Two Cody residents are facing separate charges for animal cruelty.

Cheyanne Winsor is facing charges in connection to a filthy apartment she left abandoned with a malnourished dog inside, while Tyler Winsor pleaded no contest to causing the death of a horse by failing to provide it food or water in an adequate fashion.

Tyler Winsor was sentenced to nine days in jail and $1,170 in fines in Park County Circuit Court on Aug. 25 after being sentenced for the crime.

Cheyanne Winsor has not yet been sentenced, had a Monday pretrial conference and is scheduled for a Oct. 7 jury trial.


Deputies responded to a property on Boehm Road in Cody on a report of a deceased horse on Jan. 2. The dead horse was found lying on its side and appeared to have lost significant weight since last photographed in September 2020 on possibly similar charges.

Park County Deputy Andrew Palmer said the horse’s trough was empty and no other sources of water were available on-site. No feed or feed scraps were visible in the pen.

“There was nothing growing in the pen so the horse was without food,” Palmer wrote in his report.

Both neighbors said Winsor hadn’t been seen feeding the horse “in quite some time,” Palmer said.

When contacted about the horse, he said it belonged to Cheyanne Winsor. He said she moved out of the property in September, leaving him with the responsibility of taking care of the horse. It was news to Tyler Winsor that the 11-12-year-old horse, who he did not believe had medical issues, died.

Tyler Winsor said he fed the horse the last of its hay the day before and had noticed its water getting low that same day but didn’t refill it because the hose was frozen. He said he had been asking Cheyanne Winsor to chip in for some more hay but she never did.


When Cody Police Officer Patrick Geraghty entered Cheyanne Winsor’s apartment on reports of dog abuse, Geraghty said he had to immediately cover his nose because of the smell of “rotten garbage along with urine and feces.”

The Winsors’ landlord and Cody Mayor Matt Hall first brought the matter of dog abuse to the attention of Cody Police in late March.

Code Enforcement Officer Jennifer Morris and Geraghty retrieved Cheyanne Winsor’s dog, Halo, from the Baker Drive apartment. According to court documents, the apartment was a mess with trash scattered throughout and one bedroom filled with feces and urine. No dog food was present in the apartment.

“The dog appeared to be malnourished and very skinny,” Geraghty wrote in the police report.

Hall also said a truck was abandoned at the apartment.

Based on previous law enforcement calls, it was determined Cheyanne Winsor and a minor had previously resided in the apartment.

Geraghty interviewed the minor at Cody High School, who told him Cheyanne Winsor left them on Feb. 15 when her boyfriend was released from jail. It was around this time that Hall said Winsor moved out of the apartment.

The minor said he had been living with different people in different places because they didn’t have any money or anywhere to live. He said although Halo technically belongs to Cheyanne Winsor he was given responsibility for taking care of the dog.

The minor said he would try and take care of Halo after school when he could walk to the apartment, but didn’t have an income so would have to ask other people for money in order to buy Halo food. The minor admitted to not being able to take care of the dog every day.

(6) comments

Rose Thurman

isn't this the same cop who thought it was cool to drive through town going over 100 MPH? This guy is still on the street and in uniform? Hmm...

Sarah M

Your are more concerned about who the officer is than the fact that these two people let innocent animals suffer ? Interesting

Mitch Asay

That's our local government stupid

Justin Smith

More people who aren’t from California.

Chris Clinton

I am appalled that the neighbors did nothing for this horse. Appalled that no one did anything for the minor child. The loser perps are bad enough, but to have this situation ignored by those who knew/suspected is beyond comprehension.

Dewey Vanderhoff

Let the punishment fit the crime...

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