Dale Childress


A Cody man is facing up to 20 years in prison on charges for second degree sexual abuse of minor.

Dale Childress, 20, was arrested by Cody police on May 8 for the alleged crime. After facing a probation revocation hearing in Park County Circuit Court May 22, his case was bound over to district court.

Criminal cases that are severe in nature and all felony cases – along with high-dollar civil cases – are typically reserved for this branch of the Park County court system.

Childress is only facing charges for his alleged acts at this time.

He has had five open cases in the past year, stemming from two possession of marijuana violations, a citation for use of controlled substances, a positive urine test for marijuana and an underage drinking ticket. Childress was sentenced to one year in prison last fall. In the spring his sentence of incarceration was modified to one year unsupervised probation.

While on probation May 8 Childress tested positive for marijuana while reporting to the Park County Law Enforcement Center on a separate incident.

He is no longer in custody after posting $500 for the probation violation May 14.

Childress is now being accused of sexual intrusion of a minor, 13-15-years old, as an offender at least 17 years old and four years or more older than the victim.

All other information regarding the alleged crime is being kept confidential at this time due to the sensitive nature of the crime.

Second degree sexual abuse can also extend to those 16 years or older who engage in sexual contact with a victim younger than 13 years old, legal guardians who perform sexual contact with a victim younger than 18 years old, an adult in a position of authority related to the victim, who performs sexual contact with that victim who is younger than 16 years old of age.

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