West Park Hospital

The Cody Regional Health Long Term Care Center reported a resident with serious health issues died after testing positive for COVID-19, one of four residents who recently tested positive for the virus last week. They were the first cases of residents testing positive at the center.

The resident who died had health conditions that put her at a higher risk from the virus and was already in a special unit at the center. 

Hospital spokesperson Ashley Trudo said after COVID-19 was detected during the last testing cycle, staff have worked closely with the hospital’s Infection Control Preventionist, and are following Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services and Wyoming Health Department regulations to prevent further spread of COVID-19, including isolation of positive residents, increased facility-wide testing and suspending visits to residents during the testing protocol period.

“Our team does an amazing job at making sure our residents stay engaged and active as possible during this time,” said Connie Schoen, director of nursing at the center. “It’s hard on all of us to go through another shutdown.”

The center’s staff and residents must test negative for COVID-19 two weeks in a row following the last positive result before reopening their doors to the public for visits.

“Four of our residents have tested positive since last week’s testing,” said John Osse, LTCC interim administrator. “One of these residents in our special care unit with severe comorbidity issues passed away with COVID-19 during this time. We continue to test daily and take appropriate steps to ensure the safety of our other residents.” 

It’s the 31st death of a Park County resident related to COVID-19. 

Park County Public Health Officer Dr. Aaron Billin reported 24 active cases of the virus in Park County, with one hospitalized.

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Jim Guelde

Conspicuously absent is any mention of whether any of the infected had received the vaccination.

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