The three entrances that access Yellowstone National Park from Montana will be opening Monday.

It was announced Thursday afternoon, the openings will coincide with Montana Gov. Steve Bullock's lifting of out-of-state travel restrictions. With the opening, all five gates to the Park will now be open. 

Only day-use will be allowed. 

Yellowstone reported that limited overnight accommodations will be allowed later in June. Campgrounds, visitor centers, and other facilities are still closed until health conditions allow for reopening.

The Park re-opened after closed for 55 days, allowing access from Wyoming's two gates outside Cody and Jackson on May 18.

“The Park entrances in Wyoming opened about two weeks ago, so it’s great that we’ve been able to work with the Governor of Montana to safely restore access to the remaining entrances," said U.S. Secretary of the Interior David L. Bernhardt.

The entire Grand Loop Road will be open, excluding the segment between Canyon and Tower that will be closed for road construction.

It was also announced the Park has agreed to participate in a COVID-19 surveillance testing pilot project with Park County, Montana. Here, health officials have begun testing frontline employees and partners with 50 viral tests just this week.

Face coverings are recommended where social distancing is not possible for those who visit the Park. People who are sick are encouraged to stay home and not visit. The CDC has provided specific guidance on visiting parks and recreational facilities and photos and posters showing responsible recreation and mitigation measures are available on the Park's Flickr page.

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James Leghorn

Strange; Yellowstone opened the North Gate and the North East Gate a week ago to all comers to go to Cooke City or from Cody to Bozeman through Cooke City. but the road from Norris to Mammoth which is all within Wyoming remained closed.

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