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Prostiva RF Therapy is a safe,
effective, non-surgical in-office
therapy which provides longterm relief from BPH symptoms
and urinary obstruction without
the side effects and high-cost of
chronic BPH medication or the
risks associated with invasive
surgery. This treatment option
delivers precisely targeted lowlevel radio frequency (RF) energy
that produces heat to reduce the
excess prostate tissue. After the
treatment, the prostate tissue
will shrink, allowing the patient
to urinate more normally. The
treatment should result in a
significant improvement from
bothersome symptoms such as the
frequent need to urinate during
the day and night, a sense of
urgency to urinate, and low urine
• Treatment completed in our
office in less than an hour.
• Does not require general
• Quick return to normal activities
often within a few days of
• Progressive improvement of
urinary symptoms for 8 to 10
weeks following treatment.
• Proven safe, effective and
durable results.
• Low rate of side effects.
• Treatment is covered by
Medicare, as well as most
private insurance companies.

(Gateway Bldg by Old Trail Town)

Call us today – 307-587-5131


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