Game and Fish has introduced a new Master Angler program that recognizes the biggest catches around the state of different species.

The program began June 1 and honors resident or non-resident fishermen who bring in the largest five percent of 24 different types of fish.

The department has set minimum length sizes for awards for fish caught based on historical data that would be higher than 95 percent of those registered.

If someone catches one trophy-sized fish of a species, the title of Master Angler is awarded, along with a decal sticker. If someone catches five different trophy species the title Trophy Angler is earned, as well as the sticker and a commemorative medallion. For anyone catching 10 species the title is Ultimate Angler. A special prize package is also being provided.

Under the rules a fish caught must be measured from snout to the tip of a pinched tail and then the angler must submit a side-view photograph of the fish. The fish should be pictured next to a ruler or some other object that clearly indicates its size.

The photograph must be accompanied by information about the angler, details about the fish species, and where it was caught and be sent to the G&F website,

Among the types of fish on the list with the key lengths are: rainbow trout, 20 inches; cutthroat trout, 18; brown trout, 23; brook trout, 16; mountain whitefish, 16; walleye, 23; crappie, 12; lake trout, 36; splake, 20.

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