SkyWest Airlines has halted all of its Salt Lake City flights to and from Yellowstone Regional Airport until further notice.

That was the announcement made by YRA general manager Bob Hooper on March 25, citing the unprecedented drop in airline travel due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The decline in airline traffic we are seeing is the most dramatic in the history of the aviation industry,” Hooper said. “The commercial airlines are making deep service cuts.”

United Airlines will reduce to one daily flight from YRA to Denver and back for the months of April and May. It will add additional flights in June if conditions warrant.

Last summer, United ran a once-weekly flight from YRA to Chicago, but Hooper said there was no plan yet for this summer. 

SkyWest, a regional partner with Delta Airlines, only operates flights to Salt Lake City in the summer months at YRA. It had been scheduled for an earlier start in May and later finish in September this year before the announcement.

Hooper said SkyWest will consider reinstating their service when conditions in the airline industry improve.

Hooper said neither Delta or United will be penalized for the suspensions and reductions.

The decline in airline traffic is hampering the entire industry, with both international and regional airports facing significant reductions, and U.S. Airlines considering service consolidation with other airlines.

If your flight will be affected by these changes, you will be notified by the vendor who you booked your travel plans with. 

“We hope this situation is short lived and the airlines can return to normal operations in the very near future,” Hooper said.

For United flight change questions, call 800-864-8331.

Visit for SkyWest-related coronavirus travel updates and questions.

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