Details for 2 American WoodMark (all wood) never used bathroom cabinet vanities.

2 American WoodMark (all wood) never used bathroom cabinet vanities. Ready for your granite top. 42"W, 30"H, 21 1/2" deep, $40 each. 1 Spacer American WoodMark (all wood) small cabinet vanity 12"W, 30"H, 18" deep, $30. 1 (1080 P) Sony Bravia 40" screen TV (with power cord & portable roller stand) TV size 43 1/2"W, 28 1/2"H, 5" deep. $75 complete with roller stand 28 1/2"W, 21 1/2"H, 16" deep. Shelf beneath stand. 3 (3 bulb each) white glass covered ceiling lights. Brushed brass finish, $15 each. 1 wall sconce style, brushed brass trim/oak wood back, 1 bulb light, $20. 2 antique (2 bulb each) smoked glass swag nickel base lights, $20 each. 1 large antique smoked glass, nickel ceiling fixture. (Matches swags) $30. Goose decoys (excellent condition) -12 large, 12 medium, 24 small - all for $150. 1 large Dorm/Apartment fridge, clean, excellent condition with freezer compartment. 18 3/4"W, 34 1/2"H, 18 1/4" deep, $40. For more information, call (307)899-3476. Please no calls after 9pm.


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