Porter Laing (third from left) finished second in diving at the 3A East Conference meet Monday in Rawlins. (Courtesy photo)

Snowstorms last week postponed the 3A East Conference swim meet to Monday.

The move also changed the format of the meet from two days to one, something Cody swim coach Jason Koperski said affected all the swimmers who participated.

“It wasn’t as fun crammed into one day and the swimmers weren’t as pumped up,” he said. “Normally when you swim Friday night it’s to qualify for the second round so you fight a lot harder. Usually there’s massive time drops at conference and there didn’t seem to be as many.”

Porter Laing agreed.

“The one-day conference didn’t give finals the emphasis that it usually does,” he said. “A two-day conference allows divers to split up their 11 dives so that they don’t have to focus on all of them at once. I feel like I would have scored higher if my dives were split into two days.”

Cody finished fifth in the six-team meet, with Worland taking first.

“I’m proud of my team for doing well, but I believe that everyone has a lot of unreached potential, and if we really wanted to we could do even better,” Joren Vipperman said.

It might not have been the meet they hoped for, but the Broncs still had some good performances.

Laing earned the highest finish of the meet, taking second in diving.

“I was pretty happy getting second in conference,” he said. “This was my third year diving and I compete with divers that have dove since middle school. My score was a personal best and so I was pretty excited.

“I performed really well in all of my dives but two. I barely broke a PR, but will do even better if I nail all 11 dives during state.”

Joseph Killpack finished fourth in the 100 back and sixth in the 200 IM.

“He swam a fast backstroke,” Koperski said.

Bradley Fick finished fifth in the 100 fly.

“We’re happy with it but he’d have liked to go a little faster,” Koperski said. “Since he’s already qualified we’re just looking ahead to what we want him to swim in two weeks at state.”

Several swimmers cut some time in their races, including Anbo Yao, who finished seventh in the 200 IM and eighth in the 100 fly.

“It felt good to break through a goal I had set for myself, which is what makes swimming fun as a sport,” he said. “I focused on what the perfect race would be and I tried to replicate it.”

Joren Vipperman also broke 60 seconds in the 100 free, in the 400 relay.

“I felt really good and really proud of myself for making the time,” he said.

Cody hosts the Last Chance meet on Thursday at 5 p.m. It’s the final opportunity for swimmers to earn a state qualifying time.

“That meet started here years ago so we try to make it fun,” Koperski said. “We have a couple swimmers who are right there so we could pick up a few more swimmers for state.”

Those include Vipperman, Dillon Romero and Trevor Freyder.

“My goal for Thursday is to really push myself and make it hurt, and make it fast,” Vipperman said. “I want myself and my team to do really well.”

3A East Conference

Teams: 1) Worland 304.5, 2) Buffalo 280.5, 3) Rawlins 240, 4) Douglas 153, 5) Cody 146, 6) Newcastle 107.

Cody Individuals

200 yard medley relay: 5) Cody (Joseph Killpack, TC Hansen, Bradley Fick, Joren Vipperman 1:57.69.

200 yard free: 12) Peter Kim 2:26.43, 14) Andrew Eissinger 2:33.24, 16) Ethan Hope 2:38.95.

200 yard IM: 6) Killpack 2:28.25, 7) Anbo Yao 2:30.63, 14) TC Hansen 2:45.47.

50 yard free: 9) Vipperman 26.59, 13) Dillon Romero 27.76, 15) Max Peters 28.04, 18) Trevor Freyder 28.82, 21) Tanner Barton 29.71, 22) Kyle Graham 30.96, 27) Andrew Thomas 34.85, 29) Helaman Hansen 38.82.

1 meter diving: 2) Porter Laing 302.00.

100 yard fly: 5) Fick 1:04.96, 8) Yao 1:07.55.

100 yard free: 10) Vipperman 1:01.26, 11) Laing 1:01.67, 12) Romero 1:01.93, 18) Freyder 1:07.16, 20) Barton 1:09.39, 21) Graham 1:11.68, 25) Thomas 1:28.07.

500 yard free: 9) Kim 6:49.85, 11) Hope 7:20.21.

200 yard free relay: 5) Cody (Laing, Yao, Freyder, Hope) 1:53.88.

100 yard back: 4) Killpack 1:03.11, 14) Peters 1:18.60, 19) H. Hansen 1:42.51.

100 yard breast: 8) T. Hansen 1:17.39, 17) Ian Graham 1:33.07.

400 yard free relay: 5) Cody (Fick, Laing, Vipperman, Killpack) 3:59.68.

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