Clayton Biglow came tearing into Stampede Park 10 minutes before the scheduled start of Wednesday night’s 8 p.m. Cody Stampede Rodeo session, so his muscles were warmed up without any last-minute stretching.

One night after a new arena record was set in bareback riding, Biglow rode Full Baggage for 92 points, a single point shy of tying the fresh mark.

Biglow, of Clements, Calif., turned in the best livestock ride of the third night of rodeo in the 100th anniversary celebration of the founding of the Stampede, even if he had to hustle from Red Lodge to make it.

In words that have become commonplace over the last few years – “Red Lodge is running late” – at least Biglow made it to Cody at all. Several other listed competitors in the first event of the evening turned out, unable to cover the distance from that Montana rodeo in time to hear their names called.

“Laws were broken,” Biglow said of the way some cowboys covered ground in an assault on the speed limit.

Just 24 hours prior, Orin Larsen, a Manitoba cowboy, established a new arena record with his 93-point score, erasing a six-year-old record.

Zach Hibler of Wheeler, Texas, posted an 88.5 on Big Lady to get some attention, as well.

Hibler said he wasn’t sure he was due from a high score like that from the judges when he rode to the buzzer.

“I didn’t know,” he said. “I was just trying to get out of there safely. Then they gave me a bunch of points.”

In saddle bronc, Dawson Hay of Wildwood, Alberta scored 89.5 points on Sue City City for the best performance in that event.

Bull riders had a particularly tough time because shortly before their event began, thunder, lightning and hard rain invaded. For a moment it seemed possible the last event of the competition might be delayed.

There were not an abundance of high scores. Braden Richardson of Jasper, Tex. scored 87 points on Poppy and Chase Dougherty of Canby, Ore., who had a good showing in Xtreme Bulls Sunday night, came through with an 85 in the drenching weather.

Cody Stampede Rodeo

July 3

Bareback Riding: 1. Clayton Biglow, Clements, Calif., 92 points; 2. Zach Hibler, Wheeler, Texas, 88.5. 3. Jake Brown, Cleveland, Texas, 83.5. 4, R.C. Landingham, Hat Creek, Calif., 70.

Steer Wrestling: 1. (tie) Brendan Laye, Consort, Alberta; Dru Melvin, Hebron, Neb.; and John Laine Herl, Goodland, Kan., 4.6 seconds.. 4, Curtis Cassidy, Donalda, Alberta, 5.0. 

Team Roping: 1. Lane Ivy, Dublin, Texas, and Cesar de la Cruz, Tucson, Ariz., 4.5 seconds. 2, Steven Duby, Hereford, Ore., and Jason Duby, Klamath Falls, Ore., 5.0. 3. Aaron Macy, Post, Texas, and Dillon Wingereid, Stephenville, Texas 5.2.

Saddle Bronc Riding: 1, Dawson Hay, Wildwood, Alberta, 89.5 points. 2, Rusty Wright, Milford, Utah, 85.5. 3, Mitch Pollock, Winnemucca, Nev., 85. 4, Kolby Wanchuk, Sherwood Park, Alberta, 84.5.

 Tie-Down Roping: 1, Jake Hannum, Plain City, Utah, 13.4 seconds. 2, Trevor Brazile, Decatur, Texas, 13.9. 3, Colton Kofoed, Bear River, Wyo., 14.0. 4, Ty Hedrick, Jackson, Mont., 21.7.            

Barrel Racing: 1, Brittany Pozzi-Tonozzi, 17.22. More results to follow           

Bull Riding: 1. Braden Richardson, Jasper, Texas, 87 points. 2, Chase Daugherty, Canby, Ore., 85. 

Leaders after three rounds.

Bareback Riding: 1, Orin Larsen, Inglis, Manitoba, 93 points; 2. Clayton Biglow, Clements, Calif., 92. 3. Zach Hibler, Wheeler, Texas, 88.5. 4, Taylor Broussard, Estherwood, La., 85. 

Steer Wrestling: 1. Clayton Hass, Weatherford, Texas, 3.8 seconds. 2, Logan McDonald, Loveland, Colo., 3.9. 3, (tie) Will Lummus, West Point, Miss.; J.D. Struxness, Milan, Minn.; and Jake Fulton, Valentine, Neb., 4.0. 

Team Roping: 1. Lane Ivy, Dublin, Texas and Cesar de la Cruz, Tucson, Ariz., 4.5. 2. (tie) Brooks Dahozy, Window Rock, Ariz., and Walt Woodard, Stephenville, Texas; and Clay Smith, Broken Bow, Okla., and Jade Corkill, Fallon, Nev.; 4.8 seconds.. 3, (tie) Cory Kidd V, Statesville, N.C., and Kory Koontz, Stephenville, Texas; Riley and Brady Minor, Ellensburg, Wash.; and Kolton Schmidt, Barrhead, Alberta and Jeremy Buhler, Arrowood, Alberta; 5.0 each.

Saddle Bronc Riding: 1. Dawson Hay, Wildwood, Alberta, 89.5 points. 2, Cort Scheer, Elsmere, Neb., 88.5. 3, Chase Brooks, Deer Lodge, Mont., 87.4. 4, (tie) Colt Gordon, Comanche, Okla., and Rusty Wright, Milford, Utah, 85.5.  

Tie-Down Roping: ., Reese Riemer, Stinett, Texas, 8.2 seconds. 2, Justin Smith, Leesville, La., 8.3. 3, Tyson Durfey, Millsap, Texas, 8.8. 4, Cade Swor, Chico, Texas, 9.4 seconds.

Barrel Racing: 1, Carly Taylor, Andersonville, Tenn., 17.04 seconds. 2, Ivy Conrado, Nowata, Okla., 17.10. 3, Ryann Pedone, Decatur, Texas, 17.12. 4, Jessie Telford, Caldwell, Idaho, 17.15.

Bull Riding: 1, Parker Breding, Edgar, Mont., 92.5 points. 2, Stetson Wright, Milford, Utah, 92. 3, Tristan Mize, Bryan, Texas, 90.5. 4, (tie) Koby Radley, Holden, La., and Garrett Smith, Rigby, Idaho, 89.5 each.

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