The Cody Senior Center is further restricting it services in response to the growing COVID-19 outbreak.

The center bus will pick up only those seniors already scheduled for shopping through Friday. Anyone not already on the schedule will not be provided shopping trips/transportation. 

Beginning Wednesday, staff will only transport those seniors with critical need doctor visits. Staff are also adding store pickup and delivery to assist seniors in receiving essential items. Staff will pick up at Albertsons, Walmart, Coe Regional Pharmacy and Walgreens. 

Staff will deliver groceries and medications from the pharmacy or store that do not require a signature. All orders must be paid for in advance. CSC is asking family and friends to assist the seniors in their lives to place orders, as many are not able to do so. Please call 587-6221 if you need this service. Services are available from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., Monday through Friday, until further notice and as always, CSC needs 24 hour notice to get them scheduled.

Beginning today, our Thrift Barn has closed for the duration of this national emergency.

As everyone is asked to do “social distancing,” to help decrease contagion of the COVID-19 virus, CSC’s concern is heightened for seniors whose ONLY socialization is being connected to CSC’s activities. Therefore, CSC is asking for donations of new items: Large print crossword puzzles, paperback books, adult coloring pages, colored pencils, decks of cards, etc. CSC will continue to explore ways in which to serve seniors as services become disrupted.

CSC wants to thank all the volunteers that have stepped up, from individuals, to the Park County Sheriff’s Office (PCSO), Presbyterian Church, and employers who have allowed their employees to come in and assist CSC in checking on the seniors by phone. And a special thanks to Big Horn Wholesale for providing items to the PCSO that CSC will be able to provide the seniors. As the needs change on a daily/hourly basis, CSC will utilize volunteers in various capacities. 

CSC is still offering front door, curbside pick-up, in lieu of the usual dining experience in the Center’s dining room. Remember, CSC will only be able to accept exact change or check, if you choose to make your suggested donation for your meal, CSC will be unable to make change.

In addition, CSC’s social activities and events remain cancelled until further notice. Transportation services are being evaluated on a daily basis as information is updated and received from Wyoming state and county agencies. Stay tuned for updates.

Volunteers are needed to ensure a smooth transition during this time. If anyone is able to assist, please call 307-587-6221. Volunteers are eligible to receive a meal during their shift.

Any senior citizen who wishes to stay home at this time can sign up to receive a home delivered meal by calling Cody Senior Center at 587-6221. They will be contacted as soon as possible for further information and instruction.

CSC is mindful of the fact that the socialization that takes place at the Cody Senior Center is a lifeline for many of their seniors. CSC will continue to explore ways in which to serve the seniors as these services become disrupted.

All of these changes are temporary and CSC will return to regular services as circumstances normalize. CSC asks that you please remain patient as they navigate the varied ways in which this nation-wide emergency impacts everyone. As a community, they are confident that they will get through it together.

More information and updates can be found at

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