John McCall v. Best of the West Productions LLC, Huskemaw Optics LLC, Jack Peterson; A March 2022 pretrial conference and jury trial was set for the case, as well as a May 14, 2020 status hearing. McCall is suing Best of the West for more than $100,000. He is claiming he guaranteed and secured a more than $50,000 loan for Best of the West in his name while with the company, but the company defaulted on the loan because of mismanagement. He alleges he became responsible for paying the loan because of such. McCall is demanding Best of the West be dissolved, the company be prohibited from selling assets during the suit and he be financially compensated. Best of the West has filed a counterclaim against McCall.


State v. Harold Geer; Geer had his felony for issuing two checks totaling $1,000 or more reduced to a misdemeanor for issuing a check with insufficient line of funds to draw from, a charge he was already facing 1 count for. He pleaded no contest to the charges. Geer was assessed $1,980.98 in restitution, $430 in court fees, and 1 year supervised probation. He must pay his debts back at a rate of $100 per month. He is accused of writing around $1,600 in faulty checks to Ace Hardware and Powell Drug in June.

State v. Christian Mendoza; Mendoza pleaded guilty to delivery of controlled substance meth. He was sentenced to 3 years supervised probation, $426.38 in restitution, $250 in court fees, and a 6-8 year suspended prison sentence. He must pay back these debts at a rate of $50 per month. Mendoza sold 1.4 grams of meth to a confidential informant in Frannie in February 2020.

State v. Kenneth Stone; The court approved a bond modification allowing Stone and his family to take a spring break trip to Hawaii. His request to have his $250,000 cash bond lowered to a $100,000 commercial surety bond was denied. Stone is facing charges for aggravated assault and battery with a deadly weapon. Due to it being his third felony charge, the state is pushing for a life sentence imprisonment. Stone is accused of drifting into the westbound lane on U.S. 14-16-20 near the East Entrance to Yellowstone National Park on the morning of Oct. 6 and colliding with a vehicle traveling west around a left-hand corner.

State v. Bryan Nihei; Nihei’s bond was continued at $20,000 cash only after his arraignment hearing Monday. He is facing charges for burglary to commit theft, a charge carrying up to 10 years in prison and $10,000 in fines. He is accused of being responsible for a string of car burglaries in Cody including a Feb. 1 incident in which he was detained by citizen’s arrest.

State v. Garrett Bailey; A request for arraignment was submitted by the prosecution. Bailey is facing felony charges for two counts theft of property valued at more than $1,000 and property destruction of $1,000 or more, charges carrying up to 30 years in prison and $30,000 in fines. He is also facing misdemeanors for fleeing or attempting to elude, reckless endangering, and driving under the influence of alcohol and controlled substances, charges carrying an additional 1.5 years in prison and $2,500 in fines. Bailey is accused of stealing three vehicles, engaging two near-miss collisions, running through a deployed spike strip, and leading authorities from the Wyoming Highway Patrol, Park County Sheriff’s Office and Cody Police Department on a high speed chase reaching speeds of 125 MPH on WYO 120 South in February.

State v. Jordan Mickelson; Mickelson is charged with possessing a felony amount of controlled substance meth, a charge carrying up to 7 years in prison and $15,000 in fines. He’s also facing a misdemeanor for driving under the influence of controlled substances- 2nd offense in 10 years. Mickelson was found with .4 grams of liquid meth in a syringe and 0.5 grams of raw meth during a Cody traffic stop in January.

State v. Russell Vick; Vick is facing a felony charge for taking a bighorn sheep without the proper license – his third charge for this crime, which carries up to two years in prison and $10,000 in fines. He is also facing 2 misdemeanors for committing accessory in relation to those harvests. Vick is accused of illegally hunting sheep in the South Fork in 2012 along with Oklahoma resident Robert Underwood, who is also facing a felony charge in Park County.

The following divorces recently were granted in Fifth District Court:

Cong Thanh Le and Tran Ngoc Nguyen

Robert Demoney and Kendra Demoney

Zachary Coombs and Diana Coombs

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