Carl Morris and Sheryl Morris v. Holloman Corporation, Plains All American GP LLC, Plains All American Pipeline, L.P., Plains GP LLC, Plains Pipeline L.P., Rocky Mountain Pipeline System LLC, Turnell Cattle Company; The plaintiffs are blaming the defendants for negligently giving access to a black Angus bull to get onto WYO 120 South in 2016, causing an accident with the plaintiffs’ moving vehicle. They are claiming they suffered lost value to their vehicle, past, present and future medical and dental expenses, significant pain, suffering and discomfort. The owner of the bull has denied all the allegations but admits on the date of the accident he did not know the precise location of the bull. The owner of the pipeline has denied all allegations except the fact it does own property in the area in question. A January 2022 pretrial conference and March 22 jury trial has been set for the case.


State v. Kenneth Stone; A 1 p.m. April 28 motion hearing was set for the state’s notice of intent to offer evidence. Stone is facing charges for aggravated assault and battery with a deadly weapon. Due to it being his third felony charge, the state is pushing for a life sentence imprisonment. Stone is accused of drifting into the westbound lane on U.S. 14-16-20 near the East Entrance to Yellowstone National Park on the morning of Oct. 6 and colliding with a vehicle traveling west around a left-hand corner.

State v. Christopher Decker; Decker denies the state’s petition to revoke his probation. He is accused of failing to obtain an updated substance abuse evaluation within 30 days of his sentencing, failing to address substance abuse needs, not showing up for appointments at his probation and parole office, and failing to notify agents within 24 hours of being terminated from his job. Decker has been assessed a $25,000 cash only bond. In December Decker was sentenced to 5 years supervised probation and $545 in court fees after pleading guilty to possession of a controlled substance- his third or subsequent offense, and being under the influence of marijuana. He was also assessed a 3-5 year suspended prison sentence and $1,750 in suspended fines

State v. Kasey Guenther; Guenther denies the state’s petition to revoke his probation. He was assessed a $25,000 cash only bond. Guenther is accused of testing positive for meth in December 2019, and reckless driving, vehicle theft, eluding police and his third charge for driving under the influence of alcohol during an incident in January. In 2019, Guenther was sentenced to 1 year in jail after pleading guilty to burglary and then released on 2 years supervised probation.

State v. Bryan Nihei; A June 30 pretrial conference and Aug. 10 jury trial has been set for Nihei. He is still in custody after being assessed a $20,000 cash bond. Nihei is facing charges for burglary to commit theft, a charge carrying up to 10 years in prison and $10,000 in fines. He is accused of being responsible for a string of car burglaries in Cody including a Feb. 1 incident in which he was detained by citizen’s arrest.

State v. Tristen Brewer; A 9 a.m. Thursday sentencing was set for Brewer. In September 2020 Brewer pleaded guilty to intentional abuse of a vulnerable adult. This was an Alford plea in that it was a plea of guilty containing a protestation of innocence. Charges for exploiting a vulnerable adult were dismissed. She will face sentencing at a later date. Brewer was convicted of, in 2019, stealing money and keeping poor care of a Meeteetse man she was hired to take care of.

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