Campground in Cody when his stay was to set to expire in rehab on Oct. 7.

This request was rejected by United States District Court Judge Kelly Rankin on Oct. 5 and Dobbins was scheduled to be remanded back into custody. He has not been sentenced for his alleged crime yet. 

Less than four hours after this hearing it was discovered Dobbins had left the residential program and attempts to reach him were unsuccessful, according to court documents.

In the request he made to the court, Dobbins said he had employment in Cody lined up and would still be receiving intensive outpatient treatment, as well as signing a contract with Ezekiel Ministries to do home check-ins and administer other services for him. Cody resident Donny Anderson vouched for Dobbins in his petition and said he had tried to mentor him in the past, according to court documents.

Dobbins was given permission to be transported by Cody resident Stephanie Lee or a family member to pick him up from the Life House and bring him to the U.S. Marshals Office in Casper by 5 p.m. Oct. 7.

Dobbins is facing a minimum five-year prison sentence if found guilty for conspiring to distribute 50 grams or more of meth. His jury trial has been delayed because of his disappearance.

According to court documents, prior to his disappearance, his counsel and prosecutors were working toward a negotiated plea agreement.

On Oct. 12, Cody woman Natosha Martin, who accompanied Dobbins in the vehicle he was apprehended in, was sentenced in federal court to 37 months in prison.

Two other alleged associates of Dobbins, William Taylor and Melissa Walsh, are both in custody and have not been sentenced. 

Acting U.S. Attorney Robert Murray and Assistant U.S. Attorney Timothy Forwood are prosecuting each one of the four cases.

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