Mark Paul and Radonna Paul v. Proffit’s Lawn Care, Proffit’s Enterprises. Theresa Pina, Dustin Hamilton; A Feb. 14, 2022 pretrial conference and Feb. 28, 2022 jury trial was set. The Pauls are accusing the defendants of being negligent, causing Hamilton’s vehicle to crash into Pina’s vehicle that rear-ended the Pauls. They are claiming injuries that required surgery, loss of ability to work, economic damages and loss of consortium. The defendants have requested the case be dismissed and have denied all charges of negligence, but admitted the event did occur. 

RMCC Inc. and IEC Real Estate Holdings v. Park County Commissioners.; The plaintiffs have requested a scheduling conference to reset the scheduling order of the case, now that Judge William Edelman is presiding over it. In February 2020, the plaintiff opened a case alleging they were not formally notified by the commissioners of a zoning change. The plaintiffs claim the zoning change disrupted the investment-backed expectations of RMCC and IEC, and is accusing the county of failure to follow development standards and regulations, statutory and regulatory procedure, violating Wyoming law for continuation of existing uses, and faulty resolutions in its decision. Because of such, the plaintiff is demanding a reclassification of the zoning. The commissioners made motions to dismiss both cases, which was denied for the second case. RMCC and IEC are petitioning the court that the commissioners did not adequately inform them of a zoning change to their Powell property in April 2019.



State v. Dylian Doane; Doane pleaded no contest to aggravated assault and battery with charges dismissed with prejudice for interference with a peace officer and misdemeanor property destruction. He was sentenced to 3 years supervised probation, a 3-5 year suspended prison sentence and $325 in court fees. Doane was accused of punching his pregnant girlfriend 6-7 times in her back in February.

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