Representative Dalton Banks (R-Cowley) shakes hands during a session of the 67th Legislature at the Wyoming State Capitol in Cheyenne. 

After receiving support in the Senate and multiple committees, a bill that would make significant changes to the preference point system for hunting moose and bighorn sheep died on third reading in the House last month.

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Scott Weber

Sandy Newsome is NOT a hunter and knows NOTHING about hunting or the selection of hunters.... Neither does Northrup for that matter... So OF COURSE it failed... John Winter, however, DOES know plenty about hunting - having been a guide/outfitter his entire life and he of course voted against bonus points vs. our present point system. Our present point system works fine, but you have to have over 20 points to draw a sheep license. Our present point system allows for a person who had put in DECADES of dedicated point earnings to know just about perfectly when they are going to draw (depends on the area). Guides like to know when a hunter is going to draw as well.

As usual, Northrup and Newsome - both liberal "lawmakers" (I use that term loosely as they hardly ever get any bills through) tried to imitate what other states are doing rather than fully investigating how Wyoming is different and that the bonus point system would be better.

But again, you have non-hunters like Newsome and Northrup - likewise not connected in any way to their constituents trying to make law and failing.

In Montana a 12-year old girl got a sheep tag. Here in Wyoming it will take you 20+ years or $300,000 to do so immediately! Hmmm...

Talk about disconnection of lawmakers with their state...

Ron Bruce

We all really value your contribution to this. Seems like you shared your hunting wisdom with Nina Webber right before she went hunting in a field next to a post office, a highway and several homes, and we will keep that in mind any time you share your views on the best way for people to think about how the state regulates hunting. Keep up the good work!

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