State v. Amanda Shuman; Shuman pleaded guilty to driving under the influence of controlled substances – her 4th or subsequent offense in 10 years, and possession of marijuana. Per her plea agreement, a felony charge for possession of controlled substance marijuana was reduced to a misdemeanor, and a charge for possession of controlled substance meth was dismissed with prejudice. She was sentenced to 2 years supervised probation and $825 in court fees. Shuman was found possessing meth and marijuana pipes during a Powell traffic stop in September, while under the influence of controlled substances.

State v. Adam Lynn; Lynn admitted to breaking his probation for a second time. He was assessed his original sentence of 2-4 years in prison with credit for 202 days served. He had his probation revoked for failing to maintain contact with his probation officer, failing to submit to random drug testing, refusing to let probation agents enter his home, becoming terminated from Drug Court, continuing to possess alcohol and controlled substances, failing to make court payments.

State v. Colleen Searle; Searle admitted to breaking her probation. Her probation was revoked and reinstated for 3 years supervised. She was non-compliant with her counseling requirement at Cloud Peak Counseling Center and was caught driving a vehicle without a valid driver’s license. In November 2019, Searle was found guilty for child endangerment and in July 2019, Wyoming State Troopers allegedly found drug paraphernalia, meth and marijuana on Searle and others in her vehicle with her child present, and she admitted to being high on meth.

State v. Brook Jones; Jones pleaded no contest to the state’s third petition to revoke probation. Her probation was revoked and then reinstated for 3 years supervised probation and a $250 court fee. Jones was accused of slashing a tire belonging to another individual. In August 2019, Judge Bill Simpson sentenced Jones to 1 year incarceration between jail and treatment. She was also placed on intensive supervised probation for 3 years. All these events stemmed from her underlying offense of pleading guilty to aiding and abetting delivery of meth within 500 feet of a school zone in 2013,for which she was sentenced to 5 years supervised probation. Jones and two other women were caught completing a meth transaction 223 feet from Powell High School in Jones’ vehicle.

State v. Kenneth Stone; Attorney Nick Beduhn has entered an appearance on Stone’s behalf. Kenneth Stone has been charged with aggravated assault and battery with a deadly weapon while driving under the influence of alcohol and causing bodily injury. Due to it being his third felony charge, the state is pushing for a life sentence imprisonment. Stone is accused of drifting into the westbound lane on U.S. 14-16-20 near the East Entrance to Yellowstone National Park on the morning of Oct. 6 and colliding with a vehicle traveling west around a left-hand corner. He is accused of being impaired by medication and alcohol while driving.

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